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Updated On December 6, 2023
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Dhimani a.k.a SynthesizeOG is a American famous YouTuber. SynthesizeOG is also best known for its content on YouTube about Roblox. He has a huge fan following on his social media account due to the game Roblox.

Early Life and Childhood

He was born on January 28, 1999, in the United States with the Aquarius sun sign. Currently, he resides in Florida and his age is 23 years old. There is no information regarding his childhood or about his family. In his video, he shared that he has a sister named Yasmine. Yasmine is an Instagrammer. There is no information regarding his education career. But looking at his age he might be studying at University unless he decided to take a break from his studies.

Synthesize OG sister

Caption: Synthesize OG with his sister. Source: Instagram.

SynthesizeOG – Professional life

Dhimani joined YouTube on May 12, 2016, and posted his first video on June 11, 2016, titled ‘SynthesizeOG IS BACK! | Phantom Forces [BETA]’. The next day he posted his second video titled ‘INFECTION (Custom Game) | Phantom Forces [BETA]’ which has more than 11k views.

He has posted many videos about Roblox on his channel. His most famous YouTube videos are ‘TROLLING A RAGING YOUTUBER WITH 200,000 SUBSCRIBERS ON ROBLOX LIVE!’, ‘I Stream Sniped A YouTuber Until He RAGE QUIT STRUCID’ and ‘When picking up Twitch girls LIVE goes WRONG… **SHE ROASTED US**’.

He became famous when he uploaded a video titled ‘The Mosin (Sync) | ROBLOX Phantom Forces [BETA]’ which helped his channel grow a lot. He explained that when he uploaded the video his subscribers went from 4,500 to 10,000 in just a few weeks. He has also made videos on other games such as Overwatch, and CS: GO. Dhimani has also played many games such as Salvage, Island Royale (Roblox Fortnite), Arsenal, and CB: RO (Roblox CB: RO).

SynthesizeOG Video

Caption: SynthesizeOG posted a video called ‘I’m THIS close to leaving YouTube… (phantom forces)’. Source: YouTube.

Stream Raids

He started raiding Twitch streamers and YouTube streamers. Some raids were normal and some raids were not. He has also raided many girls to “get a girlfriend” but got rejected every time. Moreover, Synthesize used to tell girls to follow him on Twitch to message each other. He got in a message with Celestia Vega and almost got blocked on the stream. Because fans were trolling about them.


Many people started making him a meme and because of that, he gained many subscribers. He made a video out titled ‘TROLLING & GETTING REJECTED BY EVERY GIRL ON TWITCH’. Likewise, he also raided Liltrapdog who dressed up as a schoolgirl.

After the raid, he made another public video raiding liltrapdog called ‘THE MOST PSYCHOTIC KID ON TWITCH…! (MOM THREATENS TO KICK HIM OUT)’. The video became the 6th most popular video with 200,000 views.

He became friends with Liltrapdog and did a 1v1 phantom force with each other. They agreed that if Liltrapdog lost he would admit he was gay and if he lost he would have to admit Traps was not gay.

Liltrapdog lost the game and admitted that he was gay. He made a public video titled ‘’THE MOST PSYCHOTIC KID ON TWITCH ADMITS HE’S GAY (Phantom Forces 1v1)’ which has 100,000 views. They both have also done diss-tracks on each other.


He stream-raided NaDeXe or Nade (YouTuber) with 200,000 subscribers on Roblox and got an insane reaction from him. He donated to Nade a lot to annoy Nade and make him angry. He made a video titled ‘TROLLING A RAGING YouTuber WITH 200,000 SUBSCRIBERS ON ROBLOX’. The video gained 200,000 views and is currently his 2nd most popular video.

Roblox Developer made a Roblox version of Fortnite and he made a video titled ‘FORTNITE IN ROBLOX…!?’ which became his 4th most popular video. he made updated videos on Island Royale (Fortnite Roblox) and has made gameplay videos of it since its release. He has also made another video titled ‘FORTNITE IN ROBLOX IS FINALLY HERE! (Island Royale)’ which is his 5th most popular video. He was able to gain 100,000 views and 1,000 subscribers daily.

SynthesizeOG – Net worth 2023

He has not won any awards or been nominated for any awards. But looking at his success rate he might be able to win many awards shortly.

As of August 2022, he has a Net Worth of around 296,760 dollars. His primary source of income is YouTube though his actual annual or monthly salary is still unknown. In 2019 he posted a video about his brand new car called the ‘2019 Hyundai Veloster Turbo’.

SynthesizeOG – Relationship Status and Scandal

Currently, there is no information about his relationship as it feels like he is single. To talk about his past relationship. He is not engaged and does not have children.

One of the fellow YouTubers, Nicholas made a Tweet saying, “Clickbait on YouTube gives you short-term success.” But SynthesizeOG exposed him by screenshotting his Tweet, screenshotting his channel’s videos, and making an entire Tweet containing it. Nicholas responded with, “Yellow Arrows? Grow up.” Ever since then, the incident has been shared by the Roblox News Channel.

Currently, there are no rumors regarding his personal life, relationships, or anything else. He has been living a clear background life. But once many people started making his meme it helped him in gaining a lot of subscribers on his channel.

Body Measurements

Hi’s height or weight is still unknown. His full body measurements, dress, and shoe size are still unavailable. Looking at his photos we can say he has black eyes and black hair. Further, his dreadlock hair is another signature feature of SynthesizeOG.

SynthesizeOG silver play button

Caption: SynthesizeOG winning his silver play button as shared on a video uploaded on August 14, 2018. Source: YouTube.

Social Media

On his Instagram account with the username ‘synthesizeog’ he has more than 4.5k followers. He has a self-titled YouTube channel where he has 260k subscribers and more than 43 million views. Likewise, on Twitter, he has 20.4k followers. However, his Twitter has been suspended as of now.