PopularMMOs Age, Net Worth & All Biography - Updated Dec 2022

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American YouTuber Patrick “Pat,” also known online as PopularMMOs, posts Minecraft vlogs and videos. PopularMMOs has previously played Fortnite and Roblox on his channel. Nearly all of Pat’s videos include him playing games with GamingWithJen who is his ex-wife.

Early Life and Childhood

Patrick was born on 25th November 1998. His birthplace is Connecticut, United States. He is currently 34 years old. His Zodiac sign is Sagittarius. His father’s name is Bill Juianelle and his mother’s name is unavailable. American is his nationality and his ethnicity is mixed.

He holds a psychology undergraduate degree.


On April 17, 2012, PopularMMOs launched its first YouTube channel. Within two years, he had amassed 1 million followers. Patrick makes care to upload 1 to 3 videos every week, and he aims to upload 12 to 16 videos in a month. In the next two years, Patrick had 10 million followers on his channel due to his consistent posting. His channel currently has 4683 videos.

Patrick also plays Era, WarCraft World, Tlantis, and 100 Ways to Die because his first channel had positive feedback. His efforts have been successful, and the PopularMMOs channel has already had approximately 14 billion views.

In order for viewers to enjoy watching their movies, they always attempt to make an effort. As a result, he created two further channels, DungeonNoobAdventure and SatVhEWold, all of which are currently offline. Most subscribers have joined his OpularMMO YouTube account so far compared to his other channels.

He also created a channel called Pat’s Life, which he hasn’t updated in nine months, and a channel called Pat & Buddies, a collaboration with his friends, where the most recent video was uploaded on October 20, 2020, and is currently offline. On his channel, he attempts to mimic the humorous remarks from the viewers and posts Vlogs and reaction videos.


Caption: PopularMMOs in his video. Source: Famous Face Wiki

Net Worth

PopularMMOs, American YouTubers, and professional gamers earn a commendable sum of money by being well-known on the platform. His projected net worth in 2021 was close to $200,000 dollars.

Personal Life

He goes by Pat, which is his first name. He resides with his wife, Jennifer Flagg, also known as Jen. In May 2015, he got hitched to Jen. Before then, they had been dating for five years.

These days, she appears in practically all of his videos. She also runs the YouTube channel GamingwithJen, where she posts footage of games. He participates in her video uploads as well. He has a lot of pets and loves animals. They had a cat named Alice, which they gave to the neighborhood animal shelter. They recently acquired a new one, which they called Cloud because of its plush snow-white fur.

 In 2019 they divorced. Later, he dated Kouklitsa, a fellow social media celebrity. In a video posted on his channel in May 2021, he introduced his girlfriend Liz.


Caption: PopularMMOs and his ex-wife. Source: Beano.com


He never stated who his parents were in his videos. The following Minecraft video was posted by Patrick: BEDWARS WITH ELENI & EX-WIFE JEN VS ME! On May 2, 2020.

The title of this film added to its unpopularity because it was the first time his ex-wife Jen and Eleni had worked together. Given that he had not anticipated this to occur, Pat later earned a sit-down video where he discussed the subject. In his third and fourth videos, Jen warned everyone not to harm Eleni. He then produced two more videos.

Body Measurements 

PopularMMOs stands at a commanding height of 5 feet 8 inches and weighs around 70 kilograms. His personality appears excellent for his sense of humor. His hair is blonde in color and his eyes are dark brown in color. He often posts Instagram videos of himself working out, which shows off his powerful physique.


Caption: PopularMMOs with his Biceps Source: Pinterest

Social media

PopularMMOs has already amassed over 17.2 million subscribers and in 2022, the landmark was attained. He also co-owns “Pat & Eleni,” a channel with more than 680k followers, with his partner.

Given his YouTube prominence in the gaming industry, PopularMMOs undoubtedly makes good money. He has an Instagram account with 738k followers with a username of @popularmmospat. Also, he has a Twitter account with 1,651 followers with the username of @PopularMMOs.