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Ursula Whittaker

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Updated On November 23, 2021
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Ursula Whittaker is one of the famous actresses in the world of cinema. Additionally, Ursula Whittaker is also famous as a writer, director, and producer as well. She has done a great job on various television series like “Middle” of 2003, “Medical Investigation” of 2005, Veronica Mars of 2005, “Grey’s Anatomy” of 2009, and “Prime Suspect” of 2011.

Early Life and Childhood

The very beautiful actress was born and also raised in Los Angeles, California, the United States. Looking at her appearance, she seems to be in her 50s. Also, her full name is Ursula Christine Whittaker. She holds an American nationality. Moreover, her father’s name is Chris Whittaker, who is a former producer. He has produced various movies in Hollywood and his creations are loved by the critics and also commercially successful. There is no much information about her mother.

But is found, her parents separated their ways and got divorced when she was small. Then, her mom got married to the late songwriter and producer, Terry Melcher. This marriage also made her Dorris Day’s step-granddaughter. Dorris Day is the Presidential Medal of Freedom-winning actress. In addition, Harry Brown was also one of her grandfathers who was an Academy Award-winning screenwriter. On the other side, her grandmother was Glen Dixon who was a famous actress of her time.

So, it is proved that she contains the genes of the industries. Regarding her educational background, she joined the University of Southern California from where she got graduated with a BA in American Literature. From a very early age, she was present in various minor movies and television series as well. She even wrote and presented stand-up comedy for some years. However, the actress has been quite secretive when it comes to her personal life.

Professional Life

At the very beginning of the actress’s career, Whittaker was a stand-up comedian. She used to work as a monologist. Later, she went on to the acting field, and eventually, she got the chance to work as a background actress which also helped her to gain some more fame. Then, she was also engaged in modeling, and then she went through the showbiz industry. Ursula’s job as a monologist has been written in “The Los Angeles Times” as well. Therefore, she started her acting career as a background actress and dancer as well. Another main reason for her easy entry into the entertainment industry is from her grandparents and her father.

They are the ones that helped her a lot to shape her career and her love for acting. Even though Whittaker was present in the 1992 movie “Hoffa”, she was not benefited from the character. Then, it also listed her professional acting starting in 2000 from the short-movie “Might as Well Be Swing”. In the 2000s, the American actress got various television roles along with guest appearances in “Malcolm in the Middle” in 2003, “Medical Investigation” in 2005, and “Veronica Mars” in 2005. Also, in “Boob Jobs & Jesus” in 2008, and in “Grey’s Anatomy” in 2009.

More about her career

Throughout this period, she also was active in various movies such as “Sleepover” of 2004 and “Inside” of 2006. Furthermore, she was featured in a major role in the television series “The Forgotten”, “Private Practice”, and “Today’s Temp”(short-film) in the year 2010. Then, in the same year, she showed her appearance in more films like “Bold Native” and “A Numbers Game”. After presenting herself in the crime-drama series “Prime Suspect” in 2011, she saw a five-year interruption.

Then, she got back to the television screen in “Veep” in 2016. Since then, the American actress is continuously seen on many on-screen presences. Moreover, she was also a part of Theatre Neo, which is one of the theatre groups in Los Angeles. Till the day, the stunning actress has shared the screen with various popular Hollywood figures like Ellen Pompeo, Chandra Wilson, Bryan Cranston, Kristen Bell, Jason Dohring, and more. Other than acting, her hobbies include reading, photography, learning, internet surfing, etc. Also, she knows how to cook a variety of dishes.

Ursula Whittaker

Caption: Ursula Whittaker with her husband attending an event (Source: GotCeleb)

Net Worth

As of 2020, the talented actress has quite a good net worth of around $250,000. Ursula recorded twenty-four acting credits which include various television series and movies since the 2000s. From her appearances and her hard works on all those credits, she began making money. Even though she never got the chance to act in a leading role, her several presences in the acclaimed television series Grey’s Anatomy, Veronica Mars, and Malcolm in the Middle helped a lot in the growth of her net worth as well. On the other hand, her famous actor husband, Oscar Nuñez also has a good net worth of $3 million.

Relationship Status

Ursula Whittaker is happily in a marital relationship. Her husband’s name is Oscar Nuñez, who is also an American actor. The couple’s wedding was on May 21, 2011. Before that, Oscar and she did their engagement on December 17, 2010. Only some of their close friends, family, and colleagues were present at their happiest moment. They have been happily and peacefully together since then. Moreover, together, they share a daughter whose name is August Luce Nuñez. Also, she was born on October 4, 2012.

As of now, she resides together with her husband, Oscar Nuñez. Looking a little backward, the actress was in any kind of relationship with another man. But it is not the same case for Oscar. He was previously the husband of Clara before he being with her. In addition, Clara’s and Oscar’s relationship was mostly loved by their fans and they often used to be on headlines and were surrounded by various rumors. Also, the couple has maintained a good gap with any controversies and scandals.

Ursula Whittaker

Caption: Ursula Whittaker with her husband and daughter (Source: ECeleb-Gossip)

Body Measurement and Social Media

The actress is very adorable and charming. Ursula stands at the height of 5 feet 9 inches or 1.52 m. She also often goes to the gym. The actress is very conscious about her health which is why she does not smoke and drink as well. This the big secret of her activeness and her beauty even in her 50s. She has beautiful brown eyes with curly golden-brown hair. No further information is there mentioning anything about her weight and body measurements. Her beauty and pretty smile is also the reason why people love her so much.

At last, looking at her social media life, she is not active there. The American actress is very secretive and does not want others to muddle in her personal life. She has managed well to keep a low-key life in front of the public. It looks like, she does not have any interest in being popular. However, it is not the same about her husband. Oscar is quite active on social media platforms and also seems to be quite famous there.