Lesley Angold Panayiotou

Lesley Angold Panayiotou

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Updated On September 27, 2022

Lesley Angold Panayiotou was a British former dancer. Lesley Angold Panayiotou is the mother of the pop star, George Michael, and his sisters.

Early Life

Lesley Angold Panayiotou was born on 24 December 1937. Her zodiac sign is Capricorn. She was born and raised in the Islington District of England. Her parents are George James Harrison (father) and Daisy Angold Harrison (mother). Her mother was Jewish but married a non-Jewish man. So, Lesley and her siblings were raised with no knowledge of their Jewish background.

Moreover, she was the fourth child born to the union, joining two older brothers and one older sister. Later, another sibling was added to the family, making a total of five children. At the age of 22, her father’s lifeless body was found on 4 January 1960. Later, on 5 January 1964, her brother, Colin John Harrison died. Further, she also suffered the loss of her mother, in 1972.

Lesley Angold Panayiotou

Caption: Lesley Angold Panayiotou’s family tree. Source: Facebook


In 1996, Lesley was diagnosed with Melanoma. Therefore, her family never left her side. Sadly, she passed away on 26 February 1997, at the age of 59, in England. And, she is buried at Highgate Cemetery West, in London, England. Unfortunately, her son, George died on 25 December 2016. Therefore, he was buried at Highgate Cemetery in north London, near his mother’s grave. And Lesley’s daughter, Melanie died in 2019.


Lesley was a former dancer and the mother of the pop star, George Michael. There are only small snippets of her young life. Moreover, according to a 1998 interview, George revealed that his mother, Lesley was sent to a convent school that put her “straight off religion.”

Also, he later mentioned that she was very English and describe how conservative or “afraid” of money she was, which influenced his own behavior towards money. Likewise, in a 1988 interview with Life Magazine George mentions that his mother

“loves music and used to be a singer when she was a girl.”

Lesley Angold Panayiotou

Caption: Lesley Angold Panayiotou’s picture with her husband and son. Source: Irish Mirror

Personal Life

At the age of 20, Lesley married Kyriacos Panayiotou in 1958 in Pancras, Middlesex. She met her husband at a dance. Her husband, Kyriacos is also known as ‘Jack’. Further, a record of their marriage is registered in the England and Wales, Civil Registration Marriage Index.

Likewise, the pair welcomed their first daughter, Yioda. Yioda is a famous hairdresser. Likewise, in October, she gave birth to her second daughter, Melanie. Later, the couple welcomed a son named Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou (born on 25 June 1963). Georgios was a popular singer, songwriter, record producer, and philanthropist.

Lesley Angold Panayiotou

Caption: Lesley Angold Panayiotou’s picture with her husband, daughter, and son. Source: Facebook

Body Measurements, Social Media, and Net Worth

Lesley was a pretty and gorgeous woman. She had a great and amazing personality. Her body measurements like her height, weight, dress size, chest-waist-hip, etc are unavailable. However, she had a pair of pretty hazel eyes and had dark brown hair.

Also, she was not active socially. She didn’t have an account on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter. There is no information related to her earnings and net worth. However, she might have earned a good amount and raised her kids pretty well.

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