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Nathan Sutherland

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Updated On June 15, 2022
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Nathan Sutherland is a Nurse and also a controversial personality who hails from Phoenix, Arizona. Previously, Nathan Sutherland served as a nurse to take care of various victims at Hacienda Healthcare Facility.

Early Life and Childhood

Nathan Sutherland was born in the year 1982, in Haiti, the Island of Hispaniola. The nurse Sutherland’s age is Forty years old as of 2022. Sutherland is a Haitian orphan who was adopted by his American parents. His American parents brought him to the United States in the year 1989. In the year 2011, Sutherland became a naturalized native. So, Nathan Sutherland is an American citizen and is of multiracial ethnicity. Nathan also has been following the Christian religion. Also, Nathan has a brother and his name is Kirk Bondad.

Sadly, there is no information regarding Nathan Sutherland’s parents. As for the nurse’s educational background, it is for sure that Nathan is a high school graduate. Other than this there are no further details since the controversial personality has been very secretive about his private life. Nathan’s attorney, Dave Gregan told that he was staying in Arizona from the year 1993. Also, Court records display that he was residing in Gilbert preceding his arrest.

Nathan Sutherland

Caption: Nathan Sutherland when he was a kid (Source: 12News)


Other than Nathan’s career, the nurse loves listening to various different music and also singing as well. It is quite hard for Nathan Sutherland to get some alone time apart from his professional time. Nathan Sutherland’s favorite dish is Italian Cuisines and his dream holiday destination is Paris. Similarly, Nathan Sutherland’s favorite color is Blue.

Since the American nurse loves watching movies as well, so his favorite celebrities are the actor, Vin Diesel, and the actress, Jennifer Lopez. In addition, the nurse always goes for tours on the local churches in order to perform Christian rap songs. Nathan Sutherland even has performed in the band, “SLEEPLESSOULJAZ” together with his sister.

Career and Professional Life

The American nurse turned out to be a certified practical nurse from the year 2011. At that time, Nathan Sutherland had every qualification fulfilled to be an excellent nurse. Before this, Nathan Sutherland got the position of becoming a clinical nursing assistant in the year 2005. As mentioned earlier, Nathan Sutherland was a nurse serving for the Hacienda Healthcare Facility. Nathan Sutherland’s work was to take care of the patients she was assigned to. The American nurse was doing well until one day he got into an incident that changed his whole life.

Also, it was not due to Nathan Sutherland’s profession which made him popular all over the nation. But it was due to the controversial matter where Nathan Sutherland ended up being involved. After this terrible incident, the CEO of Hacienda Heal Care whose name is William Timmons resigned on 31st December 2018. The doctor who was taking care of the patient was fired together with Nathan Sutherland. In fact, Nathan Sutherland was immediately fired from the hospital after he got arrested.

Net Worth

Nathan Sutherland was earning a decent amount of money before getting arrested and being inside the jail. In 2018, the net worth of Nathan Sutherland was around $50 thousand. Before being arrested as well, Nathan Sutherland was residing in Phoenix, Arizona, USA together with his wife and children. Other than this, there is no further information regarding his salary and assets. But it is for sure that Sutherland is from a middle-class family and is not rich.

Relationship Status

Nathan Sutherland has been married for once to Bridget Sutherland. Sadly, Nathan and his wife, Bridget got separated and eventually divorced each other after being in a good marital life for some years. Together, Nathan and Bridget have four children. The couple’s divorce was finalized on 28th December 2018. In fact, the couple divorced each other right after twenty-four hours after the victim gave birth to their baby. However, there is no further information regarding Nathan’s other relationships and his past marital relationship as well.

Nathan Sutherland

Caption: Nathan Sutherland with his ex-wife (Source: Daily Mail)


As mentioned before, some of the controversies were surrounding the nurse previously. One of the controversial matters is being alleged of sexually assaulting a defenseless twenty-nine years old patient. In another word, Nathan Sutherland who was thirty-six at that time raped the twenty-nine years old quadriplegic patient. The patient obviously was under his care and attention. However, the patient after some time gave birth to a strong boy on 29th December 2018.

This all happened after the patient turning to be in a vegetative condition at the hospital for nearly twenty-six years. It was in the year 1992 when Nathan Sutherland was nearly drowning. Also, at that time, the American nurse was very young. Moreover, the authorities tested for Nathan Sutherland’s DNA after the police caught him. Together with Nathan, all the men of that hospital were going to take their DNA test. As the result of the test, it was out that Nathan Sutherland was the father of his patient’s baby.

Currently, the child is raising at the house of the patient’s family. Together with this, Nathan Sutherland is completing his sentence and a charge for his bad and abusive behavior. Nathan Sutherland was sentencing to Maricopa Country Prison. Then, the nurse was present on 30th January 2019 on the court which was his second time. The authorities of the hospital even were claiming that they were not aware of the victim’s pregnancy until her labor was happening.

Nathan Sutherland

Caption: Nathan Sutherland in the court (Source: 12News)

Body Measurement

As from the body measurements of the nurse, he has a good height of 5 feet 8 inches or else 174 cm or 1.74 m. Nathan Sutherland has a suitable bodyweight of around 80 kg or 176 lbs. Similarly, Nathan Sutherland’s chest size is 42 inches and his waist size is 32 inches. The size of Nathan Sutherland’s hips is 37 inches and his biceps size is 16 inches.

Nathan Sutherland has been wearing a shoe size of 8 (US) and he has a fit and suitable body type. In addition to that, the American nurse has a dark complexion with a pair of dark brown eyes and dark brown hair.

Social Media

Regarding the nurse’s presence on the social media platforms, Nathan Sutherland has never been active there. Nathan Sutherland neither has an Instagram account nor a Facebook page, and neither a Twitter account. In fact, Nathan became a popular personality due to several rumors and controversies related to him. Other than this, there are no more details regarding Nathan Sutherland’s personal as well as his professional life. Moreover, there are just a few images of him on the internet as well.

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