Vivian Lake Brady

Vivian Lake Brady

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Updated On November 25, 2021

Vivian Lake Brady is a celebrity kid. Vivian Lake Brady is quite famous as the 8-years-old daughter of American football player Tom Brady and Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen.

Early Life and Childhood

Vivian was born on December 5, 2012. Thus, she is just 8 years old in the present. Likewise, she was born in Boston, Massachusetts. The celebrity kid is an American by nationality. Similarly, she is of the birth sign Sagittarius. She is the daughter of parents Tom Brady(Father) and Gisele Bundchen(Mother).

Her father is American while her mother is Brazilian in nationality. She has two siblings, one of whom is her half-brother. The names of her brothers are; Benjamin and John. John is her half-brother from his relationship with Bridget Moynahan.

Vivian Lake Brady

Caption: Vivian photographed in her father Tom Brady’s arms. Source: Insider


She is still in primary school. She attends the same school as her older brother Benjamin Rein. However, the name of her school is not disclosed to the public for privacy purposes. Other than this, her parents haven’t shared further details of her education.


She is still very young to have a career of her own. Vivian is just 8 years old in the present. However, she is seen cheering both of her parents in their individual career paths. She has been spotted during her father Tom’s football matches. She is present in a lot of his matches to support and cheer for her beloved father Tom.

Likewise, she is also there to watch her mother rock the ramp during various fashion shows and events. She is constantly in the eyes of the media due to her famous parents. We can see she appear in news articles time and again along with her parents. Similarly, she is also considered a mini fashionista herself for her chic dress-up by the public.

Vivian Lake Brady

Caption: A beautiful family portrait of Vivian, her mother, and her brother. Source: Popsugar

Her father Tom Brady is a professional football player. Furthermore, Tom plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the National Football League(NFL). He is a wonderful player and has set many records as a quarterback in his team. Similarly, her mother is also a well-known model. Gisele is one of the highest-paid models in the industry.

Along with being a model, she is also a businesswoman and an activist. Similarly, Gisele has modeled for various luxury brands and designers throughout her career. Likewise, she has also featured in the covers for different magazines like Vogue, W, Allure, Marie, Claire, and many more.

Net worth

Since Vivian doesn’t have a job of her own, she doesn’t earn any money just yet. However, both her parents have a steady income and live luxurious life which she is also a major part of.

Her father Tom Brady has an astounding net worth of $200 million. Likewise, her mother Gisele Bundchen is suspected to have a total net worth of $400 million. Furthermore, she also has shares in both of her parents’ net worths.

Relationship status

Vivian is just 8 years old and is not in a relationship with anybody. Moreover, she can be in a relationship with anybody if she is interested in the future. However, in the present she is single.

Body Measurement and Social Media

Vivian’s body measurement is not available at the moment. However, since she is only 8 years old her height is suspected to be below 4 feet. Talking about her physical appearance, she has blonde hair and hazel eyes.

Vivian Lake Brady

Caption: Vivian and her mother Gisele doing yoga at the beach. Source: Instagram

She is too young to use any social media as of now. Nonetheless, she is featured in her parents’ social media posts once in a while.