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Updated On March 26, 2023

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Sonu Punjaban is a sex racket kingpin who operated sex rackets in India. Sonu Punjaban is connected with prostitution and human trafficking cases and serving in jail.

Early Life

Geeta Arora aka Sonu Punjaban was born in 1981, in Delhi, India. As of now, Sonu is 41 years old. According to nationality, Sonu is an Indian and belongs to the Asian ethnicity. Moreover, she was born into a Hindu family.  She was born to her father Om Prakash Arora.

He moved to Delhi from Rohtak in search of employment. Additionally, he used to drive autorickshaws to earn a living. Sonu has an elder sister named Bala and a brother named Vijay. There is no information about Sonu’s educational background.

Sonu Punjaban – Net Worth 2022

Sonu Punjaban has been engaged in sex rackers to earn easy money. Therefore, she had not lived in a healthy environment too. After, involving in a sex racket she must have earned a good amount of money. But, her estimated net worth is not known yet.

Rise to Notorious Fame

Sonu Punjaban has a very hard childhood as she was born in a middle-class family. After her school, Sonu started working at a beauty parlor. Later, after Sonu’s father’s death, everything changed in her life. Thus, a friend named Neetu lured her into prostitution for easy money. Thus, after that, she never looked back. She entered the field as a sex worker. Later, Sonu made her own clients and handled her business. Therefore, she set up her own brothel and became a pimp.

As time passed, Sonu’s entire started growing in other states too. Similarly, Sonu had set up dozens of brothels in different parts of Delhi and in its adjacent states. Therefore, she used to manage her work in quite an organized manner. Sonu Punjaban was arrested by police many times for the same offense. Thus, after staying away from the Shackel of law for a long time she was found guilty.

Sonu was sentenced to 24 years imprisonment, on July 22, 2020. Therefore, she was involved in the immoral trafficking of a 12-year-old girl by Delhi’s Dwarka court.  She was condemned to various sentences under segments 328, 366A, 342, 372, and 120B IPC. Thus, she has been kept in thorough detainment for an aggregate of 24 years. And, she was also fined 64 thousand rupees.

Personal Life

Sonu Punjaban has married four men one by one. Therefore, all four men were criminals. In 1996, she married Vijay. He is a carjacker and a gangster. In 2004, Vijay was shot dead in a police encounter. During the time she was pregnant with his child. Later, she gave birth to a son named Sagar. Further, she married Deepak, a history sheeter.

He is also Vijay’s friend who was killed by police in an encounter in Guwahati. After, Deepak’s death his brother Hemant held Sonu’s hand. Unfortunately, in 2006, he was also shot dead in a police encounter. Thereafter, she married Hemant’s friend Bunty. Like all others, Bunty was also killed in a police encounter.

Rumors and Controversies

Sonu Punjaban was arrested under the section of the Immoral Traffic Prevention Act, 2007. Later, in 2008, she was arrested in the dame section. Whereas, in 2011, Delhi police nabbed ger after again involving in prostitution. In the same year, she was also charged MCOCA. (Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act, 1999). Sonu was arrested under the thePOSCO, in December 2017.

Sonu Punjaban

Caption: Sonu Punjaban when she was arrested. Source(India TV News)

Body Measurements

Sonu Punjaban stands 5 feet 4 inches tall (163 cm/ 1.63 m). And, Sonu weighs around 55 kg (121 lbs0. Sonu has black eye color and black hair color. The other information regarding her body structure is not revealed yet.

Sonu Punjaban – Social Media

Sonu Punjaban is not active on any social media accounts. Thus, there may be a chance that he has private media accounts. Or, she deleted her account after imprisonment.