Óscar Morales

Óscar Morales

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Updated On November 26, 2021
Guadalajara, Mexico
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Guadalajara, Mexico

Óscar Morales is a famous social media personality. Óscar Morales is a famous YouTube Star who has amassed a huge fanbase.

Early Life

Óscar Morales was born on September 26, 1996, in Guadalajara, Mexico. He is currently 24 years old. His zodiac sign is Libra. Morales has not mentioned any information about his parents. Nevertheless, it seems like he had a joyful and wonderful childhood. Likewise, he has not disclosed any information about his education and qualifications. Looking at his achievements, he seems to be well educated.

Óscar Morales

Caption: Óscar Morales captured in a photograph with three generations of Morales’ family together. Source: Instagram

Career and Professional Life

Morales is a Mexican YouTuber known as the patriarch of the channel, ‘OKbaby’, which he co-runs with his partner. He represents the letter “O” in “OK” while his girlfriend Kyra Sivertson represents the “K.” The couple is notable for documenting their everyday lives as teen/young parents of small kids. Hence, they frequently feature themselves and their two kids in their vlogs.

Moreover, his YouTube channel has amassed 64.4k subscribers and has a total view of 502k. He joined YouTube on Jan 31, 2018. And, his girlfriend also has a YouTube account in which she posts about being a young mommy and posts beauty videos as well. She has 818k subscribers and has 84M of total views. Also, they have another channel named ‘OKbaby’ which has amassed 1.53M subscribers and has a total view of more than 492M.

More Details

He’d just turned 19 years old when he became a father. He left his job five months after the arrival of his son. Even though Morales became a father for the first time when he was a teenager, he is mature enough to fulfill his responsibilities towards his family in an effective manner. However, he knows what it takes to be a great dad, and encourages all young fathers who are struggling with family responsibilities. He currently is working as a freelance blogger, he is happy being on social media.

Óscar Morales

Caption: Óscar Morales captured while skydiving in August 2018. Source: Instagram

Oscar along with his girlfriend Kyra Sivertson launched the channel ‘OKbaby’ on May 2, 2015. The couple’s first vlog was a tag video called ‘1-2-3 Couples Tag’. This was followed by another personal video titled ‘13 week pregnancy update.’ In this video, Morales and his sweetheart shared information about the prenatal pills that Kyra had to take while being pregnant.

Hence, on October 20, 2015, the duo shared the birth vlog of their son, Levi, under the title ‘Teen Mom Emergency C-Section’. This video was watched by thousands of people within a week of its release. Now it has around 4 million views, this birth vlog is a must-watch for all expectant mothers. Hence, a number of vlogs showcasing the couple’s daily life as teen parents followed this video.

However, on August 17, 2016, Morales and his girlfriend announced the news of their second pregnancy. In the ensuing months, they shared more details about her pregnancy and posted the birth vlog of their second baby soon after she was born. Since then, the two have been documenting the lives of both of their kids. Therefore, on Aug 21, 2020, they made a video titled ‘Gender Reveal For Our Last Baby’. They are expecting the fourth child soon.

Personal Life

Oscar is very open with his relationship. He is married to a girl named Kyra Sivertson. They have three kids and are currently expecting their fourth child together. Their children’s names are Levi, Alaya, and Averie. Hence, this amazing couple loves to make various videos with their children.

The couple never fails to shower love to each other on their social media. Therefore, their profiles are filled with cute couple pictures, and their accounts are filled with cute family pictures having fun together. Moreover, they all are living the best and joyful life altogether.

Óscar Morales

Caption: Oscar enjoying with family. Source: Instagram

Body Measurements

Oscar has not disclosed any personal information regarding his body measurements. However, his height is 5 feet 10 inches and his weight is still unknown. Likewise, he has a fit body. He surely goes to a gym and maintains his workout routines and diet plans. Moreover, he has beautiful 6 pack abs.

Social Media and Net Worth

Oscar has amassed a lot of fans through his social media. He is very popular on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. More precisely, Oscar has 64.4k subscribers on his YouTube channel. And, on Twitter, he goes by @0scaremorales and has over 37.5k followers. Likewise, he has 168k followers on his @0scaremorales Instagram account.

Talking about his net worth, no information is available. However, he might earn a decent amount of money through YouTube videos, Instagram posts, collaborations, partnerships, etc.