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Oliver North

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Updated On September 27, 2022
San Antonio, Texas, USA
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Oliver North is an American Journalist. Oliver North is a Republican political correspondent and former United States Marine Corps Lieutenant known for his National Security Council involvement in the Iran-Contra Affair. He also worked as a correspondent with the Fox News Channel and has run for United States Senate as well.

Birth Facts and Education

Oliver North was born on October 7, 1943, in San Antonio, Texas, USA. He is 78 years old and is under the zodiac sign, Libra. He holds American nationality and his full name is Oliver Laurence North.

His mother’s name is Ann Theresa and his father’s name is Oliver Clay North. Oliver’s father is a U.S. Army major. He has three siblings and their names are John Jack North, Patricia Ann North, and Timothy North. Oliver North is pretty close to his parents as well as his siblings and they love each other. Likewise, he is even close to his paternal as well as maternal grandparents and often does visit them.

Regarding Oliver’s educational background and qualifications, he graduated from the Ockawamick High School in the year 1961. Later, he attended the State University of New York at Brockport, New York, for two years. He also attended the United States Marine Corps Platoon Leaders Class for a summer. This class was held at the Marine Corps Base Quantico in Virginia.

Likewise, in the year 1963, Oliver North was appointed to the United States Naval Academy. And, in the year 1981, he graduated from the Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island, where he had taken a ‘Command and Staff Course’.

Career and Professional Life

Oliver North was appointed as a second lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps in the year 1968. And, he was posted as a platoon commander during the Vietnam War. He was able to become an instructor in Quantico, Virginia, at the United States Marine Corps, The Basic School. It was a training school that intended to teach the various prerequisites needed to become an Officer of Marines. In the year 1970, Oliver North went to the South of Vietnam as one of the witnesses of the trial of Corporal Randy Herrod. Herrod is a U.S Marine which was previously under his commandment, was accused of mass killing Vietnamese citizens.

Oliver North was able to receive a promotion as Captain in the year 1971 and began serving as the commanding officer of the U.S Marine Corps in the Northern Training Area in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. After completing his duty in Japan, he was commissioned to work at the Marine Corps Headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, USA, for another four years. Subsequently, after being promoted as a major, Oliver North was able to serve as an operations officer in the 3rd Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment.

In the year 1981, Oliver North became the deputy director for political-military affairs in the National Security Council in Washington, D.C. And, after the next three years, he was able to become a lieutenant colonel. When he was the deputy director for political-military affairs in the National Security Council, Oliver was able to lead the operation of the “1983 Beirut barracks bombing” case. However, this bombing resulted in the loss of 299 military personnel, both American and French.

More About Career

Oliver North was part of the “Operation Urgent Fury” during his tenure with the National Security Council, which was the 1983 invasion of Grenada, located in the Caribbean Islands. He was the one who planned the bombing of Libya. He then was able to implicate in the Iran–Contra affair. This affair involved the sale of arms to Iran in exchange for U.S. hostages and this was to covertly aid Contra guerrillas in Nicaragua.

He officially resigned from the Marine Corps commission in the year 1988. Likewise, Oliver was on duty at the Headquarters Marine Corps in Arlington, Virginia, during his trial period in the last two years. And, in year 1989, he was guilty of 12 charges in the Iran–Contra affair as well as granted a suspended jail sentence of three years. He received a fine of a sum of $150K. Moreover, in the year 1990, three of the charged convictions dropped.

And, then the following year, he was able to relive off the charges that were put against him, after it was found that the witnesses were impermissibly affected due to his “immunized congressional testimony”. Later on, Oliver North came out with the book titled, “Under Fire: An American Story”. And, in the same year, he was also on the first season of the syndicated talk show, ‘The Jerry Springer Show’ and the sitcom, ‘Wings’.

Oliver North

Caption: Oliver North during the Intra-Contra Affair (Source: Gena Vazquez)

Other works

Oliver North was able to stand for the United States Senate as the Republican Party candidate in Virginia in the year 1994. However, the run was not a successful one as he lost to Democrat candidate Charles Robb. And after that, he began hosting the nationally syndicated radio show, ‘Oliver North Radio Show or Common Sense Radio’. Likewise, from the year 2001, Oliver also began hosting the Fox News military history show, “War Stories with Oliver North”. He even was able to appear as a commentator on the TV show, “Hannity” and was on the drama show, ‘JAG’.

Moreover, later on, Oliver North also received credit as the military consultant for the shooter video game, “Call of Duty: Black Ops II”. Also, starred on an episode of the reality show, ‘Auction Kings’. Oliver North started his term as president in September of the year 2018. After that, he also became involved in National Rifle Association.

Awards and Achievements

Oliver North received two Purple Heart medals and are a Silver Star and a Bronze Star Medal. He received these awards for his service during the Vietnam War. Likewise, he also is a recipient of the ‘Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal’, ‘National Defense Service Medal’, ‘Navy Meritorious Unit Commendation’ as well as ‘Meritorious Service Medal’.

Relationship Status

Oliver North is the husband of Betsy Stuart. They tied the knot on November 13, 1968. The couple has four children and their names are Tait North, Sarah North, Dornin Ann North, and Stuart North. Their daughter Dornin tied the knot with Peyton Randolph Tochterman in the year 2013. Likewise, Oliver and Betsy’s relation began from a very strange blind date.

Betsy used to work in a departmental store in Washington DC. While she was working in the store she met Oliver’s cousin and the cousin was the one who arranged for the blind date of Betsy and Oliver. The couple was in a relationship for around seven months before they married.

Oliver North

Caption: Oliver North with his wife, Betsy Stuart (Source: Wagcenter)

Body Measurements

The body measurements of Oliver North such as his height, weight, chest size, waist size, hip size, bicep size, and any other sizes are not available as of now. And, all of these body measurements of North are still under review. Moreover, Oliver has white hair as he is old now and has green eyes.

Oliver North

Caption: Oliver North posing for a picture (Source: Twitter)

Social Media and Net Worth

Oliver North is pretty active on all of his social accounts. He owns a Twitter account under the name “OliverLNorth” and his account is verified as well. He has garnered 39.3K followers until now. Likewise, Oliver also owns a Facebook account which is a verified account as well. He has mustered 506.3K followers on it to date.

According to celebrity net worth, Oliver North has a net worth of $5 million and he has many income sources.

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