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Updated On December 18, 2022

Milessdespair is a well-known TikTok star. Milessdespair is also prominent on Instagram as well. He is an American social media celebrity and personality. Surprisingly, he is the one having 191k followers on TikTok. Let us know more details related to the prominent personality.

Early Life and Childhood 

Likewise, Milessdespair’s birth date s on June 29,2001. He was born in Seattle, Washington, the United States of America. At present, he is eighteen years old.

His zodiac sign is Cancer. The TikTok star’s nationality is American. Moreover, he belongs to Caucasian ethnicity. He grew up in his birthplace, Seattle.

Milessdespair and pet

Caption: Milessdespair with his pet (Instagram)

On the other hand, there are not many details about his family, parents, and siblings as well.

In a similar manner, the star has also not disclosed the exact and true facts and figures in regard to his educational background.

He has never mentioned about his school or college that he has attended yet.

Milessdespair – Body Measurement

Though Milessdespair’s exact body measurement is not known through any source of information, there are other details available. Into the bargain, his shoe size and dress size is not disclosed as well.

Milessdespair Body Measurement

Caption: Milessdespair in one of his photoshoots (Instagram)

Milessdespair – Social Media

Nonetheless, his height is five feet and seven inches. Also, he weighs nearly seventy-six kg. Both of his hair and eyes are brown colored.

Miles does not seem to be active on Facebook and Twitter. But, he is active and popular on Instagram. He has over 205k followers on Instagram.

Milessdespair – Professional life

Actually, his career is almost fully dependent on social media as he is one of the social media personalities.

Amazingly, Milessdespair could be able to gain fame through his TikTok account initially. His TikTok account is famous and popular because of his funny and interesting content.

Moreover, his followers mostly include the girl proportionally. There are full of comments and likes in his videos of TikTok.

Approximately, he has been able to gather and get more than 12.8 million likes in total. Taking more of a time, he has finally more than 665.2k followers in it.

On the other hand, he has also a joint account on TikTok. The account is with one of his friends, named Tai Riviera.

They have named the shared account as Tai and Miles. The duo os the boys is also popularly known as ‘b.b.boysss’. Progressively, they have gained numerous followers on the channel.

Collaborative account

In the previous year, one of their videos went viral. This is also one of the reasons for them to increase more and more followers.

The caption for eth video was The lords have returned. That video was about to achieve over 100k likes. Additionally, there were more than nine hundred comments that were commented on by the followers.

Talking about their collaborative account, it has nearly 132.2k followers and more or less 1.9 million likes.

Instagram and Snapchat

Whereas he has thousands of followers on Instagram as well as Snapchat. He has been posting photos on Instagram since the year 2018.

Also, he is popular on Snapchat as ‘major-miles’. He also considers himself as Butterflyboy on it.

Awards and Net Worth

The social media celebrity has not received any awards. Furthermore, he is also not nominated for any title of the awards.

According to the latest research on the net worth details, his net worth is estimated to be in the range between $100k and $1 million. Obviously, his main source of income is social media itself.

However, other facts and figures such as his personal belongings, endorsements are not disclosed by him in any of his social media platforms.

Milessdespair – Personal life and relationship

Milessdespair is actually not a part of public figures such as actress and model. Instead, he is a social media star.

Hence, he has kept his private and personal information a low profile. He has always avoided opening up about his relationship status in public.

Milessdespair and his friend

Caption: Milessdespair with his friend

Nevertheless, he seems to be single at present. Currently, he is not dating anyone.

Rumors and Controversy

Though Milessdespair is super active in TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, and many others, he has been able to maintain his personal and professional life as well.

He has been keeping his profile and image very clean avoiding any of the rumors and controversies. Similarly, he has not performed any activities which may create controversy and rumors on-trend.

On the contrary, with lots of fans and followers, he also has haters who try to keep him down. As he has achieved this much success at a very early age

, many haters also attempt to spread false information and rumors. In these types of situations, he always seems to stay away from the negativity. Ultimately, this will result in the decline of the rumors being spread.