Olivia Farnsworth - Updated Dec 2023

Updated On September 28, 2023
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Olivia Farnsworth

Olivia Farnsworth is the only person in the world to have all three symptoms of chromosome 6p deletion.

Early Life

Olivia Farnsworth has not disclosed any information regarding her private life. Her exact date of birth is unknown.

Her age is 12 years old. Olivia’s horoscope is Capricorn. Olivia’s mother’s name is Niki Trepak and her father’s name is not known.

Moreover, this personality has siblings, two brothers, and two sisters. But their names and professions are unavailable.

Olivia Farnsworth

Caption: Olivia Farnsworth with her mom. Source: Medium

Olivia Farnsworth – Her Health issues

Olivia Farnsworth health condition has gained attention all over the world. She got all this attention as her unique condition is called superhuman abilities.

Moreover, the doctors have named her “Bionic Girl” as she does not feel any pain. This personality’s mother revealed that Olivia does not feel the need to eat or sleep.

Furthermore, Olivia shows lesser emotions in comparison to other children. Olivia’s mother said that the signs of her condition began when she was only a few months old.

Her mother also mentioned that she had always thought it was so weird of Olivia because she rarely cried like a child.

Moreover, her mother used to tell her Olivia had superpowers and never felt pain. However, Nikki could never believe this would be true.

Olivia Farnsworth got into a terrible accident in 2016 when she was out with her mother. Moreover, a car hit Olivia and dragged her for 100 feet on the road. When the car stopped, Olivia got up and went toward her mother.

Olivia felt no pain at all. Getting Olivia to eat properly is also a big challenge for her mother because she is never hungry. According to her mother, she lived on a butter sandwich for almost a year.

More about her health issues

Further, in this whole world, there are only 100 people with a ‘6p’ chromosome disorder in the global database.

However, Olivia is the only person with all three symptoms of no pain, sleep, and hunger. Nowadays, Olivia is living a pretty normal life.

She is eating not because of hunger but because her mother always ensures that Olivia never skips her meals and consumes the calories needed for her body. Further, Olivia is taking sleeping pills and sleeps 6 hours a day.

In addition, the doctors take weekly medical examinations to check that she has no injuries or illnesses.

Relationship Status

Olivia has kept most of her personal information away from the media. Therefore, she lives a private life. The information regarding her relationship is unknown.

However, this personality may not be interested in her love life as she is still a kid.

Olivia Farnsworth – Body Measurements

Olivia Farnsworth is a young, smart, and pretty girl with a dashing and charming personality. She owns an average body build-up with attractive body measurements.

The exact sizes of her body are unknown. Moreover, her height and weight both are unavailable on the public media. Olivia has kept her information completely private.

Olivia Farnsworth – Social Media

Talking about her social media, Olivia Farnsworth is don’t use any social media and enjoys her life to the fullest.

Therefore, rather than being involved in any professional work and earning a sum of money, Olivia is busy with her studies.

Net Worth

Olivia Farnsworth hasn’t disclosed her earnings and net worth.