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Updated On December 3, 2021
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 Michael Kucharski is popular as “Slazo,” which is an Australian social-media personality and a ‘YouTube’ sensation. Likewise, Slazo hosts roast videos, pranks, reactions, meme videos, challenges, and social-media commentary. Whereas, best known for his ‘YouTube’ channel, ‘Slazo567.’

Early Life

Michael is 20 years old as of 2020. He was born on April 10, 2000, in Australia, His zodiac sign is Aries. Deligracy is known as Slazo. Therefore, the information regarding his parents is still unknown. Justice has not shared any detailed information about his sister and brother yet. Likewise, he belongs to Australian nationality. Therefore, the information regarding his ethnicity is still not available.

Talking about Michael’s educational history, as of his age he might have complete his university degree. Whereas, the proper information regarding his school and university name is still not reviled.


Caption: Slazo with his cousin brothers, Source: Instagram


When Michael was a child, he’s been dedicated and engaged in acting. As he grew up, Michael was a YouTube celebrity, who achieved a lot from his YouTube profile. His popularity has been growing up day by day with the help of his entertainment videos. Whereas, On 1 April 2013 Slazo opened his ‘YouTube,’ channel ‘Slazo567,’ revealing his first episode, ‘Harry Potter and the MLG Stoner,’ on 18 December 2014.

Since then, it has received more than 196,000 views. He then observed such videos as ‘MLG Narnia.’ He then watched ‘THIS THING IS A SCAM (Juicero).’ His roasts, pranks, reaction videos, comedy video challenges, social-media commentary, meme videos, and vlogs helped to improve his reputation as a ‘YouTube’ star.

THE ABSOLUTE SIZE OF GRU, published on 30 June 2018, was the most famous video on his site. More than 2,9 million views obtained to date. Other famous videos on his page are ‘ is the RUINING Rick and the Morty,’ ‘Awful Tiktok Videos,’ ‘NASTIEST INSTAGRAM FOOD and ‘INSTAGRAM ‘CHEFS.’ Over 776 subscribers were active in the channel. There has already been an unbelievable amount of views of over 110 million.

A video of ‘YouTube’ by Pyrocynical, a famous English celebrity, listed him. His Internet fame prompted him to introduce his own products including hoodies, jerseys, and mugs with a name written on them. Items are available on the ‘https:/’ page. Not only ‘YouTube’ he also involved in social media; he has achieved popularity on several other social media sites. He has now collected more than 73,2000 followers in his Instagram account and has also collected more than 93.7 thousand fans in his ‘Twitter’ account, ‘slazo.’

Slazo-game video

Caption: Slazo poster end of 2018 that summarizes the year on the channel, Source: Instagram

Return on YouTube

Around two months later, on 8 September 2019, he returned with the video titled ‘I Put Bread on the Ground to Create an Earth Sandwich.’ In his video, he says, ” I feel like that whole break with that controversy and that all of it gave me the step back from YouTube to reassess my wishes though it hurt, in a way it was terrible.” On 28 November, he posted a “Being ‘Cancelled'” video that sheds some light on his own experience during the conflict.

His latest comments vidéo from this time uploaded on April 21st and his next video uploaded on August 27th, were longer than the upload break that he formally declared in summer last year. His classical vidéos in commentary style uploaded in early 2020.

He addressed his life and the status of his channel after the controversy in the video posted on August 27, titled ‘They ruined my life…,’ realizing that his release schedule did not conform, but expecting a return of more regular, higher-quality uploads, including one of these videos the following week. He reported that an interview on the Kavos channel conducted that night; this interview not published after 5 September.

2020 announcement

In 2020 he declared the launch of a corporation called Slazo Media, which operates the Slazo channel and three Reddit sites. Emkay, EzPz (no YouTuber EZ PZ relation), and Chris Cross, respectively. The business is located in the Australian city of Collingwood.

Net Worth

Slazo might have earned a huge amount of income through his professional life. Additionally, he has earned a huge amount of net worth and salary. Whereas, seeing his achievement in the social media field. We might assume that he has earned a good amount of salary and net worth.

Personal Life

Talking about Slazo’s personal life, he wants to keep the information regarding his personal life secret, but details about his romantic life are under investigation.

Controversy and Allegations

The ex-girlfriend of Slazo, Chey, posted a screenshot followed TwitLonger on 10 June 2019 accusing him of controlled and manipulative behavior and sexual abuse. The following day, 11th June, Keemstar posted on DramaAlert and revealed a DM between himself and him, stating that more was available, but he was willing to take time to clear all charges. Chey published a second TwitLonger after DramaAlert. He accused him of cheating on Keemstar and threatened her at a meeting. On June 27, he released a video revealing that Chey has taken aggressive DMs and has lied to some of her arguments, for example, her former husband before him, following her application for decent legal advice and treatment in behavioral wellbeing.

The DM screenshots Chey presented with a background in which, while he poor communications skills seen. Whereas delicate topics disregarded, much of the facts of sexual harassment clearly demonstrated that agreement between the two sides was reached. Further proofs of the false charges were leaked from the ex and the accuser of Slazo DM, showing that they had collaborated the charge at least a number of weeks before it came out, even showing that the charges were false.


Caption: Slazo proving that he is innocent in the video “My Side”, Source: therewiredsoul


When the charges first happened to come out, several YouTubers, including ImAllexx and SootHouse Wilbur. They took steps to differentiate themselves from his via Twitter. Following the conflicting allegations, a few YouTubers apologized partly. The entirely and famous YouTubers such as ImAllexx, KingAni, and Weesterner doubled their stance and he accepted their decision to rid themselves of him.

Further DMs from YouTuber, Turkey Tom, have revealed that some YouTuber collaborated with the accused in the commentary group to remove him. The explanation for this is unclear at present. He himself said that, in order to tend to his own health, he was simply taking a pause from YouTube. He also said he saw a psychologist.

Body Measurement and Social media

Slazo is a handsome and talented man. As of now, he has an average height and weight. Therefore, the information regarding her exact height, body weight, body measurement, shoe size, and many more is still unavailable. Likewise, he has blonde hair and blue eyes.

Michael is active on social media. He has a huge fan following on social media sites like YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. Whereas he has more than 63k followers on his Instagram account. Therefore, he has posted more than 80 posts on Instagram. Similarly, he joined Twitter in May 2014 with 127k followers. Likewise, he is not active on Facebook at present. Furthermore, he is also active on YouTube with more than 808k subscribers.



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