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Seoul, South Korea

Zach Choi is a Korean American social media personality. Zach Choi is the content creator on Youtube popular for his ASMR and Mukbang content on his Youtube channel.

Early Life and Childhood

Zach Choi was born on 27th August 1986 and is currently 34 years old. His zodiac sign is Virgo. Likewise, Zach was born in Seoul, South Korea to South Korean parents. Similarly, regarding his nationality, Zach is South Korean by nationality. Likewise, he is an Asian but he has not yet revealed the religion he follows in media. Similarly, at present, he lives in Los Angeles, California. Regarding his family, Zach is quite discreet regarding his personal life and loves to keep it private and away from his professional life. Likewise, there is no information about his parents and siblings available in the media. However, according to some online sources, it states that Zach is adopted.

Similarly, Zach has not mentioned any particular information about his childhood days in media until now. Moreover, he seems to be a very focused person about developing his career. Furthermore, talking about his educational background, Zach is a graduate. However, there is no information about the educational institution he graduated from.


Before starting his online career as a digital content creator, Zach used to work as a waiter for a restaurant before moving to Los Angeles, California. Followed by this, he became a fashion blogger and also started a website ‘NativetoNowhere’. On this website, he used to post different fashion trends in it. Zach is a digital content creator who earned a lot of fame for his ASMR/Mukbang uploads on his channel.

Likewise, he opened the channel ‘Zach Choi ASMR’ on 5th July 2014. Zach has over 9.62 million subscribers in it. He has posted ASMR and Mukbang contents on his channel. Similarly, his old video dates back to 3RD August 2018. He posted ‘ASMR EATING DUCK FAT FRENCH FRIES (NO TALKING)’ which has 1.4 million views on it. Followed by this, Zach posted ‘ASMR EATING CHIPOTLE BURRITO + CHIPS LOUD CRUNCHING SOUNDS (NO TALKING)’ ON 6TH August 2018.

Zach Choi

Caption: Zach Choi doing Mukbang. Source: Instagram

Likewise, Zach has posted 572 videos on her channel and has over 1.5 billion views in it. Similarly, the most popular video is ‘MOST POPULAR FOOD FOR ASMR WITH STEPHANIE SOO (HONEYCOMB, ALOE VERA, TANGHULU, MACARONS)’. Zach posted the video on 23rd May 2019 and has 63 million views on it. Likewise, another popular video is ‘MOST POPULAR FOOD FOR ASMR (KFC, ONION RINGS, MOZZARELLA, CORN DOG, CHICKEN NUGGETS) NO TALKING’, ‘ASMR HOT CHEETOS MOZZARELLA CORN DOGS’, and ‘ASMR NUCLEAR FIRE NOODLES WITH NIKOCADO AVACADO & TRISHA PAYTAS (NO TALKING) MUKBANG’. These videos have more than 27 million views on it.

Zach Choi

Caption: Zach Choi and Stephanie Soo doing the ASMR shoot. Source: Instagram


Zach is a very low-key person and loves to keep his private life discreet. Likewise, he himself has not been in any controversial rumors personally but he was also involved in a controversy on Stephanie Soo and Nikocado Avocado’s controversy. At the initial phase of controversy, Zach was not much involved but after Nik threw him under a bus by revealing text that Nik should lay off and should leave Stephanie alone. Moreover, he and Stephanie acquired their lawyers and planned to sue Nikocado.

Achievement and Net worth

Zach is a social media influencer and is quite popular on the social media platform. Likewise, regarding his achievement in social media, Zach has received the Golden button as an achievement for surpassing a million subscribers in his channel. Similarly, regarding his net worth, Zach has a net worth of around $2 million.

Zach Choi

Caption: Zach Choi receiving the golden button from Youtube. Source: Instagram

Relationship status

Regarding his relationship status, Zach is straight and probably single at present. However, his discreet nature has hidden his relationship with the public very well. Moreover, he seems to be a very career-wise focused person than being in a romantic relationship with anyone.

Body Measurement and Social Media

The charming Youtuber stands the height of 5 feet 9 inches (69 inches) tall. However, his body measurement like weight and vital stats is not yet available. Likewise, looking at his physical appearance, Zach has a slim body type and charismatic appearance. Similarly, he has fair skin with black hair color and dark brown pair of eyes.

Reflecting upon his social media presence, Zach is active on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook besides his Youtube channel. Zach has 912k followers in his @Zachchoi handle on Instagram. Likewise, his Twitter account is @zach_choi and has 12.6k followers since he joined in November 2012. Similarly, his @ZachChoiASMR account on Facebook has 251k followers in it. Additionally, Zach has also shared his email address for business collaboration and it is [email protected]