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Updated On September 28, 2023
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Olivia Lagina

Olivia Lagina who is also recognized as M Olivia Lagina is an American personality. Olivia Lagina came into the spotlight after she became the wife of the American businessman, Marty Lagina.

Early Life and Education

Olivia Lagina was born and raised in Traverse, Michigan, USA. M Olivia holds American nationality. Moreover, she finished her primary schooling at Ewing High School in Michigan.

Later, he attended Rutgers College. She together with her husband has been very secretive about their personal matters. It is the main reason for their limited information on the internet.

Relationship Status

Olivia Lagina has been in a marital relationship with her husband, Marty Lagina for a long time now. Her husband is a popular American personality who was present in “The Curse of Oakland”.

Both of them are professional engineers who were working together in their company “Terra Energy” for many years.

Together the couple has two kids and they are Alex Lagina and Maddie Lagina. Both of them are also very successful in their career.

Moreover, there is no information about the couple’s previous relationships with others.

Moreover, their son, Alex Lagina is also a reality TV star who was also present in “The Curse of Oakland” along with his father and uncle, Rick Lagina.

Also, he got the main role in promoting the growth of his vineyards and the current winery in Traverse City, Michigan, on the Old Mission Peninsula.

Similarly, the couple’s daughter, Maddie Lagina often uploads images of their family on Twitter.

The whole family is currently living a good and peaceful life together. There are no rumors related to her divorce and more.

Olivia Lagina

Caption: Olivia Lagina with her family (Source: Celebs Fortune)

Career and Professional Life

Olivia Lagina previously was working as a geological engineer at Wiser Oil Co. of Michigan. Also, there is no more information regarding her professional life and career.

As of now, she is residing in her hometown taking care of her husband and two kids. It means she is a housemaker.

Now coming to her husband’s career, Marty Lagina was always a part of the Michigan Tech Board of Trustees and also the Michigan Tech Presidents Club.

He began his career working as a petroleum engineer for Amoco Production Company.

In the late 1970s, Marty was a free-spirit petroleum engineer who was into discussing engineering for a number of Michigan corporations when he was in law school.

Moreover, Marty formed Terra Energy Ltd. which is an oil and gas survey and production company in the year 1982.

Terra Energy was the designer and he even carried out various technical facilities. It also helped Antrim Shale gas to be a commercially workable main resource in the State of Michigan.

In the year 1995, Terra Energy was traded to CMS Energy when Terra was the biggest entrepreneur of gas wells in Michigan.

Terra eventually grew over $3 billion in oil and natural gas resources.

After he’d sold Terra to CMS Energy for $58 million—Lagina turned his attention to the wind. “Heritage Sustainable Energy” his new company was planning the biggest wind-energy areas in Michigan.

More about her husband’s career

Marty was looking at every fundamental feature of Heritage’s wind energy business.

Also, he is a former chairman of the Michigan Oil and Gas Association and was recruited by Governor Granholm for the Great Lakes Wind Council.

Marty is a reported pro engineer in the State of Michigan and a part of the State Bar. In addition, the Marty Lagina brothers didn’t start to form a reality television show.

His brother found the classic story of buried treasure in a 1965 copy of Reader’s Digest he had looked from the school library when he was a kid.

According to an article, a century’s valuable treasure hunters had attempted and got wrong to dig a mysterious depression on Oak Island which had a rumor to be hiding things of great consequences.

After reading the story, Marty remembers they’d play out various versions of their own Oak Island mysteries.

When the Lagina brothers were young adults, they found themselves still talking it at holiday family meetings.

It eventually happened to purchase the island and feature in its own reality television show, now in its eighth season on the History Channel.

Additionally, Marty Lagina and his family formed Mari Vineyard in the year 1999 in Traverse City, Michigan.

It was given a name after his Italian grandmother. Also, it promotes a bordered tower atop the walls of the Upper Peninsula dolomitic limestone.

Olivia Lagina – Net Worth 2023

Olivia Lagina must have earned a good amount of money from her previous profession as an engineer. However, there is no exact information about her previous as well as her present career.

Likewise, she has earned a net worth of between $1 million and $5 million as of 2022. On the other hand, her husband’s net worth is around $100 million as of 2022.

Marty Lagina has been earning a stunning net worth from his career as a talented reality TV star.

In addition, he earns around $500,000 every month from his business journey and factories. He also had a profession as a petroleum engineer at Amoco Production Company before his TV personality career.

However, after doing his business for thirteen years, he sold the company to CMS Energy for $58 million. As of now, the couple must be living a good and luxurious life together with their children.

Body Measurements

Talking about the celebrity wife’s body measurement, she has an average height with a suitable body weight as well. Olivia has a fair complexion.

Similarly, she has beautiful blue eyes with white hair. Previously, she had originally blonde hair.

Furthermore, details about her body measurement, dress size, and shoe size is not available for now. Also, she has an average body type and a healthy body.

Olivia Lagina – Social Media

Coming to the social media part, she is quite active there. She only has a Facebook account with a limited number of friends. Like her, her husband is also quite active on social media platforms.

Also, the couple has been tightening their lips when it comes to their personal life. Moreover, her daughter often uploads images of her and her family on her social media accounts.