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Updated On February 12, 2024
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Tokyo, Japan
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Tokyo, Japan

Nako Yabuki

Nako Yabuki is a well-known actress and singer from Japan. Nako Yabuki gained popularity through her participation in the reality show “Produce 48,” leading to her debut in the internationally recognized girl group Iz*One.

Early Life and Childhood

Nako Yabuki, an actress, was born in Tokyo, Japan on June 18, 2001. She’s currently 22 years old. Her full name is Nako Yabuki, and her nickname is unknown.

The details about her siblings, mother, and father are not publicly available on any websites, and she has not disclosed this information in her interviews. She is one of today’s most successful people in her field due to the encouragement and support she received from her family.

Nako likely filled her childhood with playing with friends, practicing her skills, and dreaming of becoming an actress. Her passion for acting led her to participate in academics. She is Japanese by nationality and her zodiac sign is Gemini. However, her religion is unknown as well and her ethnicity is unknown.

Nako Yabuki – Education

There is no information available about the specific college and school Nako attended. Moreover, there are no details regarding her interactions with professors and friends, her favorite subjects, and her academic interests.

It’s possible that in the future, she might share more about her educational background during that time. If she does, we’ll make sure to update that information here.

Career and Professional Life

She entered the entertainment industry as a Japanese actress and former singer, first gaining recognition through her involvement in the renowned Japanese idol girl groups HKT48 and AKB48. Her entry into the limelight began after she joined HKT48 in November 2013, later becoming a concurrent member of AKB48 between 2015 and 2017.

She entered into the world of acting with her film debut in 2005, portraying the character of young Minami Asakura in “Touch.” Following this, she appeared in various television commercials and TV films, including roles in “JCB,” “Dainichi,” “Detective Samonji Susumu,” and “My Father’s Longest Day.” We can see her in Koala’s March commercials and appearances in short films like “On the Shinhori River” in 2012 and the tokusatsu superhero film “Gatchaman” in 2013.

She started in the music industry by joining HKT48 because she admired Rino Sashihara. She became an official member in 2013, starting her journey as a professional singer.

But things changed when she joined “Produce 48,” a big show in South Korea in 2018. Her amazing skills got her sixth place, and that’s when she became part of the famous group Iz*One, making her known internationally.

After Iz*One ended in 2021, she went back to HKT48, but in 2022, something important happened. During the group’s 11th anniversary concert, she said she would be leaving. This was a big moment for her career.

She decided to focus on acting and started doing TV shows like “The Mukoda Barber Shop,” “Numaru. Minato-ku Joshikosei,” and “Convenience Store Heroes.”Also, she got into hosting shows like “Produce 101 Japan The Girls” and “The Idol Band: Boy’s Battle.” At the same time, since 2016, she’s been modeling exclusively for Love Berry magazine.

Nako Yabuki singing her song (Source Instagram)

Caption: Nako Yabuki singing her song (Source Instagram)

Nako Yabuki – Brand Endorsements

There is no other publicly available information indicating that Yabuki has engaged in any brand or commercial endorsements. In the future, sponsors and brands might approach her for sponsorships and partnerships.

However, there is limited public information about any brand endorsement deals in which she may have participated. Suppose we get any information related to this topic, updated here.


Nako Yabuki has not received any other major awards or nominations as an actress and singer. However, Nako was appreciated for her performances in many songs and series. She has played in many movies and series as well as sang songs but she hasn’t won any single awards.

It’s important to note that awards are just one measure of success, and many talented people may not receive awards but still make significant contributions to their field.

Net Worth 2023

The estimated value of her net worth is $5.1 million and her monthly, weekly, and yearly salaries are unknown. Yabuki earned her net worth primarily through her success as a movie and series actress and singer.

Additionally, the entertainment industry can be unpredictable, and actress’ net worth can fluctuate significantly over time depending on their success and the demand for their work.

Nako Yabuki at her home (Source Instagram)

Caption: Nako Yabuki at her home (Source Instagram)


There is no public information or reports of any scandal or controversy involving her. Nako’s public image appears free from any significant negative incidents or controversies, focusing primarily on her career in acting.

Additionally, Nako Yabuki is known for her professionalism and dedication to her career, and her excellent reputation in the entertainment industry solidifies her status as a respected figure in that field.

Relationship Status

There is no publicly available information about her current relationship status. She could be single, or maybe she’s in a relationship, but she’s decided to keep all of that stuff private.

Just like many famous people, Nako Yabuki seems to value her privacy and maintains a clear separation between her personal life and her public persona. At this point, her primary priority is her career, and she doesn’t seem to be actively pursuing a romantic relationship.

Body Measurements

Her actual height is 4 feet and 11 inches and she weighs 40 kg. According to her images, Yabuki’s hair color is dark brown and her eyes are dark brown color. Similarly, she has a well-maintained body type, and it’s perfect.

Her exact body measurement is 34-24-34 inches and she has a great personality with a perfectly shaped body. She prioritizes her well-being by maintaining and eating a balanced diet rich in proteins and vegetables.

Nako Yabuki posing for a photo (Source Instagram)

Caption: Nako Yabuki posing for a photo (Source Instagram)

Nako Yabuki – Social Media

Nako Yabuki is active on social media and has a significant following on her official accounts, on Instagram, he has 1.6M followers, has followed 310 people, and has posted 173 posts. Her Instagram account is marked with a blue checkmark with the username “75_yabuki.

Nako Yabuki is not active on Facebook but we have identified fan base accounts that can be helpful for those who are curious to learn more about her. We find her official Twitter account where she has 425.6 K followers and has followed 432 people. She joined Twitter in August 2017.