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Payton Myler

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Updated On September 22, 2022

Payton Myler is an American YouTube star, actress, martial artist, and gymnast. Payton Myler is a member of the popular YouTube channel ‘Ninja Kidz TV’ and regularly appears in their action skits, parodies, challenges, and other family-friendly content with her siblings.

Early Life

Payton Myler’s full birth name is Payton Delu Myler. She and her twin brother Paxton were born on September 6, 2008, in her birthplace, Draper, Utah, United States of America. Her current age is 13 years old.

Moreover, she also has siblings named Bryton and Ashton who are part of Ninja Kidz TV. She is a martial artist with a 1st-degree black belt and a level 8 gymnast as of June 2019.

Payton Myler

Payton Myler and her mother clicked a photo. Source: Instagram

Social Media

Her Instagram account ‘@payton_delu’ has earned more than 78.1k followers. Similarly, her self-titled YouTube channel has amassed over 2.97 million subscribers. And, the ‘Ninja Kidz TV’ YouTube channel has accumulated over 18.6 million subscribers.

Professional Life

Payton Myler’s journey to YouTube stardom began when she became a regular cast member of ‘Ninja Kidz TV’ alongside her twin brother. She and two other siblings.

Further, Ethan Fineshriber is also a member of the children’s action YouTube channel, which was created on February 9, 2017. Since then, she has appeared as Wonder Woman, Pink Power Ranger, Supergirl, Harley Quinn, etc. on that channel.

Their first video ‘POWER RANGERS MOVIE KIDZ TEASER!’ was posted on March 23, 2017. Their next video, titled ‘POWER RANGERS NINJA KIDZ! Episode 1’, is one of the most-watched videos on the channel.

Therefore, it was a parody of the ‘Power Rangers’ movie and starred Kim, an eight years old girl who receives the pink power coin.

Payton Myler

Payton Myler and other ninja kids posing. Source: Instagram

Further, in the ensuing months, ‘Ninja Kids TV’ produced videos on superheroes, fantasy characters, and Star Wars. The group also regularly posts pranks, challenges, and other family-friendly videos.

Therefore, the channel has grown so much that each of its uploads receives millions of views nowadays.

Some of the most popular videos on the channel are ‘BOYS vs GIRLS! Super Birthday Bash! Twin Ninja Kidz!’, ‘Sister vs Brother – Twin Gymnastics’, ‘Justice Kidz | Ninja Kidz TV’, ‘Gymnast vs Giant! Who is Stronger, Payton or the bodybuilder?’.

Likeiwise, others are ‘Paxton Smash! Team up with SuperHeroKids!’. Moreover, The Ninja Kids are very good friends with Kids Fun TV with Jazzy being one of her best friends.


She created her channel on May 6, 2018, and posted the first video ‘Payton’s First Video | Ninja Kidz TV highlights!’ on July 6, 2018. Therefore, monitored by her parents, the channel’s content has garnered a significant number of views.

Presently, each of her videos receives at least hundreds of thousands of views. Moreover, she publishes a wide range of content, including challenges, vlogs, and reactions, on her channel. On December 22, 2018, her first music video was released on the channel.

Likewise, her popularity has also expanded to other social media outlets like Instagram. Moreover, her oldest post, in which she can be seen performing different stunts, was published on the photo-sharing platform on August 10, 2018.

Payton Myler

Payton Myler in one of her YouTube videos. Source: YouTube

Brand Endorsements

Payton has either endorsed a number of products through her social media, including L.O.L. Surprise!, Rainbocorns, Peek A Boo Toys, 5 Surprise Mini Brands, Present Pets, Zuru Toys, and MATTEL.

Personal Life

Payton Myler is just a 13 y13-year-old. She is unknown about love and relationship matters. She has a single relationship ship status as of now. She would probably get a loving and caring boyfriend in the future.

She surely will attract many lovers with her talent, beauty, and uniqueness.

Body Measurements

Her body stats are sure to grow for some more years. However, she has a height of 4 feet 11 inches and weighs around 40 kilos as of now. Moreover, she walks in a shoe size of 4.5 (US). She has not disclosed any further details regarding her body measurements.

She has a healthy and flexible body status. She has a pair of blue eyes and she has silky blonde hair.

Payton Myler

Payton Myler showed her material art skills. Source: Instagram

Net Worth

This little and talented personality pockets a good amount of money through her early career. Payton Myler’s social media career is going just excellent and her popularity is increasing day by day. Moreover, she has a net worth of $1 million.

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