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Updated On May 30, 2023
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Pearl Fernandez

Pearl Fernandez is an American child murderer. Pearl Fernandez is a cursed and cruel mother who killed her own son Gabriel Fernandez along with her boyfriend Isauro Aguirre. At present, she is in jail for a life sentence. Likewise, Netflix has even released a documentary based on the events that happened before and after the death of Gabriel.

Early Life and Childhood

Pearl Fernandez was born in the year August 29, 1983, in California, USA. She is 37 years old at the moment. The exact date of birth of her is not available now. Her full name is Pearl Sinthis Fernandez.

Her mother’s name is Sandra Fernandez and her father’s name is Robert Fernandez. She also has an aunt whose name is Elizabeth Carranza.

She is known through the documentary as she said things about herself and the documentary to the police.

Other than this, the information about Fernandez’s other family members such as her siblings, cousins, grandparents, and others is not available until now.

Most of her family members don’t want to be acquainted with her and want to stay away from her and her life as much as possible.

Regarding her educational background, the name of the school she attended is not available. She is a dropout and stopped attending school when she was young.

Her cognitive testability is roughly the level of a second-grade student. However, she did attempt to perform well during her scholastics as it very well may be seen from the records that appeared during court hearings.

Childhood and Abuse

Pearl Fernandez had a rough childhood and a poor home life growing up. Her father was in and out of the jail for most of her childhood and her mother used to often hit her.

Likewise, she began drinking when she was very young. And used methamphetamine at the age of 9 and left the home at the age of 11.

Likewise, her uncle attempted to assault her and sexually maltreated her when she was a teenager. Also, she said that some men had held her hostage for many days and had taken turns raping her.

Likewise, she also stated that she has been abused by her romantic partners including Aguirre throughout her adult life.

However, her aunt, Elizabeth Carranza, and her husband claim that she falsely portrays herself as a victim and that it was Fernandez who was abusive and controlling towards her romantic partners.

And, months before the death of Gabriel, she claimed she was frequently taking opioid painkillers in large doses.

Pearl Fernandez – Net Worth 2023

Talking about her earnings and net worth, no information is available to date. As she is in jail, she is even not working. So, she may not be earning any amount and just serving her life sentence in jail.

Relationship Status

Pearl Fernandez is obviously single at the moment as she is in jail serving a life sentence. Talking about her past relationships, she was in a relationship with Isauro Aguirre with whom she was torturing her child.

She was also in a relationship with Arnold Contreras who was the father of Gabriel Fernandez. Moreover, she has other three children from Arnold. All of her children are now living with her parents.

Pearl Fernandez

Caption: Pearl Fernandez with her then-boyfriend, Isauro Aguirre (Source: Decider)

Career and Professional Life

The information regarding Pearl Fernandez’s career and professional life is not available at the moment. She left the school and was not a good marks student as well.

So, she must have been working other jobs apart from studying. The exact job is unknown but she was definitely earning her living. We can also say that there is little to no information about her career life.

Pearl Fernandez

Caption: Pearl Fernandez when she was arrested (Source: Heavy)

Murder of Gabriel Fernandez

Pearl Fernandez and Arnold Contreras are the parents of Gabriel Fernandez. The couple has four children including Gabriel.

She was 23 when she was pregnant with Gabriel. Her aunt claimed that she didn’t want the pregnancy. So, when Gabriel was born she left him in the hospital.

At that time, Gabriel’s father Arnold was in jail. In the year 2005, Gabriel was sent to live with her parents and he was less than a year at that time.

Then, in the year 2012, she was given child custody of Gabriel, reportedly to gain welfare benefits. And, she got custody in spite of concerns from her family.

Her parents had been taking care of Gabriel and she was neglectful towards other children. Gabriel Fernandez then moved in with his mother and her boyfriend, Isauro Aguirre.

While in the house of her and Isauro Aguirre for six months, Gabriel was constantly abused as well as tortured. The abuse included being forced to eat cat litter and feces and forced to eat his own vomit.

He was daily beaten which caused broken bones, burned in various parts of the body, shot in various areas of the body including the face and groin with a BB gun, and forced to wear female clothing.

She and her boyfriend also forced her son to sleep bound and gagged in a small cupboard. They pepper-sprayed him, burns him with cigarettes, given cold baths, and forced him to eat spoiled or expired foods.

More About Murder

According to Gabriel’s siblings, while he was being abused, his mother and stepfather would laugh. Likewise, Aguirre reportedly abused the son because he believed he was homosexual. However, the abuse and torture did not extend to the siblings.

She called 9-1-1 to report that her child, Gabriel Fernandez, was not breathing on May 22, 2013. Gabriel had been fatally beaten by his mother and her boyfriend after failing to clean up his toys.

And, when the first responders arrived, they found Gabriel on the ground naked with several injuries. When the responders arrived, Aguirre explained to them that the son was “gay”, despite the information being irrelevant.

Moreover, the paramedics rushed him to the hospital where doctors declared him brain dead. Gabriel passed away two days later on May 24 at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

He died at the age of eight years. The official autopsy declared he passed away due to blunt force trauma that coincided with neglect as well as malnutrition.

Furthermore, at present, she is serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole. For the first-degree murder with special circumstances of torture at Central California Women’s Facility.

Pearl Fernandez

Caption: Pearl Fernandez in court (Source: South China Morning Post)

Mental Health

She was diagnosed with several mental health issues such as depressive disorder, developmental disability, a possible personality disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder as well.

In the year 2011, she took a cognitive ability test, scoring in the 3rd percentile in the verbal comprehension portion of the test.

This is on par with a typical 2nd-grade student. Likewise, the clinical psychologist Deborah S Miora stated that she is “virtually unable to use thoughts to guide her behavior and control her emotional reactions”.

Social Media

Pearl Fernandez doesn’t own any social media accounts. She is in jail and is not allowed to use any kind of electronic device. Which can connect her to any sort of social media platform.

Pearl Fernandez – Body Measurements

She has a height of 5 feet 4 inches and her weight is 55 Kg. Talking about her other body measurements such as her chest size, waist size, and hip size, are 38-25-36 inches respectively.

Moreover, she has black hair and dark brown eyes.