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Tanya Singleton

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Bristol, United States
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Tanya Singleton was an American native who was from Bristol, Connecticut. Tanya Singleton was more popular as the sister of a former New England Patriots footballer, Aaron Hernandez.

Early Life

Tanya Singleton was born in the year 1976, in Bristol, Connecticut, the United States. Singleton holds an American nationality and was of Caucasian ethnicity. Likewise, Tanya Singleton was following the Christian religion. The name of Tanya Singleton’s parents is her father, Andres Valderrama, and her mother, Ruth Valderrama.

Tanya Singleton also has a sister whose name is Jennifer Mercado. As for her education, Tanya Singleton is a high school graduate. Other than this, there is no further information about Tanya Singleton’s parents, childhood, and siblings since she has been keeping them private.


In the year 2014, Tanya got sentenced to probation two times, but her worsening health headed to prosecutors falling the accessory custody. Medics told the court that Tanya was not answering to violent treatments and was always running to the hospital. In the previous chapter of the Netflix sequence, it is out that Tanya Singleton yielded to her cancer quickly after the situation contrary to her was let go. However, on 24th October 2015, Tanya Singleton passed away silently at home in Bristol, Connecticut.

Tanya Singleton was just thirty-nine years old as of 2015. Furthermore, there is no nay information about Tanya Singleton’s kids are not available. At the time of her imprisonment and cancer cure, Jennifer Mercado took care of them. Before Hernandez’s death inside his jail cell, he was hurt by Tanya’s death. Jailhouse phone records revealed on the Netflix series revealed him crying to Shayanna Jenkins about her passing.

Tanya Singleton

Caption: Tanya Singleton in the court while taking her treatment (Source: Earn The Necklace)

Jail time and Cancer

Unfortunately, the nearby Aaron Hernandez went on to be the main player in his test for the killing of Odin Lloyd of 2013. Not just Aaron’s fiancée, Shayanna Jenkins, blamed for attempting to hide the killing weapon, Tanya was blamed for serving Aaron and his escape. Tanya Singleton even declined to take the position and passionately preserved Aaron’s blamelessness. Tanya was accused with an illegal dislike for declining to appear. Then, she would be charged with extra custody of the plot to obligate addition after the detail.

Prosecuting attorney even assumed that Singleton assisted Aaron’s accessories, Ernest Wallace, in escaping the state. In 2015, Prosecuting attorney appealed that Aaron attempted to purchase her quietness by locating up faith funds for her kids that they could contact when they originate to the same stage. But, Aaron certainly not located up those accounts for her kids. Singleton begged guilty to illegal disapproval, a passage that would have placed her behind bars for 2 and a half years. But, Tanya’s health state destined she did not go through the prison period.

Some more

At the time of the trial, Singleton was an image of family devotion, although she was fighting stage four metastatic breast cancer. In 2014, a judge decided to lead her to prison when native specialists said they were ill-equipped to care for her cancer cure. As a replacement for jail time, Singleton got a sentence to 2 years of trial and she had to attire a GPS display. Tanya would be cramped to her house for the 1st year except she had to go out for whatever medicinal linked.

Singleton was even stripped from communication with anybody linked to Aaron or Odin Lloyd, except for some of her relatives. But this does not mean that Singleton escaped prison period totally. To the state, Tanya got the sentence to trial, she had consumed nearly two hundred days in police custody till she got bail. Singleton would even decline to appear in a 2012 twice killing case contrary to Hernandez. Moreover, Tanya was then accused with illegal disapproval and punished to trial a 2nd time.

Tanya Singleton

Caption: Tanya Singleton in the court (Source: MassLive)

Net Worth

Tanya Singleton must be earning some good amounts from any profession she was working or maybe not. Since there is no information about Tanya Singleton’s profession, there are also no details about her net worth and salary. But it looks like she was having a good life before getting into the murder case. On the other hand, Aaron Hernandez was obviously living a lavishing life when he was alive.

Relationship Status

Tanya Singleton was a married woman and her first husband was Jeffrey Cummings. Hernandez was also very close to her children. After some time, Singleton went on to be the wife of Thaddeus Singleton III. Together the couple has 2 kids, Renée Madison Singleton and Edward Lawrence Jackson Singleton.

Then, Thaddeus adopted Tanya’s children, Tatiana Singleton, Jano Cummings Singleton from her previous wedding and her kids added Singleton after their names. The whole family was residing together happily in Bristol, Connecticut. Aaron Hernandez’s family had a very complicated relationship with their own relatives and family members.

So, Aaron Hernandez was staying far from his mom, Terri Hernandez, and resided mainly with his cousin, Tanya Singleton, and her former husband, Jeff Cummings. Even though cousins, Tanya Singleton had a larger character in growing Aaron Hernandez and he used to observe and treat her as a mom. In fact, it was at the same time when Aaron was living together with Tanya Singleton, he entered into the crime and drugs journey.

Body Measurement

Regarding the body measurements of Tanya Singleton, she had an average height of 5 feet 4 inches or else 163 cm or 1.63 m. Tanya Singleton also had a suitable bodyweight of around 62 kg or 136 lbs.

Similarly, the American citizen was always wearing a shoe size of 6.5 (UK). Aaron Hernandez’s cousin also had a medium complexion. Moreover, Tanya has a pair of dark brown hair and a pair of black eyes. Other than this, there are no further details about Tanya Singleton’s body measurements and dress size.

Social Media

Coming to the social media part, Tanya Singleton has never been active on any of the social media platforms. As Tanya Singleton has not done anything amazing to make herself famous. Instead, Tanya Singleton came into the limelight just because she was Aaron Hernandez’s cousin. Moreover, there is less information about images of Tanya Singleton on social media platforms and the internet.