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Sebastian Kretzmann

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Sebastian Kretzmann is a popular former social media star. Sebastian Kretzmann became a popular TikTok creator through their attention-grabbing style and artistically-minded lip-sync performances.

Early Life

Sebastian Kretzmann first opened his eyes on August 11, 1997. As of 2020, she is 23 years old. Sebastian denotes himself as ‘They’ as being queer. Moreover, Sebastian is from New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, and has American citizenship. Their father’s name is Shane Kretzmann. He is a movie actor and he also works as their agent. Moreover, they have two siblings, a brother, and a sister, but, their names are not available.


Sebastian is a famous TikTok star who is available under the username ‘@radicalseb’. They amassed more than 320,000 fans before it was disabled in late 2019. Moreover, they are visual artists who shared their work on Instagram under the username ‘@radicalseb’. Further, they posted a photo with one of their childhood heroes, Brendon Urie from Panic! At the Disco.


They were a member of content creators Strawberry Milk Gang. Kretzmann was accused of making offensive racial slurs and sending inappropriate and sexually explicit messages to underage fans. According to RadicalSeb’s video, they were just hanging out with friends in a group chat and on a video call when they made explicit “jokes” to an underage boy.

Sebastian admitted that they knew that one of the boys in the video chat was underage, but they continued to make sexual comments because they were trying to be funny. RadicalSeb apologized for the offense caused in a video posted on TikTok. However, Sebastian denied asking anyone in the group to send sexual photos. They also did not address any of the racist languages he used.

RadicalSeb, who had 330,000 TikTok followers, was best known for their sketches and queer-focused content. They had a huge TikTok fanbase, their own line of branded merch and there were even rumors of a tour with other members of Strawberry Milk Gang.

Moreover, the allegations against RadicalSeb really blew up on TikTok and soon memes and responses to his apology were being created. But, the one that has really caught on is a meme created with the video app’s duets feature, which allows videos to appear in split-screen.

However, Sebastian appears to have deleted his TikTok account private and disabled comments on his Instagram posts. Meantime, the other members of the Strawberry Milk Gang have condemned RadicalSeb’s actions and haven’t collaborated with them since.

Sebastian Kretzmann

Caption: Sebastian Kretzmann’s TikTok video became viral. Source: Popbuzz

Personal Life

Sebastian is currently not dating anyone and is single. They have not shared any information related to their past and present relationships. However, they have kept their personal life away from the limelight. Sebastian is a secretive person and has not shared any information about their love life. Moreover, they might be keeping their love life safe and away from the public eye.

Body Measurements

Sebastian has maintained a healthy and fit body status. There are no details on their height and weight. However, judging from their image, Sebastian seems to stand at a moderate height and weight. They have a pair of hazel eyes and have dyed their hair into purple. They keep dying their hair into different colors.

Sebastian Kretzmann

Caption: Sebastian Kretzmann clicking a photo. Source: The Verge

Social Media and Net Worth

This former TikTok star has disable his all social media profiles. Therefore, Sebastian is not available on any of the social media platforms. Moreover, there is also no information on their earnings and net worth. They might make earnings from somewhere. But, there is no information regarding it.