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Updated On September 7, 2023
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Natalia Amozurrutia

Natalia Amozurrutia is an American city in the United States of America. Natalia Amozurrutia is famous as the mother of Adalia Rose. Adalia Rose is an Instagram Influencer, YouTube content creator, and Social Media Star from Round Rock, Texas, US.

Early Life

Natalia Amozurrutia’s exact birth date is not available at the moment. Natalia Amozurrutia was born in the United States of America. She currently resides in Austin, Texas and we can assume Natalia was raised there.

Besides that, there is no more information regarding Natalia’s birthplace, ethnicity, parents, siblings, and early childhood life. Looking at Natalia’s age and success, we can assume that she was well raised by her parents in her hometown as a child.

Natalia Amozurrutia

Caption: Natalia Amozurrutia posing with her daughter Adalia Rose (Source: Instagram)

Talking about Natalia’s academic qualifications, there is not much detailed information regarding her educational life. Moreover, looking at Natalia’s age, we can assume that she studied at the well-known University in her hometown.

Social media

Natalia and her husband Ryan have a joint Instagram account, Facebook page, and YouTube channel. Their Instagram account @pallantetribe has over 57K followers. On Facebook, they have 80652 followers and over 1.41K subscribers on YouTube

Professional life

There is no information about Natalia’s current professional career. However, Natalia’s daughter Adalia Rose makes YouTube videos so we can assume that she helps her daughter in her work. Natalia is famous around the world as the mother of Adalia Rose.

Adalia Rose is a social media star who is infected with a rare genetic disorder called progeria which causes accelerated aging. Natalia set up a website and a page on Facebook to help her family keep a track of Adalia’s progress.

Despite knowing that she may not be able to live for long she enjoys every moment of her life. Adalia has created many videos which prove she doesn’t think about her conditions and enjoys life to its fullest.

Moreover, the video not only made Adalia famous and also brought many people to help her with situations from which recovery is almost impossible.

Adalia Rose is infected by a very rare disease and very few children suffer from it. She caught the attention of people on social media and the internet when her condition first came to light.

Moreover, children suffering from progeria are born healthy and remain so for the first 10 to 24 months of their life. However, after this, they start to show signs of aging at a fast rate.

They take the appearance of an old person soon. Adalia did not stop herself from being vocal about her disease.

Adalia loves her family and shows people through the videos how she enjoys being with her family. Furthermore, Adalia also appeared in videos promoting the cause of finding a cure for this disease.

Adalia has over 366K followers on Instagram and 12 million followers on Facebook. Moreover, Adalia has over 2.75 million subscribers in her self-titled YouTube channel.


Talking about Natalia’s awards and nominations, she hasn’t won all of them so far. Moreover, looking at Natalia’s success and fan following, we can presume that she will certainly earn some of them in the coming years.

Natalia Amozurrutia – Net Worth 2023

There is no information about Natalia’s sources of income and salary. Their estimated net worth of Natalia is not available at the moment.

Relationship Status

Natalia Amozurrutia

Caption: Natalia Amozurrutia with her husband Ryan and their children (Source: Instagram)

Natalia Amozurrutia married Ryan Pallante but their marriage date is unavailable. Ryan and Natalia have 3 children throughout their marriage. Natalia has a daughter named Adalia Rose from her previous marriage.

However, there is no information about Natalia’s previous relationship. She has three sons named Niko, Emiliano, and Marcelo with Ryan. Although her sons are healthy, Natalia’s daughter Adalia suffered from a very rare disease called progeria.

Talking about Natalia’s rumors and controversy, she’s not a part of them until now. Besides that, Natalia is focusing on her personal and professional life. Moreover, Natalia likes to keep a distance from the rumors and controversy.

Natalia Amozurrutia – Body Measurement

There is not any information about Amozurrutia’s body measurements. However, through her pictures, we can assume Natalia has black hair and black eyes. Besides that, there is no further information about Natalia’s body measurements.

Natalia Amozurrutia

Caption: Natalia Amozurrutia body measurement (Source: Instagram)