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Romina Yan Age, Net Worth & All Biography - Updated Dec 2022

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Updated On December 6, 2022

Buenis Aires, Argentina
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Romina Yan was a beautiful Argentinean actress and writer. Romina is popular for her work in the television series ‘Chiquititas’ and ‘Provocame’.

Who is Romina Yan? Early Childhood

Romina Yan was born on 5th September 1974 and was 36 years old at the time of her death on 28th September 2010. Her full name was Romina Yankelevich and her zodiac sign is Virgo.  Likewise, she was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and holds Argentinean citizenship. However, regarding her ethnicity, there is no information about it. Likewise, about her religion, her father was Jewish and she also follows the same.

Regarding her family background, she was born into a family of television directors, actors, and producers. Likewise, her father is Gustavo Yankelevich who is a producer and writer. Similarly, her mother is Cris Morena the award-winning Argentinean producer and actress. Her full name is Maria Cristina De Giacomi. Likewise, she was the elder sister of Toman Yankelevich De Giacomi who is the director, producer, and screenwriter himself. Furthermore, regarding her educational background, there is no information about her educational qualification.


Likewise, Romina made her television debut at the age of sixteen in the year 1991. Her first appearance was on the Argentine television show ‘Jugate Conmigo’. This is a teenage variety show in which she was one of the dancers in the show. Followed by this, she made her debut as an actress in the series, ‘Mi Cunado as Lorena Picabia. Likewise, she played in another television series ‘Quereme’ as ‘Sol Iturbe’. Furthermore, at the end of 1994, she began to play ‘Belen’ in the children’s soap opera ‘Chiquititas’. This was her mother’s production in Argentina’s largest television company called ‘Telefe’. This show was about the life of orphaned children living in a manner called ‘Rincon de Luz’.

Moreover, her role was very much appreciated and became a celebrity not just in Argentina but outside too. Likewise, after retiring from the show in the year 1998, she was on break till 2000. Similarly, upon returning, she played in the suspense program ‘Tiempo Final’ as Jessica. Likewise, she .on the year she made her debut in film ‘Chiquititas: Rincon de Luz’ 9Corner of light) again as Belen. Likewise, she also made her participated in the sixth studio album ‘Provocame’ in the year 2001 along with singers like Araceli Gonzelez and Chyanne.

Furthermore, in the year 2002, she became the host of the children’s show ‘Playhouse Disney’ which is the production of her father’s company ‘RGB’. Likewise, in the year 2003, she played in the soap opera ‘Abre tus Ojos’ as Rocio Mazzini. Similarly, she played in the romantic comedy tele-comedy series ‘Amor Mio’. Moreover, her last work before her death was ‘Bella & Bestia’ which was her mother’s production work.

Romina Yan – Death

Romina took her last breath on 28th September 2010 at Central Hospital of San Isidro at 5:20 pm. Likewise, she was admitted to the hospital at 4:30 pm and the attempt to revive her for 50 minutes was unfortunately unsuccessful declaring her dead. She was suffering as the victim of an aneurysm and the cause of her death was cardiac arrest.

Likewise, her remains were later taken to bury in a private ceremony at the Del Pilar Cemetery. Followed by this, on the same day her fans gathered at the Obelisk to pay tribute to the actress with a message of affection, candles, and flowers. The fan started the march from the Obelisk to the Teatro Gran Rex in which she made her theatrical career. Likewise, on 29th November 2010, her mother made a narration in the last chapter of the fourth season of ‘Casi Angeles’. Dedicating to her death, she made the narration of the phrase as ‘Just as day follows night, every ending always announces a new beginning. Let’s meet again! Thanks for so much!’.

Moreover, the mourning of her death was vivid and shocking to the fans of Argentina and others. Likewise, the Facebook page ‘I can’t believe Yan has died’ was trending reaching more than 150k members in less than two hours. Similarly, her death was the top trending topic of the day on Twitter. Moreover, her mother Cris Morena, and ‘Chiquititas’ were also trending topics the whole day.

Romina Yan – Relationship and Family

Regarding her relationship status, Romina was married and had a beautiful and loving family. She tied known to the technical producer Dario Giordano on 27th November 1998 and had three children Franco, Valentin, and Azul. Likewise, her son Franco is an actor himself. Similarly, her other two sons Valentin Giordano and Azul Giordano were born in the years 2002 and 2006 respectively.