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Updated On December 31, 2022

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heOlaf is a cartoon character from Disney’s animation movie “Frozen” of the year 2013 and its continuation in the year 2019. The animation character has a kind heart and is a fun snowman that fascinates Else’s life. Olaf has an amazing ability to rebuild his body and loves summer and warm hugs even if he has snow body parts.


In the previous versions of the film, Olaf was expected to become the 1st guard of Elsa’s palace when the opinion of Elsa managing a regiment of threatening snowmen was still present in the story. Chris Buck was comparing that version of his character to an experiment of someone’s 1st pancake where the cook throws the pancake he realizes that the pancake was burnt on the bottom. According to Jennifer Lee, Olaf was sarcastic and frequently occurs like evil as his attitude is greatly opposite from what he is in the final project.

This took Jennifer Lee to give an idea to the moviemakers to recreate the whole character. Then, Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee were thinking to make Olaf very innocent like a kid. They made it feel like a kid building a snowman for the 1st time where the head was not perfect and the body is inordinate. Olaf needs to be a reasonable character in the movie. So, Jennifer Lee gave him a purpose that he is the representation of the love between Elsa and Anna.


Caption: Olaf together with Elsa and Anna (Source: Pinterest)

Olaf – Behavior

As mentioned before, he has an optimistic, very kind, and outgoing personality. he is the living representative of Anna and Elsa’s relationship and their youth memory. He has a childlike behavior that surfaced with the girls at the time of their last days together and their imposed separation. Even though he  is childlike, however deep inside he is intelligent, innocent, and unsophisticated for his good sometimes. However, his impregnate habit and loyalty to the 2 sisters does an instrumental character in reawakening their shattered relationship. The conditions of his creation even led to the snowman bearing features and attributes both sisters give off.

Similar to Elsa, Olaf is unselfish, frequently keeping himself at risk for the objective of those he cares about Anna. They even immediately hug each other on every 1st meeting. Similar to the younger sister, Olaf remains calm in every terrible condition and also encourages everyone at the time of scary and bad times. In addition, he has a weird taste for summer. It could be just because the young Elsa created him as a snowman who will love warm hugs. According to Olaf, he sometimes imagines what summer would turn out to be for a snowman and does not think about its effect on himself.


Caption: Olaf showing his fun and happy behavior (Source: Looper)


Besides all this, Olaf also includes an intelligent side. It can be clear at the time of his being with Anna in the 3rd act. At that time, Olaf teaches Anna about true love, saying that it is the act of keeping someone’s needs before your own. Then, at the time when Anna has to sacrifice herself for Elsa, shattering the icy curse, Olaf was the one to realize Anna’s sacrifice which was an action of Anna of true love for her sister and also for the kingdom. Moreover, Olaf is also unaware and insensible, as he was quite doubtful about the jokes at first.

At the time when Olaf was thinking they were minimal rocks, also out of love, spurring Anna to skip, and trusting Kristoff was an illusion and possibly dangerous. Olaf is also susceptible to being significantly sassy comments in various scenes. The most remarkable example possibly is his jab at Kristoff, naming the mountain man a “funky-looking donkey” on their 1st meet. Therefore, because of his innocence, Olaf doubtlessly makes such comments without any recognition of the impertinence. In other words, Olaf is very straightforward, speaking anything which is in his mind and giving a real thought.

Olaf – Body Appearance

Regarding the character’s appearance, Olaf has a small height and consists of 3 balls of snow or 5, if two of them count which is his legs. And the most interesting part is that Olaf has an amazing ability to rebuild his appearance whenever he wants. Likewise, there are 3 black rocks which are the buttons on his body. Also, one on his midsection, and the other 2 on his back. Underside Olaf’s back is 2 stubs of snow that works as his legs or feet which even helps him to move around. Also, Olaf has 2 stick arms and 3 twigs on his head that look like small strands of hair. Each arm of Olaf has 4 fingers.

His head takes up a 3rd of his body and is oval together with a stretched face. Also, the snow on the top of his mouth was reviewed as a bucktooth. Between his eyes and mouth, there is a carrot which is his nose. At the time when Olaf was not an animation, his eyes were all made up of stones. But after he is all animation, his eyes look real and have black pupils. Olaf even has eyebrows above his eyes. Olaf’s body parts have the ability of autonomy. It means he can rebuild his body parts even after they separate from each other. It means the separation of his body parts does not harm him at all.

Social Media

Being an animated character and not a real thing like a human, hecan’t have his social media accounts. However, there are also no of Olaf’s social media accounts that any other people could manage. But there are various fan pages for Olaf. Olaf has made his prominent appearance in everyone’s heart of his very adorable and loving image in front of everyone. Moreover, the animated character is very famous everywhere as it has been presented in various movies.

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