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Robin Christensen

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Robin Christensen is an American celebrity daughter as well as a wrestler. Robin Christensen is the daughter of legendary wrestler Andre the Giant (Andre Rene Roussimoff). She is also the latest stage manager/page editor for “Lauperland”, the world’s largest Cyndil Luper fansite.

Early Life

Robin Christensen was born in the year 1979 in France. As of 2021, Robin is 42 years old and lives in Seattle, Washington, USA. Likewise, her full name is Robin Christensen-Roussimoff. Talking about her family, Robin’s parents are father Andre the Giant (Andre Rene Roussimoff) and mother Jean Christensen. Her father was a renowned wrestler and her mother was a Wrestling publicist.

Sadly Robin’s mother passed away in the year 2008. Prior to this, Robin lost her father on the night of 27 January 1993. Her father passed away in his sleep of congestive heart failure in a Paris hotel. However, a chauffeur discovered him on the morning of 28 January. Robin’s father was in Paris to attend her grandfather’s funeral.

Furthermore, Robin Christensen had almost no connection with her father. She only saw him five times in her life. This was the case despite occasional televised and printed news pieces criticizing Andre’s absentee fatherhood. While Robin gave some interviews about the subject in her childhood, she is reportedly reluctant to discuss her father publicly even today.

Robin Christensen

Caption: Robin Christensen appearing in an interview at her young age. Source: DoYouRemember?

Career and Professional Life

Professionally, Robin Christensen is also a wrestler, carrying her father’s legacy. She worked on a documentary based on her father’s life- Andre the Giant in the year 2018.

Talking more about her father’s professional life, Andre was listed in the 1974 “Guinness Book of World Records” as the highest-paid wrestler in history at that time. The famous wrestler had earned US$400,000 in one year during the early 1970s.

Similarly, Robin’s father was one of the highest-paid wrestlers in history. He was undefeated for nearly 15 years and gathered quite a lot of wealth during his entire career. The wrestler divided his wealth into three people in his last will. Robin’s father left two-third of the money to his caretaker and wife of his Ellerbe, North Carolina Ranch, and the rest of the earning and possessions were shared with his only living child, i,e, Robin herself.

Furthermore, Robin is paid royalties from WWE as they still evoke Andre’s name for some events. The celebrity daughter has the right in the licensing of “Andre the Giant” name in any form including video games or action figures. The celebrity daughter was also seen promoting Brandon M. Easton’s book Andre the Giant: closer to heaven.

Though Robin never really bonded or connected with her father, she later contacted some of Andre’s friends from the wrestling circle. It was to know more about her father as a person.

Robin Christensen

Caption: Robin Christensen posing for a fan of her father at a signing event in LaGuardia Plaza Hotel. Source: Instagram

Relationship Status

Robin Christensen is most probably single at present. Robin once confessed that she doesn’t prefer to date anybody. It is because either people stay away or hurt her by using her for financial advantages once they know her identity as Andre the Giant’s daughter.

Talking about her parents’ relationship, Andre and Jean became acquainted with her father through the wrestling business around the year 1972 or 1973.

Moreover, the reason Andre didn’t accept Robin as his daughter, was because he possessed a hormonal disorder Acromegaly. One of the symptoms of this syndrome is Infertility. Hence, Robin’s birth was nothing less than a miracle.

Likewise, Robin first met her father when she was an infant, then at 4 years old, later in 1991 for few minutes. When Robin was 10 years old, she was also offered to visit her father in his ranch. However, the thought of leaving her mother and living with a barely known man in an unfamiliar place scared her. Therefore, Robin denied to meet him.

Additionally, the last time Robin spoke to her father was on the Christmas of 1992. A month later, Andre passed away due to congestive heart failure. Robin and her mother came to know about the news only a month later. It was through Andre’s voice message on their answering machine.

Body Measurements and Social Media

Robin Christensen

Caption: Robin Christensen posing for a fan of her father at a signing event. Source: Instagram

Robin Christensen stands tall at an approximate height of 182 cm or 6 feet and her body weight is around 96 kgs. Similarly, Robin’s chest-waist-hip measures are around 44-40-44 inches respectively. Also, Robin Christensen is a fashionista with a penchant for fierce tattoos and Harley Quinn.

Talking about her social media presence, Robin Christensen goes by the username @hey_puddin_79 on Instagram. This account is private and hence only her followers can see her posts. While writing this biography, Robin has shared exactly 509 posts and earned over 1k followers.