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Updated On September 28, 2023
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Theotis Beasley

Theotis Beasley is a successful professional skateboarder from the United States of America. Theotis Beasley gained popularity for his professional skateboarding career and appeared in various skate videos.

Early Life and Childhood

Theotis Beasley was born on 16 February 1991, in Inglewood, California, United States of America. He’s currently 32 years old. His full name is Theotis Beasley, and his nickname is unknown.

We do not have any information available about his parents and siblings and he hasn’t shared about them on the media. His family members help and encourage him to succeed in his career. Due to his struggle and hard work, he became one of the most successful people.

Unfortunately, limited public information is available about Beasley’s childhood, and he has not publicly shared much about his childhood beyond his career. As a child, he showed an interest in skate and success in his career as a skate player. He is American by nationality and his zodiac sign is Aquarius. However, his religion as well as his ethnicity is unknown.


Theotis’s educational background is not widely available on any websites. Therefore details about his educational journey, such as his academic qualifications or the institutions attended, are unknown now.

His relationships with teachers, friends, and academic pursuits are not widely known or publicly discussed. If he shares more information about his education in the future, we’ll update it here.

Career and Professional Life

Theotis’s skateboarding career has been marked by talent, dedication, and a distinctive style.  Growing up in Inglewood, California, he spent countless hours at the Hawthorne skatepark, located near his home. It was there that he honed his skills and had the opportunity to skate alongside professional skateboarders he admired.

At just 12 years old, his talent caught the attention of legendary skateboarder Andrew Reynolds. Reynolds, accompanied by Dustin Dollin, Ryan “Beagle” Ewing, and Erik Ellington, visited the Hawthorne skatepark and witnessed Beasley’s skills firsthand. Impressed by his abilities, they decided to sponsor him, leading to him joining the flow team of Baker Skateboards.

During his career

He gained significant recognition in the skateboarding community for his standout part in the 2005 skate video ‘Baker 3’ produced by Baker Skateboards. At the age of 14, he showcased his skills to the song “Machine Gun” by the Commodores, concluding his part with a memorable switch heelflip down a 9-stair set. The video propelled him into the spotlight, and he was promoted to the amateur team of Baker Skateboards.

Throughout the years, he continued to make an impact with his skateboarding prowess. He appeared in various skate videos, including Chito Tafy Films’ ‘Struggle’ in 2008 and the Nike SB video ‘Debacle’ in 2009, where he shared a part and a song with renowned skateboarder Shane O’Neill. In 2011, he released a part in the Shake Junt video ‘Chicken Bone Nowison’ and also featured in the Transworld video ‘Not Another Transworld Video’ the same year.

A defining moment in his career occurred in 2011 when he received unexpected recognition at the Transworld Awards. Reynolds announced that Theotis had turned pro for both Baker Skateboards and Nike SB, presenting him with a pro deck and solidifying his place among skateboarding’s elite.

In 2012, he contributed to the Baker video ‘Bake & Destroy,’ sharing a song titled “Do You Wanna Funk” by Sylvester with Terry Kennedy and Jeff Lenoce. His accomplishments extended beyond skateboarding videos and sponsorships. In 2017, he released a notable part titled “Hip Hop Hijack,” produced by Nike SB.

Throughout his career, Beasley has garnered support from an array of sponsors. He is associated with Nike SB, Baker Skateboards, Stance, Thunder Trucks, Spitfire Wheels, Shake Junt, Muzik headphones, Bones Bearings, Brooklyn Projects, Savini Rims, Mountain Dew, and Young Money.

Brand Endorsements

He is sponsored by Nike SB and appeared in Nike SB’s skateboarding videos and promotional campaigns. Also, he is sponsored by Baker Skateboards and has been representing the brand in various skate videos and events. Stance hired him and he is often seen wearing their products. Also, he endorsed other brands such as Brooklyn Projects, Savini Rims, Mountain Dew, Young Money, and so on.

Additionally, he is sponsored by Thunder Trucks and he uses Thunder Trucks on his skateboard setups. Spitfire Wheels hired him he became part of promotional activities for the brand. He is sponsored by Muzik Headphones and he promotes their headphones as part of his sponsorship. Also, he is sponsored by Bones Bearings and he uses Bones Bearings in his skateboard wheels for smooth and fast rides.

Theotis Beasley – Awards

There is no information available about any awards that Theotis has won. However, given his talent and dedication to his craft, he may receive recognition in the future for his work.

It’s important to note that awards are just one measure of success, and many talented people may not receive awards but still make significant contributions to their field.

Net Worth 2023

The estimated value of his net worth is $3.5 million and his monthly, weekly, and yearly salaries are unknown. He earned his net worth primarily through his successful career as a Skateboarder.

Additionally, the sports industry can be unpredictable, and players’ net worth can fluctuate significantly over time depending on their success and the demand for their work.

Theotis Beasley posing with his car (Source Instagram)

Caption: Theotis Beasley posing with his car (Source Instagram)


Theotis has a clean record in his career without any notable scandals. And he maintains a private personal life and focuses on his career, prioritizing his work rather than seeking media attention or engaging in controversies or scandals.

Overall, he maintained a positive reputation in his career, known for his talent and professionalism. He gained a strong reputation for his skill and competence in his work.

Relationship Status

There is no publicly available information about Theotis’s current relationship status. It is possible that he is single or dating someone but has chosen to keep his personal life private.

Like many celebrities, he may prefer to keep her personal life separate from his public persona and he may choose to focus on his career as a successful Skateboarder rather than actively pursuing a romantic relationship at this time.

Body Measurements

His actual height is unknown and his weight is also unknown. According to his images, Beasley’s hair color is black and silky. His eyes are also attractive and black, and black eyes are known as a least rare eye color.

His exact body measurement is unknown and he has a great personality with a perfectly shaped body. He is concerned about his body but takes a proper diet including proteinate foods and vegetables, and has clear skin.

Theotis Beasley posing for a photo (Source Instagram)

Caption: Theotis Beasley posing for a photo (Source Instagram)

Theotis Beasley – Social Media

Beasley is active on social media and has a significant following on his official accounts. On Instagram, he has 327K followers and has followed 2499 people, and posted 2853 posts with the username “theotisbeasley.

He is active on Facebook with 183K followers and we found fan base accounts that will be helpful who are curious to know about him. We find his official Twitter account where he has 54.2K followers and has followed 1827 people. He joined Twitter on January 2011.