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Updated On September 28, 2023
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Vili Fualaau

Vili Fualaau is a DJ who hails from Burian, Washington, in the United States of America. Vili Fualaau is more popular as the husband of an American teacher, Mary Kay Letourneau.

Early Life and Education

Vili Fualaau’s birthdate is June 26, 1983, and his birthplace is Burian, Washington, USA. As of 2021, Vili Fualaau’s age must be 38 years old and her sun sign is Gemini. Vili Fualaau is an American native and is of Afro-American ethnicity.

Likewise, the DJ has been following the Christian religion.

The name of Vili’s parents is his father, Luaiva Fualaau, and his mother, Soona Vili. As for the DJ’s educational background, Vili Fualaau is a high school dropout. For his high school education, Vili went to Sherwood High School in Burien, Washington.

Vili Fualaau

Caption: Vili Fualaau with his lover when he was young (Source: Yahoo Finance)

Vili Fualaau – Net Worth 2023

From the profession of a DJ, Vili Fualaau has been earning a decent amount of net worth. Even after having a very hard time, Vili Fualaau was able to have a profession and is not involved in any illegal work.

It is good news for Vili Fualaau. As of now, the net worth of Vili Fualaau was around $355 thousand. Currently, Vili is living a good life in Seattle, Washington, USA together with his family.

Relationship Status

Vili Fualaau was a student of Mary Kay Letourneau when he was in grade 2. In the year 1996, the DJ turned out to be Mary’s student of grade after turning twelve. At that time, Mary was a married woman and also the mother of 4 children.

The teacher took over Vili and began serving him to grow his creative capabilities. The tall student, Vili viewed more like an adult than a boy and eventually began spending more time together with Mary at her house.

In fact, Mary’s son, Steve also became his friend. Till 4th June 1996, Vili and Mary were already having a physical relationship with each other. In the same year, the police got successful to catch them in a van while they having sex.

They were arrested and even got out after proving their innocence. The couple wanted to keep their relationship private but eventually got out.

It was the same time when the teacher found out that it would be a rape case if she will have a physical relationship with a boy smaller than her.

Some more

Before this, Mary was unaware of the term. It is also found that it was Vili Fualaau who wanted to be Mary’s lover. Vili even told Dateline TV news magazine that he would make plans in advance when they were about to meet with each other.

In fact, he would leave surprises on her desk, and many more. In one of Mary’s interviews, she admitted the information of the night when they had physical relations for the first time.

The teacher told, “It started with a kiss and didn’t stop after that. I thought it would but it didn’t.” In September 1996, Vili Fualaau got into grade 7 when Mary became pregnant with Vili’s first kid.

On 23rd May 1997, their daughter, Audrey was born which made Vili a father at the age of just fourteen. In the year 1998, the couple gave birth to their other daughter, Georgia.

After some time, Mary got arrested for child rape and she had to deliver to their daughter while she was still in jail.

Vili Fualaau

Caption: Vili Fualaau with his family (Source: KTVE)

Career and Professional Life

Vili Fualaau had to go through various hard times from the day he got to know Mary. The boy dropped out of school as well. Vili was suffering emotionally and was told that his love for Mary has ended.

This incident was very terrifying for Vili which even led him into depression for a few years. Vili once said in an interview, “I went through a really tough time”. Fualaau also told that he is amazed that he is still living to this day.

While Vili was in depression, he even attempts to commit suicide when he was eighteen years old.

He tried to kill himself once with sleeping pills and also with a gun. His illness was getting worse when he got contactless with Mary.

At that time, Vili had 2 small daughters to take care of. Vili’s family and friends were also not supporting him.

The DJ once told that his friends were not able to help him as they had no idea about being a parent.

The teacher then got a divorce from her husband in the year 1999. On 4th August 2004, Mary was out from the Washington Corrections Center for Women.

In the same year, Vili made a request to the court for the setback of their contactless condition. The court even accepted his appeal. On 20th May 2005, Vili and Mary got married after turning twenty-four years old.

It was a grand ceremony with about 250 guests adding the couple’s children. Since all this happened, Vili was unable to have a successful career. However, it does not mean that Vili is unemployed. Vili Fualaau has been working as a DJ.

Vili Fualaau

Caption: Vili Fualaau with his wife at a club (Source: E! Online)


On 4th March 1997, the teacher was arrested for 2nd-degree child rape and got a sentence to spend 3 months in prison.

Though the real duration of the sentence was 6 months to 7 years Mary was out after making a compromise to stay far from Vili.

On 6th January 1998, Mary’s name was written in the register as a sex offender.

Mary however again went on to have a physical relationship with Vili and was again arrested for violating the condition on 3rd February 1998.

On 6th February 1998, the teacher was got sentenced to a 7-1/2 year imprisonment.

Body Measurements

Talking about the celebrity partner’s body measurement, he has a good height of 5 feet 9 inches or else 175 cm or 1.75 m.

Vili Fualaau even has a suitable body weight of around 72 kg or 154 lbs. Similarly, Vili Fualaau’s biceps size is 13 inches and his chest size is 40 inches.

The size of Vili’s waist is 32 inches and his hips size is 35 inches. Fualaau wears a shoe size of 8 (US) and seems to have a good dressing sense.

In addition, the American DJ has a medium complexion with a pair of black eyes and black hair.

Vili Fualaau – Social Media

Her celebrity partner of Mary has been quite active on social media platforms for a while now. Vili Fualaau uses Instagram and Twitter only.

On Instagram, Vili Fualaau has gained more than 2 thousand followers whereas he has just over two hundred followers on Twitter.

As the DJ rose to fame just because of his illegal relationship with Mary Kay Letourneau. On the other side, Vili’s partner, Mary was never active on any social media platforms.