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Montgomery, Alabama
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Montgomery, Alabama

R. Jai Gillum is the director of the Florida Dental Association who hails from Montgomery, Alabama. R. Jai Gillum is more popular as the wife of an American representative and politician, Andrew Gillum.

Early Life and Education

Jai Gillum was born in the year 1978, in Montgomery, Alabama. As of 2021, R. Jai Gillum’s age must be forty-three years old and she has been following the Christian religion. Likewise, the celebrity partner is an American native and is of Afro-American ethnicity. Even though R. Jai Gullim was born in Montgomery, she was residing in Tallahassee for 2 decades.

The director seems to be very close to her mom. However, there is no further information regarding her father and siblings. Additionally, her full birth name is Rashada Jai Howard. Regarding the director’s educational background, Gillum obviously is a well-educated personality. For her studies, R. Jai Gillum went to a private school and later she attended the University of Alabama. Jai Gillum has already achieved a bachelor’s degree in the field of biology.

In the beginning, R. Jai Gillum wanted to study dentistry however she changed her decision and went on to study about the public health or public arena, joining in grad school. Moreover, she also went to Florida A&M University for her further studies.

R. Jai Gillum

Caption: R. Jai Gillum with her mother (Source: Instagram)


The celebrity spouse also keeps herself busy in various other common activities such as other normal people are engaged in. R. Jai Gillum loves reading books, traveling to various places, watching films, and many more in her spare time. Similarly, the celebrities that R. Jai Gillum loves to watch the most are actor, Will Smith, and actress, Keke Palmer. Andrew’s spouse also loves white and black color whereas her favorite brands are Dior, LV, Gucci, and also Chanel. Also, Gillum loves eating Mexican cuisine and loves using YouTube more often.

Career and Professional Life

Coming to R. Jai Gillum’s career and professional life part, she has been keeping it a secret. So, nothing much is out about Jai’s professional life. However, according to some sources, it is found that the celebrity partner is an executive director of the United Way of the Big Bend’s project which is known as one of “The BEST Project”.

The same project “helps people achieve long-term financial stability and quality of life through services such as tax preparation help”. Gillum has also served in the banking sector in Dallas, Texas. Moreover, Andrew’s spouse handles and manages her partner’s campaign hosting which is a Women for Andrew Gillum program.  Even after working hard, R. Jai is more popular as the spouse of Andrew Gillum and by her profession.

R. Jai Gillum

Caption: R. Jai Gillum with her husband answering the questions (Source: Instagram)

Net Worth

As of 2020, R. Jai Gillum has a decent net worth of around $900 thousand to $1 million. On the other hand, her husband, Andrew Gillum has a net worth of $334,200 as of June 2018.  Also, previously, Gillum used to earn a salary of around $79,176 as mayor and another amount of $71,680 for working together with P&P Communications which is a public relations and consulting organization.

Andrew Gillum’s assets add his house worth of around $462,000, and another 2 retirement accounts together with the city of Tallahassee, adding one 401(k) plan worth $79,992. Likewise, Gillum has around $81,989 in a delayed compensation account. He also has $47,651 in 2 savings accounts at Centennial Bank, another one of $4,841 in savings at Hancock Whitney Bank, and also $17,500 in education savings accounts which is all for his 3 kids.

Relationship Status

As mentioned earlier, R. Jai Gillum’s husband is Andrew Gillum. Their wedding was on 24th May 2009. Both of them got to meet each other when they were in college taking part in the student government at Florida A&M. After their first meet, they eventually fell for each other. Moreover, Jai is just a year older than her husband and she changed her name to R. Jai Gillum after marrying Andrew Gillum.

As per Tallahassee Magazine, Andrew Gillum told that he was the one who first flirted with Jai by penalizing her for wearing a “short skirt” while they were in the student government. However, she was not thankful for that. Then, it is was in the year 2003 when the couple again meet each other and Gillum eventually gave his home phone number to her. But R. Jai Gillum was still ignoring him.

She said, “I didn’t think he was serious. He was wearing both of his cell phones, and then he gave me his home phone number”. “I said, ‘Anyone with two cell phones is never at home.” Then, while proposing Jai, Gillum asked her to be his “life partner” rather than his “wife”. After getting married, they first gave birth to the twins whose names are Caroline and Jackson. In May 2017, the couple again became parents of their second baby whose name is Davis Allen Gillum.

R. Jai Gillum

Caption: R. Jai Gillum with her family (Source: Instagram)


Aside from the couple’s love life, Andrew Gillum revealed himself being a bisexual at a television interview in September of 2020. Then, Jai said that her husband had already told her about his sexuality before they were married eleven years ago. This obviously made her very upset that it is now public knowledge, telling Tamron Hall, “I don’t think it is anyone’s business.”

“I don’t think it is fair for people who are not heterosexual, who are not assumed heterosexual that they should ever have to say or disclose what they are because of how judgmental people are,” she told Hall. “So many people just don’t understand bisexuality. They think they can wrap their heads around gay, but bisexuality is just something different.”

Furthermore, Jai’s husband was seen in a Miami Beach hotel room in March of 2020 by paramedics countering to a drug overdose, police said then. Andrew and 2 other men were also there in the hotel room. Cops said Gillum and gay male escort Travis Dyson, thirty, were evidently under the impact of an “unknown substance.” After some time, Andrew told that he was going to a rehab facility.

Body Measurement and Social Media

Talking about the director’s physical appearance, R. Jai Gillum has a good height of 5 feet 5 inches or else 165 cm or 1.65 m. Gillum also has a suitable body type with a bodyweight of around 65 kg or 165 lbs. Likewise, Gillum’s bra size is 32 B and her breast size is 38 inches. R. Jai Gillum’s waist size is 30 inches and her hips size is 36 inches. Also, Andrew’s partner has been wearing a shoe size of 7 (UK). Moreover, R. Jai Gillum has a pair of dark brown eyes with naturally black hair color.

Coming to the social media part, R. Jai Gillum has been quite active there. R. Jai Gullim has an Instagram account and also a Twitter account. On Instagram, Jai has gained 11 thousand followers. Also, the celebrity partner has also recently stepped into Twitter in May 2020 and already has gained more than 425 followers. However, R. Jai Gillum is not active on Facebook and YouTube for now. Just like Jai her husband, Andrew has also been quite active on social media platforms.