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Tumo Turbo was an Ethiopian long-distance runner who won the inaugural Prague Marathon in 1995 in 2:12:44 and the Eindhoven Marathon in 1996 in 2:11:26. Tumo Turbo finished second in the 1996 New York Marathon in 2:10:09, 15 seconds behind champion Giacomo Leone.

Early Life and Childhood

Tumo Turbo was born on February 23, 1970, in Ethiopia. Turbo was a naturalized Ethiopian citizen who practiced Christianity.

Similarly, his birth sign was Pisces. Turbo has received a lot of family support to succeed in his career. Moreover, Turbo’s family has been there for him every step.

Similarly, Turbo’s parents have mutual interests and respect for one another. Such characteristics indicate that Turbo grew up in a loving home and inherited attractive traits from their parents, particularly honesty and respect.

However, there is no additional information available regarding Turbo’s parents and siblings. Turbo did not want to share information about his family to keep them out of the spotlight.


He died on October 29, 2008. He died in a fatal car accident on the Addis Ababa-Awassa road, which also killed 18 other people.


Talking about his educational background, there is no information available regarding Turbo’s schools, colleges, and academics. Turbo might have done his schooling at a community school in Ethiopia. Later, Turbo might have skipped college as he started to pursue his professional career at an early age.

Career and Professional Life

Regarding his career, Turbo began his athletic career at an early age. Moreover, Turbo was an Ethiopian marathoner who won the inaugural Prague Marathon in 1995 at 2:12:44 and the Eindhoven Marathon in 1996 at 2:11:26.

Only three weeks later, he finished second in the 1996 New York Marathon in 2:10:09, 15 seconds behind champion Giacomo Leone. His athlete code was 14181681. Turbo competed in the men’s marathon at the 1996 Summer Olympics alongside Abebe Mekonnen and Belayneh Dinamo but did not finish.

Until 2014, he held the course record of 2:14:56 in the 1992 Tel Aviv Marathon. Turbo won the Eindhoven Marathon in the Netherlands in 1996.

In the 1995 World Championships he finished 29th with a time of 2:22:01. Similarly, In the 1996 Houston Marathon he finished 1st with a time of 2:10:34. Likewise in the 1996 New York Marathon he finished 2nd with a time of 2:10:09.

On October 29, 2008, he died in a fatal car accident on the Addis Ababa-Awassa road, which also killed 18 other people. Turbo was among those who died when the bus they were traveling hit a wall after its wheels snapped off some 200 kilometers (124 miles) south of Addis Ababa, according to police spokesman Demsash Hailu.


Caption: Tumo Turbo winning a competition. Source: Cushitic

Brand Endorsements

Turbo has not endorsed any brand, nor has he promoted anything, nor has he been seen in any brand collaborations.

Turbo was a Major Marathon Silver medallist, and he was two times in the Top 8 list at Major Marathon

Tumo Turbo – Net Worth 2023

Tumo Turbo was a long-distance Ethiopian runner who earned a considerable income from his work. Turbo’s estimated net worth is around $200k. Also, Turbo’s annual salary was $10k per year and his source of income was mainly his long-distance running profession.

Relationship Status

Tumo Turbo was single and not dating anyone. Also, Turbo hasn’t been married before and has no past relationships or engagements. Moreover, Turbo has no children and it is seen that Turbo was quite happy being single at that moment.


Turbo hasn’t been associated with any rumors or controversies. Also, Turbo avoided the media and engaged in situations that could have damaged his professional career.

Body Measurements

Talking about Turbo’s height he was 5 Feet 7 inches tall and weighed 70kg. Moreover, Turbo’s eyes and hair color were black. Turbo’s shoe size was 9(US).

Moreover, Turbo followed a strict workout and diet plan and a balanced lifestyle to keep it maintained. Similarly, Turbo worked out in a variety of ways, including yoga, pilates, and cardio.

Also, Turbo followed a Mediterranean diet that consists primarily of nuts, fruits, and vegetables. In addition, Turbo used to drink a lot of water to stay in shape.

Tumo Turbo

Caption: Tumo Turbo running at a track. Source: Getty Images

Tumo Turbo – Social Media

Turbo is not active on social media. Turbo liked to be present and keep his personal life private, hence he didn’t have any social networking sites.