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Updated On January 13, 2023

Alden Joseph Brown, better known by his stage name Peter North, is a former Canadian adult actor, director, and producer. Peter North has 2,588 acting credits (plus 13 as a director).

Early Life and Childhood

Peter North’s full name is Аldеn Јоѕерh Вrоwn. He was born on 11th May 1957 in Наlіfах, Nоvа Ѕсоtіа, Cаnаdа. He lives in Оrаngе Соuntrу, California, USA. Likewise, he has kept his family life so private that his parent’s and his sibling’s name is unavailable.

As of now, he is 65 years old. Likewise, his nationality is Canadian and his ethnicity is also  Canadian. His Zodiac sign is Taurus.


The details of Peter’s scholastic history are still a mystery, therefore his educational information is unavailable.


North said that he was “found” in the early 1980s while manning sports gear for a private party in Los Angeles, according to a 1996 interview that appeared in North’s local newspaper The Daily News. North didn’t mention the individual, but he was at the party and was pleased with his physique and handed him his business card.

In 1983, North started his career in pornographic films. Initially going under the name Matt Ramsey, North appeared in homosexual porn. Additionally, he has created over 20 movies, 15 of which are part of the North Pole series. 

In addition to starring in over 2,000 pornographic films, North has also directed more than 70, with the majority of them coming between 1998 and 2007. Notable examples are his North Pole and Anal Addicts series.

In 1986, North was embroiled in the US government’s inquiry into Traci Lords’ underage participation in the business. She was sexually aggressive against numerous individuals off camera, thus the entire “innocence ruined” theory she put up was a complete farce.”

In an interview with Details published in 1996, North discussed his role in the controversy and said: “Traci Lords did not help me very much. Penetrating Insights, a manual on meeting and sleeping with attractive women was released by North in 1994.

In 2004, North was highlighted in photographer Timothy Greenfield-Sanders’ book and video project Thinking XXX.

Personal Life

Peter and Nadia North, who have been together in multiple pornographic movies, got married in the summer of 2014. Although he only frequently discusses his marriage to Nadia, he outright admits to being bisexual.

According to TMZ, Nadia North received a restraining order against her husband on July 15, 2019, as a result of two incidents of domestic abuse that occurred in June of that year. She claims there have been roughly 20 of these violent interactions with North, one of which apparently left her with a concussion. Currently, he is divorced.

Peter North

Caption: Peter North and his wife Source: Briefly

Net Worth

Peter North is a  retired Canadian adult actor, director, and producer with a $4 million net worth.


In his autobiography, Break shot: A Life in the 21st Century American Mafia (2009), Kenny Gallo describes a confrontation with North that happened as a result of North’s appearance in homosexual pornographic films as a bottom.

According to Gallo, North was very private about that specific time in his life and wanted to keep it that way. Gallo said that North had threatened him over the phone, saying that if he publicized the word further, Gallo “would pay.”

After that, Gallo scheduled a face-to-face meeting with North to continue the conversation. In the shape of “Speedy,” a “tattooed Nazi drug dealer,” Gallo brought support. Gallo and Speedy confronted North, who threatened him with severe bodily injury to his face and genitals.

In the heat of the situation, according to Gallo, he allegedly grabbed a knife in his pocket but was prevented from using it by Speedy.

Peter North – Body Measurements

Peter measures 5 feet 10 inches and 178 centimeters in height, and his weight is around 190 pounds and 86 kilograms. His body measurement is unavailable.

Awards and Achievement

His awards are listed below:

F.O.X.E Male Fan Favorite in 1990

F.O.X.E Male Fan Favorite in 1991

Male F.O.X.E fan favorite since 1992

1998: Gluteus to the Maximus received the AVN Award for Best Group Scene.

Peter North

Caption: Peter North at awards function Source: Skyrock

Peter North – Social media

Talking about his social media accounts, he has an Instagram account with 1,130 followers, along with the username of @peternorth. Also, he has a Twitter account with 5,339 followers and his username is @theREALpetersnorth.

Peter North

Caption: Peter North showing his Instagram username Source: Eagles Vine