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Updated On November 29, 2021
New Jersey, USA
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New Jersey, USA

Unicorn Mann is an American YouTube star. Unicorn Mann is a YouTuber whose Minecraft roleplay videos have brought thousands of subscribers to his ‘Unicorn Mann’ channel.

Early Life and Childhood

Unicorn Mann was born on May 30th, 1997, in New Jersey, USA. As of 2020, he is 23 years old and his birth sign is Gemini. He has featured his mother in his Instagram post but has not mentioned her name. Moreover, he also has a sibling but hasn’t revealed the name. Further, he has a dog named Sweetie, who is often featured on his social media. He was a writer for Ryguyrocky. Unicorn Mann now lives in Texas.

Unicorn Mann

Caption: Unicorn Mann and his mom clicking a photo on Christmas day. Source: Instagram

Career and Professional Life

The YouTuber is famous for his ‘Unicorn Mann’ channel. Therefore, he is especially well-known for his “Minecraft Friends” and “Minecraft Heroes” series. He was a writer for Ryguyrocky. Unicorn Mann lived in New Jersey before moving to Texas. Moreover, he has been known to stream games on Twitch under the name UnicornMannStream. He studies many art forms such as writing, acting, drawing, and more.

Unicorn Mann has worked alongside Ryguyrocky, Tina the Tiger, and Goldy for the company Rocky Media LLC. He created his Twitter account in December 2013 and has collected thousands of followers on it. He is also famous on Instagram under the username ‘@unicornmann_’ and has amassed thousands of followers on it.

Unicorn Mann

Caption: Unicorn Mann clicking a photo with his YouTuber friends. Source: Twitter

About his game character

The character, ‘Unicorn Mann’ is a superhero whose base is in the basement of the daycare. It has been a scientist, a wizard, and is currently a superhero. He has a crush on Goldy, even having built multiple clones of her in varying sizes in his science days. However, he says that he is an exchange student from Indi-Ireland, but this is not yet confirmed.

His parents are his dirt Dad and Mom (Unicorn Dadd and Unicorn Momm). Unicorn Mann is surprisingly the only main daycare character with 2 parents. He is extremely intelligent but oblivious. He has his lab in the basement and gets annoyed when anybody interferes with his work.

Appearance in the game

Getting to its appearance, Unicorn Mann wears a purple all-body three-piece suit and has a brown beard. He has pink hair that is only visible in his animated form. He also has a magical, pink horn. It wears a black mask, hiding his green eyes.

Relationships in the game

As in his game, it is known that Unicorn Mann has a raging crush on Goldy, having built multiple clones of her of various sizes in his science days. He occasionally drops flirty comments at her but plays it off like something else entirely. He also occasionally tries to cast a love potion on her, but it always backfires.

Moreover, the clones also supposedly ‘keep making more’ but it is implied that Unicorn Mann is in the mix somewhere. He is also the co-leader of the Sloth Squad, led by Goldy, that rivals with the Slingshot Squad. Other members include Sal The Sloth (formerl), Kingston (Goldy‘s dog), and Goldy.


Further, Tina is OK with Unicorn Mann, though he is currently on the wanted list for her squad. They do various things to him, such as stealing his notes, killing Goldy, and spying on him. Tina is Unicorn’s friend though, but she gets mad at him for spying on her and Ryan. She tries to make Unicorn feel better when he is down and Unicorn does the same for her. Overall Unicorn is liked by everyone in the squad.


Ryan describes Unicorn Mann his best friend, and Unicorn says the same, which leaves Tina to feel jealous of him. It is overall shown that he has a very strong relationship with Ryan. However, Ryan tried to get rid of him for stealing his popularity so it depends on the situation. Unicorn is shown to show annoyance to all his relations when they interfere with his work.


The YouTuber, ‘Unicorn Mann’ has a rivalry with Sabre, most likely because they both love Goldy. They both try and get Goldy, while Goldy barley notices about both their love for her. They try to trap each other and fool the other into doing something dumb.

Sabre disappeared into the Steve Dimension after Unicorn Mann threw Sabre into the portal to the dimension to get rid of him. So far, Sabre has been gone there for a long time and has even made a series of his adventures after Unicorn threw him in the Steve Dimension.

Personal Life

Speaking about his personal life, he has never mentioned about his relationships. He has not dated anyone publicly yet. However, he might have dated some girls previously, but he has not revealed anything related to that. As of now, he is busy developing his skills and focusing on his career.

Likewise, the YouTuber has not involved himself in any kind of rumors or controversies to date. Therefore, he has a good profile regarding his personal and professional life.

Body Measurements

Unicorn Mann has an amazing personality. He is a smart guy with a mindblowing sense of humor. He has not disclosed any of his body measurements publicly. However, he has maintained quite a healthy body structure. Moreover, he has a pair of dark brown eyes and brown eyes.

Unicorn Mann

Caption: Unicorn Mann taking a selfie. Source: Instagram

Social Media and Net Worth

Talking about his social media presence, besides his YouTube channel, he is active on other social media like Twitter and Instagram. His Instagram account has earned more than 17.4K followers. Similarly, his Twitter account has amassed over 12K followers.

Further, to have a business deal with him, you could contact him on his Gmail account, [email protected] His main YouTube channel ‘Unicorn Mann’ has amassed over 269K subscribers. And his second channel ‘Unicorn Mann Stream’ has gained over 22.2K subscribers.

It is an obvious thing, this YouTuber personality would make a good amount of money through his profession. His YouTube channels might make a fruitful amount for himself. However, his estimated net worth is around $73K.