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Updated On December 18, 2022

MrCreepyPasta is an American Youtuber famous for his horror storytelling style. Likewise, MrCreepyPasta voices Lieutenant Stalker in One Piece.

Early Life and Childhood

MrCreepyPasta was born on May 21, 1988, and is currently 34 years old. Regarding his real name, he has not revealed his birth name yet. His zodiac sign is Gemini and was born in Bellevue, Illinois.

Likewise, he is American by nationality. However, there is no information regarding the ethnic group and the religion he follows.

Similarly, MrCreepyPasta is quite discreet about his personal information and there is no information about his parents. Likewise, there is no information about his siblings too.

Furthermore, reflecting on his educational background, there is no information regarding his educational qualification.

MrCreepyPasta – Social Media

Reflecting upon his social media presence, MrCreepyPasta has Twitter and Facebook pages besides the Youtube channel and also uses Patreon.

Likewise, he joined Twitter in October 2012 and has over 54.8K followers on his @MrCreepyPasta account. Likewise, his Facebook page @MrCreepyPasta has over 532k followers in it.


MrCreepyPasta is the popular voice for horror characters such as Jeff the Killer, Eyeless Jack, and Smile Dog. Likewise, he also voices in the famous manga series One Piece as Lieutenant Stalker.

Eventually, he started making videos in the early 2010s, and with this; his fan grew exponentially over the years.

He opened the channel on 4th January 2011 and has over 2,024 videos on his ‘MrCreepyPasta’ channel.

Similarly, over the years, he has gained quite a popularity and has over 1.54 million subscribers. Likewise, he has over 265 million views on his channel.

MrCreepyPasta uploaded his video ‘Ichor Falls: Curious Little Thing by Kris Straub’ on 4th January 2011 and has over 71K views on it.

Followed by this, he uploaded another video ‘That Night in the Mirror by Matt Chatman’ on 9th January 2011.

Similarly, his initial videos were all less than 15 minutes short horror movies.

Likewise, some other old videos include, ‘Mr. Widemouth by Perfectcircle35’, ‘The Art of Jacob Emory by Peterdivine’, ‘In from the cold by Amused’, and ‘Julia Legare by Shinigamiwolfen’.

Likewise, as time passed by his videos gained more popularity. His most popular video is ‘Go To Sleep-Jeff the Killer’ which he posted on 29th November 2011 and has over 7.4 million views.

Followed by this, his other famous videos are, ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s Hidden Lore’, ‘Laughing Jack’, ‘The Strangest Security Tape I’ve Ever Seen’, ‘The Smile Dog CreepyPasta Storytime’, ‘The Real Chuck E. Cheese’, ‘Go to Sleep Jeff The Killer Vs Jane the Killer’, Five Nights at Freddy’s 2:: Hidden Lore’ and ‘Seriously the Scariest one I’ve ever done.

These videos have over 2 million views as of now. Besides this, he has also uploaded his live streams playing horror games like Outlast 2 and Until Dawn.


About his achievements, MrCreepyPasta is a famous Youtuber who has gained massive popularity on Youtube. Likewise, about his achievement, he has more than 1.54 million subscribers on his channel.

Even though he has not received any awards but has gained much fame from a young age. With this, dedication, he will surely achieve lots of awards shortly.

Relationship Status

Regarding his relationship status, MrCreepyPasta is straight and married. He is married to his long-time girlfriend Megan.

They married on 13th November 2016 after dating for a long time. However, there is no other information regarding how they met before.


Caption: MrCreepyPasta with his wife Megan. Source: Facebook

Body Measurements

There is no information about his body measurements like height, weight, and vital stats given on social media.

However, looking at his physical structure, MrCreepyPasta has a light-dark skin color type. Similarly, he has a dark brown pair of eyes and black hair color.

MrCreepyPasta – Net Worth 2022

Likewise, according to various sources like Forbes, Wikipedia, IMDb, and other online sources, his net worth is around  $298,000. However, there is no information regarding his asset value.