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Luis Guzman

Luis Guzman is a famous theater and film actor from the United States of America. Luis Guzman gained popularity for his roles in “Carlito’s Way” and “Wednesday”.

Early Life and Childhood

Actor Luis was born on August 28, 1956, in Cayey, Puerto Rico, United States of America. He is 66 years old and his real name is Luis Guzman, and he doesn’t have a nickname.

Information regarding his family is not publicly available as he keeps his personal life private. He was the youngest of thirteen children born to his parents, Rosa Guzman  (mother) and Benjamin Guzman (father). His family moved to New York City when he was a child, and he grew up in the Lower East Side neighborhood of Manhattan.

There is not much information available about Guzman’s childhood. He felt difficulties upbringing, including his experiences with poverty and gang violence in his youth. According to research, he is American and Puerto Rican by nationality, his zodiac sign is Virgo, his religion is Roman Catholic and his ethnicity is of Puerto Rican descent.

Luis Guzman – Education

Luis graduated from City College of New York with a degree in theater arts. He attended college on a scholarship, and he began to develop his passion for acting. In college, he developed his skills as an actor through workshops and training programs.

There is no information about his behavior towards teachers and friends or other education-related information. However, he has demonstrated a high level of skill and dedication to his craft.

Career and Professional Life

Guzman’s acting career in movies began in the late 1970s and early 1980s when he appeared in a series of small roles in films such as “Short Eyes” (1977) and “The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension” (1984). However, it was not until the 1990s that he began to establish himself as a prominent character actor in Hollywood.

In 1990, he appeared in the film “Q&A,” directed by Sidney Lumet, which marked a turning point in his career. He played the role of Detective Luis Valentin, a corrupt police officer who is ultimately brought to justice. His performance earned him widespread recognition as a talented and versatile actor.

From there, he went on to appear in a series of high-profile films throughout the 1990s and 2000s, including “Carlito’s Way” (1993), “Boogie Nights” (1997), “Magnolia” (1999), “Traffic” (2000), and “Punch-Drunk Love” (2002). He worked with some of the most respected directors in the industry, including Paul Thomas Anderson, Steven Soderbergh, and Brian De Palma.

In addition to his work in feature films, he also appeared in several television series throughout his career. He had a recurring role in the HBO series “Oz” (1997-2003), and he starred in the short-lived sitcom “Luis” (2003). He has also lent his voice to several animated series, including “How to Train Your Dragon” (2010) and “Narcos: Mexico” (2018).

Today, he continues to work as an actor and appeared in several projects in the works. He maintained his reputation as a reliable and versatile actor in the industry, and his contributions to film and television have earned him a place among the most respected and talented actors of his generation.


His acting career in television series began in the late 1980s when he appeared in an episode of “Miami Vice.” However, it was not until the late 1990s that he began to establish himself as a prominent television actor.

In 1997, he began a recurring role in the HBO series “Oz,” which ran for six seasons. He played the role of Raoul Hernandez, a prisoner who becomes involved in the drug trade within the prison.

After “Oz” ended in 2003, he went on to appear in several other television series, including “John from Cincinnati” (2007), “How to Make It in America” (2010-2011), and “Code Black” (2015-2018). He lent his voice to several animated series, including “Justice League” (2002-2006) and “The Adventures of Puss in Boots” (2015-2018).

One of his most prominent television roles came in 2014 when he began appearing in the Netflix series “Narcos.” He played the role of José Rodríguez Gacha, a notorious drug lord. His performance in the series gained popularity, and he became one of the most recognizable faces on the show.

And he continued to work in television in recent years, with roles in series such as “Shameless” (2019), “The Good Fight” (2020), and “Love, Victor” (2021). He has demonstrated his versatility as an actor, moving between dramatic and comedic roles with ease.

He played in the Netflix series “Wednesday” as Gomez Addams, the father of Wednesday Addam in 2022. Overall, his work on both cable and streaming series has helped to define the medium in recent years, and he remains a fixture of the small screen.

Luis Guzman during his shoot (Source Instagram)

Caption: Luis Guzman during his shoot (Source Instagram)

Brand Endorsements

Luis Guzman endorsed several brand endorsements throughout his career. He worked with a variety of companies, ranging from major corporations to smaller, independent brands. He appeared in a series of commercials for the restaurant chain Arby’s in the early 2000s. There he played a character called “The Oven Mitt.”

In 2014, he appeared in a Super Bowl commercial for the car rental company Hertz. There he played a fictionalized version of himself. He worked with the beer brand Dos Equis. By appearing in a series of commercials as the “Most Interesting Man in the World’s” sidekick.

Awards and Nomination

He won the Florida Film Critics Circle Award in 1998 for “Boogie Nights”. In 2000, he won Awards Circuit Community Awards and the Florida Film Critics Circle Award for “Magnolia”.  He won the Screen Actors Guild Award in 2001 for “Traffic”. 

Additionally, he won Imagen Awards in 2003 and 2008 for “Punch-Drunk Love” and “Maldeamores” respectively. In the year 2011, he won NAMIC Visions Awards for “How to make it in America”. 

Luis Guzman – Net Worth 2023

The estimated value of  Luis Guzman’s net worth is $14 million and his monthly, weekly, and yearly salaries are unknown. Plus, he earned his wealth through his successful acting career and numerous television and film appearances.

As an actor, his net worth may increase more in the future as he takes on more high-profile roles and becomes more well-known in the entertainment industry.

Luis Guzman with his car (Source Instagram)

Caption: Luis Guzman with his car (Source Instagram)

Relationship Status

Luis Guzman married his wife Angelita Galarza-Guzman in 1985. They have three children together and have been together for over 35 years.

He has spoken publicly about his love for his wife and the importance of their relationship in his life. He credited her with providing him with the support and stability he needed to pursue his career as an actor and navigate the challenges of the industry.

Luis Guzman with his wife (Source

Caption: Luis Guzman with his wife (Source


There are no publicized scandals or controversies involving him. He has maintained a relatively low-profile personal life and has not been involved in any major incidents or controversies.

Luis Guzman gives priority to his career and built a positive reputation in the industry as a talented and hardworking actor. It’s worth noting, however, that it is common for celebrities to face scandals and rumors in the media, regardless of their actions or behavior. However, at this time, there is no information related to this topic.

Body Measurements

His actual height is 5 feet 5 inches and his weight is 75 kg. According to Luis Guzman’s images, his hair color is black and white, and silky. His eyes are also attractive and brown, and the brown eye is the least rare eye color.

His exact body measurement is unknown inches and has a great personality with a perfectly shaped body. He is concerned about his body but takes a proper diet including proteinate foods and vegetables, and has clear skin.

Luis Guzman – Social Media

Luis Guzman is active on social media and on Instagram, he has 379K followers and has followed 2521 people as well as posted 1048 posts with the username “loueyfromthehood“. On Facebook, he is not active there and lots of accounts similar to his name are available but those accounts are not his official. We find his official Twitter account where he has 92.5K followers and has followed 823 people. He joined Twitter in August 2010.