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Updated On September 28, 2023
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Saberspark is an American social media personality. He is a content creator on Youtube who mainly posts video essays and reviews about animations. Likewise, his Youtube channel is ‘Saberspark’ and has 1.18 million subscribers in it.

Early Life and Childhood

He was born on 11th October 1988 and is currently 34 years old. His real name is Stephen Carver and his zodiac sign is Libra. Likewise, he was born in Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America, and holds American citizenship. Similarly, talking about his ethnicity and religion, he belongs to the Caucasian ethnic group and follows Christianity. Talking about his family background, he has not given much insight into his personal life in media. Similarly, he is quite discreet and reserved regarding his personal life. Likewise, he has not given any information about his parents and siblings in the media.

Talking about his childhood, he was interested in animation since childhood. Likewise, following his passion and love for animation, he went to make animation videos on his channel on Youtube. Furthermore, talking about his educational qualification, he is a graduate. However, there is no information about his educational background.

Professional Life

Professionally, he is a content creator on Youtube and has a channel on Youtube. Likewise, following his passion for animation, he started his Youtube channel and created content related to topics relating to animation, entertainment, and media. Similarly, he joined Youtube on 18th September 2007 and has 1.18 million subscribers on his ‘Saberspark’ channel on Youtube. Similarly, in this channel, he mainly makes video essays and reviews about animation, entertainment, and media.

Even though he started his Youtube channel back in the year 2007 but his oldest video dates back to the year 2011. Likewise, he posted his first video on Youtube on 7th December 2011. He posted ‘BALLAD OF THE BRONY’ and has 690K views on it. Followed by this, he posted the second video ‘THE BRONY CHRONICLES – A DOCUMENTARY ON MY LITTLE PONY AND BRONIES (PART 1) on 13th June 2013 and has 794k views on it. Moreover, he has posted 250 videos on the channel and has more than 211 million views in it. Likewise, his most popular video on the channel is ‘WHAT RUINED SONY PICTURES ANIMATION?’. He posted this video on 10th August 2017 and has 4.7 million views on it.

Likewise, his other popular videos on the channel are ‘WHAT THE HELL IS EL ARCA DE NOE? (FURRY NOAH’S ARK)’, ‘WHAT RUINED NICKELODEON?’, ‘WHAT RUINED DISNEY CHANNEL?’, ‘WHAT THE HELL IS JOSHUA AND THE PROMISED LAND?’, ‘WHAT RUINED HANNA-BARBERA?’, ‘WHY ARE CARTOONS CENSORES?’, and ‘WHAT’S RUNNING CARTOON NETWORK?. These videos have more than 3 million views on it. The most viewed video is “What the HELL is Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs?

Besides Youtube, he also has a Twitch account. His account is quite popular among online gamers and has impressive followers in it. Likewise, he also has a merch naming ‘Saberspark’ in which he sells his merchandise.

Saberspark – Net worth 2023

He is a social media personality and is a Youtuber by profession. He is also an online gamer. Likewise, he has made impressive fame and a decent amount of earning through his Youtube and other social media accounts. Talking about his net worth, he has a net worth of around $736,000. However, there is no information about his asset values available in the media.


Caption: Saberspark winning the golden button from Youtube. Source: Instagram

Relationship Status

Regarding his relationship status, he is straight and probably single. Moreover, he has not given any information about his relationship status in the media. Likewise, he has kept his relationship status quite private from the media and has not even revealed his previous relationship status to the media.

Saberspark – Body Measurement

Unfortunately, there is no information about his body measurement details including height, weight, vital stats, and shoe size in the media. Looking at his personality, Saberspark has a charismatic personality. Likewise, he has fair skin with light brown eyes and hair color.

Social Media

Reflecting upon his social media presence, he is active on Twitter besides his Youtube channel and Twitch account. Likewise, his Twitter account is @saberspark, and has 149.8k followers in it since he joined in April 2012. Similarly, his Instagram account is @therealsaberspark and has 7,058 followers in it.