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Updated On September 6, 2023
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Thomas Zizzo

Thomas Zizzo is an Italian professional DJ. Thomas Zizzo came into the limelight after his marriage to the popular singer, actress, and TV personality, Erika Girardi. He is popularly known as Erika Jayne.

Early Life and Childhood

Thomas Zizzo is very secretive from the very beginning of his popularity regarding his personal life. There is not a single piece of information about his birthdate, birthplace, parents, and childhood as well.

However, it is for sure that Thomas Zizzo beholds Italian nationality. Also, it seems like he had an interest in music from an early age.

Thomas Zizzo’s wife

Thomas Zizzo first got to meet Erika Jayne when he was serving as a DJ at a club in Manhattan. Then, the duo finally got married in December 1991 at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Together the couple gave birth to their son, Thomas Zizzo Jr. Then, they divorced after some years. After the divorce, Erika Jayne began dating Thomas Girardi.

Eventually, they got married in the year 1999. Erika is living well with her second husband as of now. As for him, there is no recent news heard about him. He must be single for now.

Thomas A. Girardi, Erika Jayne and Tommy Zizzo

Caption: Thomas Zizzo’s ex-wife with her current husband and son (Pinterest)

Thomas Zizzo – Body Measurement

Coming to the body measurement part, the professional Thomas Zizzo has a pair of brown eyes with brown hair. Also, he has a fair complexion with an average body type.

There is no further information about his body measurements, height, and body weight. When he was young, he had a dashing personality and a handsome face.

Thomas Zizzo – Professional Life

Thomas Zizzo is a professional DJ. Thomas Zizzo has been doing the same profession for a very long time. He even has worked in various clubs and has been earning a good amount of money.

Moreover, he is the owner of a male strip club “Hunk Mansion”. It is certain that he has been in various jobs previously but it is not revealed exactly what has he done.

In addition, he is the president of his club “Bail King Bail Bonds” and also owns an online company, “Pure CRO” in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Acting career

Erika began her career as an actress from her small characters in several American TV series and movies in the early 1990s.

Her first TV presence was a character such as Suzanne Morton in the episode “Prescription for Death” of NBC’s legal drama series “Law & Order”.

Then, he made her TV second presence on the show in the episode “Violence of Summer” in 1991. Likewise, he got the characters in other movies like “Alchemy” in 1995 and “Lowball” in 1996.

In the year 1997, Erika was present as Cindy Butterworth in an episode of the police drama series “High Incident”. Erika attended the cast of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” for the show’s 6th season in the year 2015 after a long time.

Then, the actress was present as Tech Frances in the science fiction TV movie “Sharknado: The 4th Awakens” in the year 2016. Erika was present on the Animal Planet series “Tanked” in the same year in the episode “Real Aquariums of Beverly Hills”.

Likewise, he showed her presence in a Vogue feature and a short movie in 2018 after going through a day working for the fashion magazine. Erika got the character of estate agent Farrah Dubose on “The Young and the Restless” as a guest for 2 episodes.

Some more films and television series where Erika was present were “The Bravos” in 2016, “American Music Awards Red Carpet Live” in 2017, “Hollywood Medium” in 2018, etc.

Her recent movies were “Camp Confessions” in 2019 and also “Dishmantled” in 2020.

Music career

Apart from her acting career, Erika also had some interest in music since he was three years old as her mom was a pianist. Then, he got some popularity in 2007 from her single, “Rollercoaster” and also from her next single, “Stars”.

Erika brought out her full-length album, “Pretty Mess” in 2009 in the USA. He then released 3 other music videos, “Give You Everything”.

In 2010, he declared “Pretty Mess Records” as the creation of her record label. Erika’s other creations were “One Hot Pleasure” and “Party People (Ignite the World)”. Moreover, her songs were also included in several movies as well.

Erika brought out “Get It Tonight” collaborating with Flo Rida.

On 19 April 2016, he brought “How Many Fucks” which even achieved positive comments from contemporary music series. He performed her single “XXpen$ive” for the first time on “Watch What Happens Life” in 2017 alongside Andy Cohen.

Also, “Cars”, her other single was out on 10 April 2018. In the same year, he was present on other TV shows to publicize her music and book, adding, “The View”, “The Wendy Williams Show”, “Larry King Now”, “Megyn Kelly Today”, and “Steven”, and “Kandi Koated Nights”.

Also, Erika brought a series of concerts at various venues, “Erika Jayne Present: The Pretty Mess Tour”. He declared that he is playing Roxie Hart in the musical Chicago on Broadway in 2019.

Erika declared that her Broadway production has finished weeks early because of the coronavirus lockdown. Besides the entertainment industry, he designed a makeup collection for “Too Faced Cosmetics” which was out on 12 February 2019.

After one month, Erika formed a shoe collection for ShoeDazzle, categorized into 2 collections, “Erika Girardi” and “Erika Jayne”.

Net Worth

According to some sources, Thomas Zizzo’s net worth is around $40,000. However, he is not sure how much he earns right now.

On the other hand, Erika Jayne has a good net worth of $5 million. Erika has been earning her wealth and popularity from her profession as a popular singer, actress, and TV personality.

Adding more, he has been earning some more money from her presence in the various magazines, from the endorsements, and also from her business ventures.


Thomas Zizzo – Social Media

Talking about Thomas Zizzo’s presence on the social media platform, he seems to have an Instagram account. However, there is no recent update there also.

There is only 1 post of him and few people follow him as well. Since he has disappeared from the media, there is no recent information about him on the internet as well.

There are also very few images of him on the web as well.