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Updated On January 17, 2023

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Ollie Ball is a prominent American Tiktok star and social media influencer. Ollie Ball has been on social media since April of this year. He is well-known on social media for his witty content and sense of humor. His catchy commentaries are also well-known among his followers.

Early Life and Education

Ollie Ball was born in England on January 31, 2005, according to Starsgab. In the year 2022, he turned 17 years old. He was raised by a loving father and a compassionate mother.

Ollie was also influenced by his father’s sense of humor and followed in his footsteps.

He once referred to his father as his “Biggest Comedy Inspiration” in an interview. During his youth, Ollie was involved in dancing.

On March 4, 2021, he posted an image of himself as a boy on Instagram. Ollie is a Bolton native. He was born in the United Kingdom and is a British citizen.

He, though, comes from a mixed-racial group and is a Christian.

In terms of his schooling, he completed High School in 2021. He is currently preparing to enroll at the University of Sheffield in September 2021 to further his education.

Ollie Ball – Net Worth 2023

When it comes to his earnings, he makes a good living from his social media work. Ollie Ball’s net worth is estimated to be between $300,000 and $600,000, according to some online outlets.

Similarly, he has endorsed several companies, including Sweetie Tooth. In addition, he has worked with Teemill. T-shirts and hoodies for his mech cost about $20. He is now enjoying the high life.

Social Media

Ollie is a well-known figure on social media. He has 78.4K followers on Twitter. Similarly, his @ollieball12 TikTok account has 1.5 million likes and 10 million overall likes.

His original TikTok, on the other hand, was blocked. As a result, he created a new account called @ollie ball the wall, which has 340.7K followers and 1.4M likes

Brand Endorsements

Additionally, he sells T-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts produced from certified organic cotton to clients, which enables him to run a profitable business.

He may also act as a brand ambassador for a few companies and promote their products on his social networking sites as he is a social media influencer.

Career and Professional Life

Ollie is mostly a Tiktok celebrity. Ollie Ball rose to prominence as a result of his exclusive TikTok videos with a wide range of content.

Since April 2017, he has been involved in social media. On social media, he is also known for his quirky posts and sense of humor.

He also has a YouTube channel that he and his collaborators started on March 10, 2014. Jacob Pasquill, a neighbor, assists him in running the YouTube website. In the Youtube world, they’re regarded as a fantastic couple.

His YouTube videos are very appealing and intriguing. Every video on his channel has been viewed by tens of thousands of people. He joined Twitter in June 2020 and has amassed a following of 78.4K people.

He will undoubtedly grow more in the future. Ollie has since made significant contributions to social media sites.

Relationship Status

There is little detail about his romantic life. When it comes to discussing his personal life, Ollie is tight-lipped. For the time being, he seems to be alone. He is now focused on his job and putting in long hours.

In addition, he has never kissed anybody before. As a result, we should assume that he is neither married nor in a relationship. I hope he discovers his true love eventually. However, as of 2022, he is single.

Ollie Ball – Body Measurements

Ollie is a charming and charismatic young man with a lot of attitudes. She is 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs about 68 kilograms. His eyes are light brown and his hair is blonde.

He’s also admired for the freckles on his nose and lean figure. However, little is known about his body measurements, dress size, or shoe size.