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Ready To Glare

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Updated On September 8, 2021
Dusseldorf, Germany
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Dusseldorf, Germany

Ready to Glare is a YouTube sensation who rose to fame for giving her opinions and reacting to Celebrities, fashion trends and pop-culture trends in her YouTube videos. She has amassed 676k subscribers on YouTube over 5 years.

Early life and Childhood

The Youtuber is currently 27 years old and was born on October 25, 1993, in the city of Dusseldorf, Germany. She hasn’t yet revealed any information on the details regarding her parents and siblings. The YouTubers real name is Giulia Christina and her star sign is Scorpio. Moreover, She is German by nationality and has Italian ancestry.


There is not much available on the internet regarding The youtuber’s education but we know that she studied English. Moreover the english graduate Youtuber also teaches English in her spare time.

Professional life

Ready to Glare is best known for her YouTube videos. She has taken up her YouTube career and is active on posting reaction videos, Content and vlogs on her YouTube channel since May 8, 2016. Over the duration of 5 years, she has gained 676k subscribers in her YouTube channel and gets more than 150k views  in each of her videos.

She started her YouTube journey by uploading a video titled ‘Mini Haul’ which has over 12k views and the video focuses on some clothes she bought and describing about it. Her video titled ‘Melody Needs Help’ has gathered 1.9 million views. The video is about a Instagrammer named Melody who has over 3 million followers who was exploited online and Melody Reacted to the Instagrammer deducing what was right for the 11 year old girl.

Millions of views in her other videos where she has reacted to other celebrities and given her opinion on various matters gives is also widely shared and discussed.

Ready to Glare

The thumbnail of one of her videos. (source: youtube)

The 28 year old youtuber posts every other day and has 713 videos uploaded to this date. Her youtube channel has 146,515,097 views on her videos. She gains 11k new subscribers monthly and her youtube channel is one of rapidly growing ones and has gathered lots of new audience.

Awards and Net worth

The youtuber has certainly amassed quite an audience and has received The Silver Play button for surpassing 100k subscribers. The net worth of $827,000 US dollars as of 2021. Likewise it is estimated that she earns  about 14k US dollars monthly and about 165k US dollars yearly from her YouTube channel. Furthermore, her Instagram also contributes towards her wealth through various sponsors.

Relationship status

The youtuber has been married since 2016. Her sexual orientation is straight and has married a man named Jacob Kenobi in September of the year 2016. The couple has been in love ever since they met. They both show amazing understanding, respect, love and appreciation towards each other. Jacob is a college graduate and a guy who likes comic, Harry Potter and music.

Ready to Glare

Ready to Glare with her husband (source: Twitter)

The popular youtuber has stayed far from any sort of scandal in her personal as well was professional life and leads a very carefree life.

Body measurements

Ready to Glare has a very attractive personality and also is very beautiful. The exact height of the youtuber is not known however she is expected to be at least 5 feet 4 inches tall. She has pale skin with black coloured eyes. The youtuber likes to experiment with her hair and often dyes her hair in different colours. She is also fond of tattoo and has got tattoos on her hand, chest and shoulders.

Ready to Glare

Ready to Glare poses for a photo (source: instagram)

Social media

The youtuber certainly has gathered many fans and followers over these years. She is active across social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. Likewise She has 114k followers in Instagram and about91.8k followers in her Twitter account.