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Steven Ze

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Updated On February 1, 2021
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Steven Ze is a Canadian Youtube gaming commentator and Machinima director. Steven Ze is popular with the name ZeRoyalViking or ZeMachinima.

Early Life and Childhood

Steven Ze was born on 12th April 1993 and is currently 27 years old. His zodiac sign is an Aries. Likewise, Steven was born in Canada however, he spent his childhood in Sacramento, California. Similarly, even though he was born in Canada but he holds tri-citizenship from Canada, the UK, and the US. Moreover, Steven has Scottish roots through his mother. Likewise, he follows Christianity but his ethnic background is unknown. However, there is no information regarding his parents and siblings given. But he has shared a picture of his father and him during his childhood days.

Steven Ze

Caption: Steven with his father. Source: Instagram

Steven is a computer geek and was interested in science and technology since childhood. Moreover, after graduating from high school, he joined the computer and science class at Sacramento State College. Furthermore, reflecting upon his educational qualification, Steven is a graduate in Computer science from Arizona State College. He shifted from Sacramento to San Francisco and living along fellow Youtuber RitzPlays. Furthermore, in the year 2018, Steven moved from California State to Texas and is living with his roommate Tom Flakes.

Steven Ze

Caption: Steven along with his family on his graduation. Source: Instagram


Steven came up with this name ‘ZeRoyalVikings’ around 5 years ago while thinking a name for his channel which he joined on 6th June 2008. It has currently 749K subscribers. While thinking for a name he randomly came up with the name ‘ZeRoyalVikings’ and shares that it came with this reason. “Ze represents the general silliness of my personality and being unconventional. Royal represents the fact that I was born with Hemophilia which is the disease that ran through Queen Victoria’s bloodline. It is nicknamed the Royal Disease. Viking represents my northern Scottish/Scandinavian heritage. I learned to do have some Viking descent on my mom’s father’s side”.

Initially, Steven was inspired to make Red vs. Blue series of Machinima and DigitalPh33r who showed him that ‘just a normal kid alone could make great videos’. Likewise, before joining Machinima, Steven started his social media journey through Youtube channel, ‘madmonket1’ in the year 2006. Moreover, he opened his current youtube channel ‘ZeRoyalViking’ and the ‘ZeMachinima’ channel in the year 2008. Furthermore, Steven created Machinima solo using different effects like 3D to make videos and soon he achieved 1K subscribers on Youtube with the Shishka series. Additionally, with these subscribers, Steven received a contract with Machinima around the same time that Kootra did and he helped him film ‘Contrast Police’ and then became close friends.

Steven Ze

Caption: Steven with his fellow YouTubers. Source: Instagram

The Creature

Furthermore, Steven made a start-up ‘The Creatures’ along with the co-founder Kootra. It is a popular gaming group mostly known for gaming content on personal channels. And this collaborative account has viral videos such as ’50 Lush Bath Bombs’ and ‘The Creature House Tour’. Likewise, he has more than 653,000 subscribers and has over 9.2 million views. Moreover, he also made several appearances on the Creature Talk. The first Creature he met in the ‘Creature Talk’ was Spoon. Additionally, they met on a GTA IV game and became friends. Besides this, he met other creatures like ‘Chilled Chaos’. Likewise, they were on the DigitalPh33r forums around the year 2008.

Moreover, Steven currently plays these games on his channel, ‘Town of Salem’, ‘Universe Sandbox’, ‘Cards Against Humanity’, ‘Mario Kart 8’, ‘Worms: Clan Wars’, ‘Spy Party’, ‘UNO’, ‘GeoGuessr’, ‘Project winter’, and ‘ Besides Youtube, gaming, Steven is also an active Twitch player.

Net worth

Speaking of Steven’s earnings, he is a famous gaming commenter on Youtube. However, he has not shared his earning and there is no information regarding his net worth and asset value.

Relationship status and Body measurement

Likewise, Steven is quite reserved about his personal life. And has not shared his relationship status in media. However, looking at his posts in social media, it looks like he is probably single and is more focused on his gaming career.

Similarly, the gamer has fair looking skin with blonde hair color and light brown eyes. However, there is no information regarding his height, weight, and other body measurements.

Social Media

Reflecting upon social media presence, Steven is active in Instagram and Twitter beside his Youtube channel ‘ZeRoyalViking’. His Instagram handle is @zeroyalviking and has 42.1K followers. Likewise, he joined Twitter in May 2009 and has 269.8K followers on his @ZeRoyalViking.