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Kolkata, India
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Kolkata, India

Manu Manek is a popular Indian one of the most influential stockbroker, investor, and Entrepreneur. Manu Manek is also famous as Manu Manek of Kolkata and has the nickname Black Cobra. Likewise, Manu was also the head of the bear cartel and also the coach of Radhakishan Damani and Rakesh Jhunjhunwala.

Early Life

Manu Manek was born between the years 1948-1952. Similarly, Manu’s exact date of birth is still in the dark. Manu was born in Kolkata, India. As his exact date of birth has not yet been determined, his age also cannot be pointed at the moment. Moreover, the Stockbroker belongs to Indian nationality and follows Hinduism.

Moving on to his family, he was born to a middle-class family. The stockbroker has not revealed any details regarding his family members. Similarly, there are no details regarding his siblings on the internet. Thus, Manu has kept the information his family members in the dark.


Manu Manek has not revealed any details regarding his education and academics. Likewise, Manu went on to attend a local high school. Following his high school education, he got attracted to sharemarket and soon became an expert in it.

Career and Professional Life

Manu Manek is one of the most influential Indian stockbrokers, investors, and entrepreneurs. Moreover, Manu entered the world of the stock market after completing his studies. After a couple of months, he started his first job as a stockbroker. Moreover, he soon became an expert on shares and started trading aggressively. While at his prime, he did many frauds and scams.

According to our sources, he entered the stock market when the cost price of the stock was crescendoed. Moreover, Manu incremented selling pressure in the Market after shorting the stocks for a couple of days. Manu has his own theory that says that as gracefully the stock market continues expanding, the cost of that stock will fall. There was a whole bear cartel that followed Manek’s bearings with the years passing and reflected his moves in the securities exchange.

Manu mainly did short selling. In short-selling investors look for companies that have already been inflated, and there is an imminent fall. This type of strategy is called the bearish strategy. It is solely based on the premise that the share price will fall in the future. The main motive is to take a short position in the company when the share price is high, wait for the price to fall, and then cash in the profits.


Caption: The character of Manu played by actor Satish Kaushik(source: Instagram)

In the year 2020, a television serial featuring the scams of stock Mehta mainly focusing on the Big bull Harshad Mehta was released. Satish Kaushik appeared in the role of the black cobra Manu. Moreover, the series featured Harshad Mehta’s story. It also depicted how the stock market was controlled by influential people.

Awards and Net worth

Manu Manek has not received any awards to date. Likewise, Manu earned a hefty deal of wealth throughout his stock market career. The stockbroker enjoys a net worth of $50 million at the moment. Moreover, the stockbroker has a lot of shares in many big companies in India.

Relationship status

Manu Manek is a married man. However, there is no information regarding Manu’s wife and children on the internet.


Manu Manek has his name involved in many stockmarket scams and frauds. Likewise, Manu has also been accused of stockmarket price manipulation and many more, The life of the black cobra has many hectic twists and turns.

Body measurements and Social media

Manu Manek is of average height. As for his height, he stood tall at 5 feet 6 inches and weighs 65 kg. Moreover, the stockbroker has black hair and a pair of shimmery black eyes.

Manu Manek is not active on any social media platforms.