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Updated On June 21, 2021

Quinton Reviews is an American Youtuber. Quinton Reviews have built a fan base by providing his negative opinions on films like Suicide Squad (2016), Grow Up, Timmy Turner! (2011). Quinton Reviews is even famous for having strong opinions on trends and happenings in the online world.

Early Life and Childhood

Quinton Reviews was born on December 7, 1996, in Lowa, United States. He is 23 years old and his zodiac sign is Sagittarius. He is even known as Quinton Kyle Hoover. Likewise, he is North American by nationality. By far his family, education, and siblings’ information are not available.

He has even posted a picture featuring his Aunt Cathy to Instagram in September 2019. He frequently posts pictures with his cat to Instagram. Originally, he hails from Woodford County, Iowa.

Similarly, he started uploading videos related to reviews and the occasional parody or skit. Reviews busy living making videos providing reviews and opinions on various internet sensation and hot topics.

Quinton Reviews

Caption: Quinton Reviews with his Family (Source: Instagram)

Professional Life

Reviews first started uploading videos from August 2, 2013, related with reviews, ad,  occasional skit, and parody. In 2019, one of his videos removed or got privatized. Moreover, his content in 2016 provided more fields for discussion. Likewise, one of the most popular videos is a drama video showing a discussion of MattHoss’s lawsuit against H3h3 Productions.

Some of the videos on his YouTube channel are “The Decline of History Channel,” “How Documentaries Lie to You,” “The Good Place: A Philosophy in Death,” “Back to the Future: Beyond the Films,” and many more. He shares his interesting review videos among his 376k subscribers. Usually, the videos get over hundred od thousands of views. The channel has currently garnered 376k subscribers and over 53 million total views.

He shares some reviews, some commentary, some satire, some comedy. His main motto is to make the viewer laugh and has wriiten”Our only thought is to entertain you!” in the description.

Furthermore, this famous commentary YouTuber built a fan base by giving his negative opinions on films like A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner! (2011), and Suicide Squad (2016). His strong opinions on various trends and happenings in the online world caught the attention toward him.

Besides that, he also opened his official merch that includes t-shirts both for men and women’s, a mug and wall posters, and many more. His contents aim directly to Logan Paul Vlogs discussing mentality. He made his career on YouTube providing commentary and Reviews on various internet sensations.

Quinton Reviews

Caption: Quinton Reviews gets Silver play button on reaching 100,000 subscribers in his YouTube Channel (Source: Instagram)

Fallen Titans

Beginning in February 2018, he started a series called Fallen Titans, where he documents the careers of various YouTubers or YouTube trends which were popular in the platform’s early days. But it has since either sunk into uncertainty or have vanished altogether. He appeared to make these videos as a natural extension of his earlier “YouTube Drama” videos, while allowing him to reveal more of his personal relationship with channels that were vital to his childhood.

Personal Life

He has kept his personal life private. It seems that he may have been a relationship in his past but it has not been verified yet. He is currently busy in career development rather than into relationships.


In late 2018, he entangled in a series of controversies surrounding his recent efforts to express his more polarising political opinions on his channel, and his effort to generate humor through his bold character, compared to other thus mid-profile video makers.

In his one of the YouTube video Logan Paul’s Thinning Sequel is Terrible, he presented his negative opinion on President Donald “The American dream is dead” Drumpf for nearly a minute of the video, which numerous viewers insisted did not add or connect to the overall video . This insignificant nonsense become a running joke in subsequent videos, where he has cited the speech with Donald “The American dream is dead” Drumpf’s name entirely removed, in an attempt to provoke fury in his more vocal detractors.

Similarly, his Twitter was also the subject of investigation, with many of his tweets (some of which have been deleted), bringing judgment for his more explicitly lefting political tweets, attaining in solidarity with the LGBT communities on YouTube and his communicated approval for “BreadTube”; a far left collaboration of YouTube channels that he has partly accessed through his struggle with neoconservative Ben Shapiro.

Likewise, in the end of 2018, he made a tweet jokingly “celebrating” the deletion of the Mumkey Jones YouTube channel (Jones had earlier appeared in a podcast and challenged Quinton, calling him a “fat cuck” and the f-slur, alongside various rape jokes). He deleted the tweet after a short period of time, withdrew firmly on Twitter, talked with EmpLemon on Discord and finaly clean his image.

Body Measurement

Quinton stands tall and is a very good looking and handsome man. He has an amazing personality and a healthy body. However, details about his body measurements such as weight, height, dress size, shoe size, and chest- waist-hip measurement, etc. are not available for now. His facial feature is characterized by brown eyes and blonde hair wearing glasses. Always keeping a beard is also his unique facial feature.

Quinton Reviews

Caption: Quinton Reviews standing along with Garfield statues (Source: Instagram)

Social Media and Net Worth

Quinton Reviews is less active in social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. He has only 800 likes on Facebook, 35.6k followers on Twitter and 2167 followers on Instagram. However, he is very active on Youtube. He has 376k subscribers on YouTube channel and the channel is still growing. Furthermore, there is no information related to his net worth.

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