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Tavullia, Italy
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Tavullia, Italy

Valentino Rossi

Valentino Rossi is an Italian professional motorcycle racer. Valentino Rossi is a nine-time Grand Prix World championship winner. Known by the name “the Doctor”, he is popular for being the youngest rider to have won World Championships in all three classes, 125GP,250GP, and 500GP.

Early Life and Childhood

Valentino Rossi is the son of former motorcycle racer Graziano Rossi. Valentino was born on February 16, 1979, in Urbino, Marche, Italy, and is 44 years old as of 2023.

Rossi always races with the number 46 in honor of his father. He with his family moved to Tavullia.  And was raised there alongside his half-brother Luca Marini and his sister Clara Rossi.

Valentino Rossi

Valentino Rossi (Source: upload.Wikimedia)

His mother Stefania did not want his son on at such a young age on a motorcycle so he began his racing career with go-karts. His 60cc motor was replaced with a 100cc motor for more speed when he was five years old.

Finally, in 1990 he participated and won the local kart championship. Furthermore, he had become a minibike riding expert by the end of 1991. He has always ridden under the number 46 as 46 is the number his dad used in his racing days.


There is not much information about the schools and any educational institutes Ross went to. He has received an honorary degree in Communications and Advertising for Organizations.

Moreover, Ever since he was a child he was very interested in racing and was fond of speed.


Valentino is the only road racer to have competed in 400 or more Grand Prix. In 2005, Rossi won 7 World Championships and 5 consecutive MotoGP Championships during the Grand Prix motorcycle racing season.

Likewise,  he has altogether gathered 106 wins, 80 of them being MotoGP championships, as of 2013.

Furthermore, He has successfully earned himself a place among the only five riders in the history of motorcycle racing to win the premier-class title five times.

Valentino Rossi wins 1st place at the 100kmdeicampioni (Source: Instagram)

Valentino Rossi – Net Worth 2023

Rossi has an estimated net worth of $140 million, His wealth origins mainly from his racing endeavors.  Coming to his assets, he has a house in London, UK. He also owns a villa on the island of Ibiza. Rossi has 56 luxury yachts and a yellow-colored Ferrari 458 Italia.

Professional Life

Valentino Rossi falls among the most successful motorcycle racers. He won seven World Championships in Grand Prix at the age of 26.

  • Rossi’s first started their racing career in 1990 when he won the local kart championship. By the time Ross turned 12, he had already become an expert in the minibike race.
  • Later, with the help of Rossi’s father and his friends, Valentino got to ride a Cagiva Mito 125cc motorcycle for his team in the Italian sports production championship. Rossi didn’t do good as expected in the race and instead, he completely ruined his new motorcycle. However, with hard work and enough practice he emerged as the winner in the 1994 season’s final race.
  • Thereafter, he was trained to ride 125cc motorbikes. And in 1995, he won Italian 125cc Championship. Subsequently, he raced in the 125 European Championship and earned himself a third position.
  • After that, he participated in Malaysian Grand Prix, in 1996 where he managed to get in the 9th position.
  • He won the 1997 125cc World Championship in Aprilia and became the youngest rider ever. Likewise, he also won the 250cc World Championship again in 1998.  And as for the 500cc World Championship, Rossi, finished first in the year 2001 claiming the Championship.
  • Rossi signed a contract with Honda to race in 500cc which he won in 2001. And following years later, in 2004, he signed up with Yamaha and raced in the Grand Prix in South Africa which also again won.
  • In the year 2007, he faced several technical problems and won only four of his races. He also injured himself in one of the races and still managed to come third in the World Championship. However, in 2008, he was back again in his repute winning the MotoGP title and winning nine races.
  • Subsequently, in 2010, while practicing for Mugello he got injured and broke his leg.
  • Furthermore, he has signed and raced with Aprilia, Honda, Yamaha, Ducati, etc. Rossi’s career has flourished with no bad seasons.


  • In 2011, he takes seventh place in the championship with 139 points in the draw.
    0 victories.
  • In 2012, he earned sixth place with 163 points. Without victories.
  • In 2013, he takes the 4 place in the championship with 237 points in the draw. 1 victory: Netherlands.
  • In 2014 He takes second place in the championship with 295 points in the draw. and 2 victories: San Marino and Phillip Island.
  • In 2015: he takes second place in the championship with 325 points. 4 victories: Qatar, Argentina, Netherlands, and Great Britain.
  • In 2016, Rossi takes second place in the championship with 249 points in the draw. and 2 victories: Spain and Catalunya.

Is Valentino Rossi dating/married? Who is he/she?

Rossi had his first-ever dating relationship which lasted for about three years with Martina Stella in 2002.

Then, he involved himself in a romantic relationship with Maddalena Corvagila in 2005, Ariana Matteuzzi in 2005-2007, Linda Morseli in 2007-2016, Elisabeth Canalis in 2007, Mandala Tayde in 2008, and Aura Rolenzetti in 2016.

Valentino Rossi and Francesca Sophia Novello (Source: Facebook)

Rossi is currently dating a 15 year younger lingerie model Francesca Sofia Novello. They started dating in the year 2017 and are currently planning to marry each other.


Rossi has always managed to keep himself focused and out of rumors. However, Valentino was once suspected of tax evasion in 2007. He paid 35 million euros to the Italian tax authorities to settle the issue.

Valentino Rossi – Body Measurements

Valentin Rossi stands 5 feet 11 inches tall with a body weighing 69 kg. His shoe size is 11 (US). Moreover, Just like other celebrities, Rossi has also inked his hip with a turtle tattoo.

Social Media

Valentino Rossi communicates with his fans through social media platforms Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook where he is decently active. His Facebook account has more than 13 million followers.

Likewise, his Instagram and Twitter account has more than 8.3 million and 5.5 million followers respectively.