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Updated On December 20, 2022

Viktor Chukarin was a Soviet gymnast who is the winner of 11 medals adding 7 gold medals at the Summer Olympics of the years 1952 and 1956. Viktor Chukarin also was one of the most prosperous sportspeople at the time of the Summer Olympics of the year 1952.

Early Life

Viktor Chukarin’s birthdate is 9 November 1921 and his birthplace is Krasnoarmeyskoye, Donets Governorate, Ukrainian SSR. The full name of the Soviet gymnast is Viktor Ivanovich Chukarin.

Likewise, the zodiac sign of Viktor Chukarin is Scorpio and holds Soviet nationality. Viktor’s father was a Don Cossack whereas his mother was a Pontic Greek. The name of Viktor’s father is Ivan Evlampievich Chukarin and his mother is Hristina Klimentievna Lamizova.

Also, Viktor Chukarin and his family were detained in meditation camps at the time of the 2nd World War. In the year 1924, Viktor Chukarin’s family went to Mariupol and there Viktor began training in gymnastics.

As for his educational background, Viktor Chukarin went to the Institute of Physical Education which is in Kiev. There is no further information about Viktor Chukarin’s personal life since he has been quite secretive about them.

Viktor Chukarin

Caption: Viktor Chukarin when he was young (Source: Prabook)


Unfortunately, Viktor Chukarin passed away on 25th August 1984, in Lviv, Ukrainian SSR, Soviet Union. Viktor Chukarin was just sixty-two years old at the time of his death. After passing away, the Soviet gymnast’s body was buried at the Lychakiv Cemetery.

Moreover, one of the streets in Lviv even got a name after him. There is also a statue of Viktor Chukarin above his tomb. Other than this, there is no information about Viktor Chukarin’s death cause and more.

Viktor Chukarin – Body Measurements

Talking about the physical appearance of Viktor Chukarin, he had very good health and physical state. Viktor Chukarin had a pair of brown eyes and brown hair with a fair complexion.

However, there are no further details about Viktor Chukarin’s body measurements, height, weight, shoe size, etc.

But as an athlete, it is for sure that Viktor Chukarin used to do exercise and follow a strict diet every day. In fact, Viktor Chukarin had a slim and muscular body type with an attractive personality.

Viktor Chukarin – Net Worth 2022

Viktor Chukarin has been making a good amount of money throughout his amazing professional career. The estimated net worth of the Soviet Gymnast must be between $1 million to $5 million.

Also, the primary source of Viktor Chukarin’s income is his professional career as a gymnast. Viktor Chukarin was earning most of his fortunes by getting victories in several competitions.

This all indicates that Viktor Chukarin was living a good and luxurious life when he was alive.

Career and Professional Life

Viktor Chukarin is popular for winning 11 medals adding 7 gold medals at the Summer Olympics of the years 1952 and 1956. Chukarin’s achievements also add the individual all-around title to the same two events.

Likewise, Viktor was also the all-around world champion of the year 1954. In fact, the Soviet Gymnast was the most prosperous athlete during the time of the Summer Olympics of the year 1952.

At the beginning of the Great Patriotic War in the year 1941, Viktor was one of the volunteers of the Red Army. After then, Viktor battled under general, Mikhail Kirponos.

Sadly, he was injured in the act, taken to convict of war close to Poltava (Kiev Cauldron), and led to a convict site in Sandbostel. Viktor then went over a chain of seventeen jailer camps and by the period when he was out in the year 1945 weighed just 40 kg.

Chukarin wasn’t accepted back to the sports association in Kiev and went on to study in an alike institution in Lviv. Viktor had already contested in gymnastics at the Soviet national championships in the year 1946.

In the following year, Viktor came into 5th place and was the winner of a national title in 1948. The Soviet gymnast also turned out to be the all-around Soviet victor in the year 1949. Viktor continued to get victories in the years 1950, 1951, 1953, and 1955.

The Soviet Union attended the Olympic Games in the year 1952 when Viktor was thirty years old. To this time, the Soviet gymnast increased much weight and was deliberated “bulky” for a gymnast.


As an outcome, Viktor had low marks on the ground but still was able to achieve 6 medals, adding the single all-around by a margin of 0.7 points.

Moreover, Viktor then was the winner of 5 additional Olympic medals at the Summer Olympics of the year 1956, adding one silver on the floor.

The Soviet gymnast took the Soviet squad to achieve success at the World Championships of the year 1954. There, Viktor got a gold in the squad all around and the single all around too.

In the year 1957, together with Larisa Latynina, the Soviet gymnast got an award which was the 1st ever Order of Lenin awarded to a sportsperson. Then, Viktor recounted his athletic career in the book, “The Road to the Peaks (Put K Vershinam)” of the year 1955.

Next, Chukarin got into the Armenian gymnastics squad as a coach in 1961, and in the year 1963, he got into the Lviv Institute of Physical Culture as an assistant professor. In 1972, Viktor was also the coach of the gymnastics squad of  Ukraine.

Viktor Chukarin

Caption: Viktor Chukarin performing in the competition (Source: Sportskeeda)

Relationship Status

As for the relationship status of the Soviet gymnast, Viktor seems to be very secretive about his love life and relationships. Since Viktor also maintained a low and clean profile everywhere and every time.

So, there is no single information on whether Viktor was a married man or a single man. Outside his personal life, Viktor was always recognized for his professional career and hard work.

In fact, Viktor himself was always giving more importance to his profession and career. Other than this, Viktor has also not been in any rumors or scandals.

Viktor Chukarin

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Social Media

Coming to the social media part, Viktor seemed to be not active on any of the social media platforms. Viktor neither has a Twitter account nor a Facebook account and even not an Instagram account.

Since the Soviet gymnast never had any social media accounts, Viktor is not active there. However, there could be some fan pages for the remembrance of Viktor. Also, there are very limited details and images of Viktor on the internet.