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Montana, USA
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Montana, USA

Levi Morales is a young American Youtube personality. Levi Morales is popular for featuring in his family Youtube channel “OKbaby” along with his parents and siblings.

Early Life

Levi Morales was born on October 18, 2015, and he is currently 5 years old. He hails from Montana and his zodiac sign is Libra. Talking about his family, Levi’s father is Óscar Morales and his mother is Kyra Sivertson. Likewise, he has two younger sibling sisters namely Alaya and Averie.

Moreover, his mother was only 18 years old when she had Levi. His full name is Levi Teague Morales and was nicknamed as ‘Bug.’ Likewise, his sister Alaya’s full name is Alaya Renee Morales, who was born a year later his birth.

Levi Morales

Caption: Levi Morales posing for a photo in a childhood photograph. Source: Instagram

Career and Professional Life

Professionally, Levi Morales is a young social media personality. He is mostly popular for featuring on the family vlogging Youtube channel “OKbaby”. Likewise, Levi’s mother was vlogging her pregnancy journey before Levi entered the world. He was then physically introduced in a video called “EMOTIONAL EMERGENCY C-SECTION | Birth Vlog.”

Levi’s family YouTube channel has amassed over 1.5 million subscribers at the time of writing this biography. Likewise, both Levi and Boston Hoellein were introduced to a YouTube audience from birth.

Talking in detail about his family Youtube channel, “OKbaby” is a channel that stars parents whose first taste of raising children came as teenagers. Vlogs on this channel include birthing stories, pregnancy updates, and other parenting content.

The first-ever video posted to this channel was titled “1-2-3 Couples Tag”. Levi’s parents posted this video in May 2015. Moreover, this channel reached the 1 million subscriber milestone in May of 2017. The family channel was created in the year 2015.

Levi Morales

Caption: Levi Morales learning to cycle with his father. Source: Instagram

Family Member’s Profession

His father Óscar Morales is also a Youtube star. He often features on the YouTube channel “OKbaby”. Moreover, he represents the “O” in “OK” alongside his partner Kyra Sivertson, the “K.” He just turned 19 years old when he became a father with Levi. He then left his job five months after the arrival of Levi.

Similarly, Óscar’s personal Instagram account, oscarmorales1111, has more than 160,000 followers. The Morales family is friends with Keren Swanson and Khoa Nguyen.

Similarly, Levi’s mother, Kyra Sivertson, is also a Youtube vlogger largely known for her OKbaby channel. She has gained fame for her frequent vlog entries that document her growing family as a teen. This also includes video footage of her in the hospital prior to giving birth.

She was the one who created the family channel “OKbaby” on May 2, 2015. She posted her first video there on May 17, 2015. One of her most popular videos, “EMOTIONAL EMERGENCY C-SECTION | Birth Vlog,” has earned more than two million views. Similarly, she and fellow YouTuber Ellie Mecham are both known for operating their own family vlogs alongside their significant others and children.

Regarding his younger sister Alaya, she is also an internet celebrity. She was born exactly at 7:52 AM on February 16, 2017. She was first featured on their family Youtube channel three days after her birth. Her parents then created an Instagram account for her, @alayareneeemorales, for tagging purposes only.

Levi Morales

Caption: Levi Morales posing for a photo with his whole family. Source: Instagram

“OKbaby” Youtube Channel

Oscar and Kyra are now a regular vlogger of the channel “OKbaby” alongside their children. They upload a new video every Tuesday and Thursday. The family covered and celebrated every moment of Levi’s arrival. From Kyra’s first sonography to gender detection to her C-section, Oscar has captured every single moment of his son.

Levi’s name reveal video was also quite unique. Kyra and Oscar very creatively used scrabble letter cubes to reveal the name of their first bundle of joy. Sadly, Levi was diagnosed with Jaundice after a few days of his birth. The infant had an excess of bilirubin in his blood which caused little blood clots throughout his body.

That could prove dangerous and life-threatening if a clot developed in his brain. To prevent Levi from any brain damage, the doctors put him under a purple light to help break down the bilirubin which was later removed from his body through urination. Levi had a grand welcome back at his home.

In one of their vlogs, the family captured Levi’s reaction to seeing his sister getting all the love and care that he was getting before. He was jealous of the newborn and looked sad in the video. They then celebrated Levi’s second birthday at his grandparent’s place, in Los Angeles. His parents threw a grand party on that occasion. They kept the tractor theme for the party and dressed Levi as a tractor driver.

Similarly, Levi’s parents have launched a merchandise line, which they sell on the website, ‘The Loyalist.’ The website has a wide range of merchandise like t-shirts, mugs, caps, etc. with the ‘OKbaby’ family’s name written on them.

Levi Morales

Caption: Levi Morales and his siblings belly-rubbing their mother who is expecting a 4th baby. Source: Instagram

Relationship Status

At only 5 years old, Levi is obviously single and not involved in any romantic relationships. But he is sure to attract many lovers in his future through his charms and talents. Talking about his parents’ relationship details, his parents Óscar and Kyra are engaged to each other. They were teen parents at just 18 years old with Levi.

Then they welcomed their second child, daughter Alaya on February 16, 2017, at Salt Lake City, Utah. She is currently 4 years old. In December 2018, Levi’s father, Óscar, proposed to his mother Kyra. The Morales family is now expecting their fourth child together after giving birth to their third child, daughter Averie.

Body Measurements and Social Media

Levi Morales’s body measurement details are not available at the moment. His height, weight, dress size, shoe size, chest-waist-hip measures, etc are all unavailable right now.

Nevertheless, as Levi Morales is just a very young kid, his body measurement stats shall keep changing for several more years to come. He is still in the phase of development and growth and hence his data will keep changing for a long time to come. Likewise, Levi has beautiful brown eyes and hair of the same color.

Regarding his social media presence, Levi doesn’t have his personal accounts on any social media platforms. He regularly appears on his family’s Youtube channel “OKbaby”. This channel was created on May 3, 2015. So far, it has over 495 million views and over 1.53 million subscribers.

His mother also has her own Youtube channel called the “Kbaby” that she created on September 11, 2015. So far, this channel has earned over 84.7 milli0n views and 818K subscribers.