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Updated On August 28, 2023
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Maliah Angel Suleman

Maliah Angel Suleman rose to fame after being the daughter of Nadya Suleman. Nadya Suleman is a popular model, actress, reality TV star, and also social media personality from Fullerton, California, USA.

Early Life

Maliah’s birthdate is 26th January 2009 and her birthplace is the United States of America. The name of her mother is Nadya Suleman. Likewise, her zodiac sign is Aquarius and her age as of 2021 is twelve years old. The celebrity kid holds an American nationality and must be following the Christian religion. However, there is no information about her personal life and childhood. her mother, Nadya Suleman is the mother of complete octuplets set by the Chukwu octuplets.

She has numerous siblings and their names are Саlуѕѕа Аrіеllе Ѕоlоmоn, Аmеrаh Yаѕmееn Ѕоlоmоn, Еlіјаh Маkаі Ѕоlоmоn, Аіdаn Ѕоlоmоn, Јоѕhuа Јасоb Ѕоlоmоn, Саlеb Каі Ѕоlоmоn, Іѕаіаh Аngеl Ѕulеmаn, Јоѕіаh Аngеl Ѕulеmаn, Јеrеmіаh Аngеl Ѕulеmаn, Nоаh Аngеl Ѕulеmаn, Јоnаh Ѕulеmаn, МсСаі Аngеl Ѕulеmаn, and Nаrіаh Аngеl Ѕulеmаn. Currently, she must be completing her studies and must be thinking about her career.

Maliah Angel Suleman

Caption: Maliah Angel Suleman with her brothers and sisters (Source: DirectExpose)

Her mother’s childhood

Her mother, Nadya Denise Doud-Suleman’s full name is Natalie Denise Suleman. Her birthdate is 11th July 1975 and her birthplace is Fullerton, California, US. Nadya was the single kid of her parents’ Edward Doud Suleman and Angela Victoria Suleman. Her father was an Iraq war army veteran and an owner of a restaurant whereas her mother was a schoolteacher. As said, she is the only child, so, she doesn’t have any siblings and she grew up in California, USA.

As for her education, she first went to the Nogales High School which is in La Puente, California. There, Nadya was known as Natalie Doud. After then, Nadya went to the Mt. San Antonio College which is in Walnut from where she got a psychiatric technician license. For her further studies, she went to California State University, located in Fullerton. Nadya also went to a state mental hospital, working there for 3 years after achieving a B.S. degree in the child development field.

Career and Controversy

Maliah Angel Suleman came to the limelight after being born from Nadya Suleman. On 26th January 2009, Nadya Suleman rose to fame after giving birth to octuplets. The kids were considered over In Vitro Fertilization. Likewise, the process was led by Dr. Micheal Kamrava. Dr. Kamrava moved twelve embryos into her. The California Medical Board specified that Dr. Kamrava’s movements were ‘extreme’ and very unprincipled. After the update of Octuplets went viral, Nadya rapidly turns out to be in the limelight.

Since then, Nadya has been present on several TV shows and events. In fact, she was also presented in the February 2010 issue of Star. Fox publicized a show, “Octo mom”, where Nadya was present together with her kids. Additionally, Nadya Suleman has been present on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” in the year 2010. From this time, Nadya has been present to give numerous interviews to numerous media. Also, Nadya has collected a large number of fans and followers, being a medical miracle after giving birth to 8 healthy kids.


After earning massive fame, she has been present in several music videos. In the year 2012, Suleman filmed a single alongside Adam Barta. Similarly, she has also served in the position of an adult performer. Besides her professional career, Nadya has been making money and fame by being present in several shows and TV programs. She had even recorded a file for bankruptcy that promoted her to collect funds to support her kids.

Additionally, she recorded a file for bankruptcy some years before and is reliant on contributions and charity to raise her children. In the year 2014, Nadya was accused of a wellbeing scam. The allegations were set by the state of California for being incapable to release nearly $ 30 thousand in income. Moreover, she got a sentence for nearly 200 hours of community facility and 2 years of the test.

Maliah Angel Suleman

Caption: Maliah Angel Suleman at a show (Source: Instagram)

Maliah Angel Suleman – Net Worth 2023

Maliah Angel Suleman for now is very young to have any profession and a career. So, there is no net worth of Malian Suleman for now. However, she must be living a good life with her parents and siblings. As for Nadya Suleman, she has a net worth of -$1 million US Dollars. Moreover, Nadya Suleman has recorded a file for private bankruptcy in April 2012 together with assets worth $50 thousand and almost $1 million debts.

Despite her popularity and fame, she has not received any brand endorsement deals as of now. However, it is possible that in near future, she might start to endorse brands. 

Relationship Status

Maliah Angel Suleman is single and is very young to be in any relationship. On the other side, Nadya Suleman and Marco Gutierrez got married on 25th December 1996. However, they parted ways in the year 2000, and in November 2006, Marco recorded a file for divorce. On 15th January 2008, the couple’s divorce was all complete. She then started the in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment through the observation of Dr. Michael Kamrava in the year 1997.

In 2001, Nadya’s 1st son and in 2002, she gave birth to her 1st daughter. Nadya after then was still resuming with the IVF treatment. Furthermore, before being Octomom, Nadya considered 3 more times which led her to give birth to other 3 kids – 3 sons and 1 daughter. Nadya considered her octuplets over IVF directed by Dr. Kamrava. On 26th January 2009, forty-six total medical staff were engaged in the organized cesarean delivery of her octuplets.

Maliah Angel Suleman

Caption: Maliah Angel Suleman with her siblings (Source: Instagram)

Body Measurement

Regarding the body measurements of Maliah Angel Suleman, she as of now is in a growing state. So, there is no information about her body measurement, height, body weight, and many more. On the other side, the height of Nadya is 5 feet 4 inches. Likewise, Nadya’s bodyweight is 60 kg or 132 lbs.

The body measurements of Nadya are 35 inches, 25 inches, and 35 inches. Nadya currently is in her mid-40s but still has managed very well to maintain her physical statistics. Moreover, Nadya has a fair complexion with long black hair and a pair of black eyes.

Maliah Angel Suleman – Social Media 2022

As for the social media part, Maliah Angel Suleman is very young and is unable to handle the social media platform. So, there are no social media accounts of her for now. On the other side, her mother, Nadya is quite active on Instagram and her Instagram id is @solomonfamily. As of July 2021, Nadya has managed to gain over 191 thousand followers on her Instagram account. Moreover, Nadya frequently uploads images of herself and her kid on Instagram.