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Updated On August 28, 2023
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Laura Giaritta

Laura Giaritta is an American woman who runs a Florida sports shop. Laura Giaritta is well known by the name of the stage Vanilla Ice as the ex-wife of rapper Robert Matthew Van Winker. She is a renowned proprietor.

Early Life and Childhood

Laura Giaritta was born in the United States of America on 18 October 1970. Her father’s name is Thomas Giaritta and her mother’s name is Elaine Giaritta. She has got Renee Giarritta as an older sister.

Currently, she is a 50 years old woman. Her nationality is American and belongs to the White ethnicity. Likewise, her horoscope is Taurus.

While addressing her academic achievement, it has been confirmed that she is currently studying at Full Sail University in order to obtain her Science Degree.

Relationship Status

Talking about her married life, Laura currently is unmarried. But she was in a long romantic relationship with her ex-husband Vanilla Ice.

On 4 July 1994, at a party that took place after Vanilla Ice’s death, she and Vanilla Ice met each other and tried to market themselves again and create a new identity with the funk-influenced rap sound.

Vanilla was living in desolation and desperation due to his girlfriend at the time when he met her. He was so disappointed and dishearted that he started taking an overdose of drugs to kill himself but his attempt at suicide was unsuccessful and he survived.

In this time of gloominess, he took her as a blessing and fall in intense love with her. The love birds started dating for one year. Then on 30 March 1997, in a wedding ceremony at its Star Island mansion in Miami Beach, Giaritta married Vanilla Ice.

Laura Giaritta

Caption: Laura Giaritta filed for divorce (Source: Magazine Musictory)

In 1998 the couple bore Dusti Rain Van Winkle, their first child, and in 2000 their second daughter, KeeLee Breeze Van Winkle, was born.

Their friendship, years after their marriage, began to turn cold. But it didn’t work for them and they eventually split in 2011. They celebrated their 20th anniversary.

Career and Profession Life

Laura Giaritta is an American entrepreneur who runs a 2 The Extreme sports store. She doesn’t realize she’s part of another profession, and through the sports shop, she earned good cash.

Her ex-husband, Vanilla Ice, is a former rapper who has started his work as an artist instead of a TV series. She gained fame due to her marriage and then divorce from the celebrity rapper Vanilla Ice.

In 2001 she filed a case of domestic violence against her husband and after all the sessions, the judge decided that the couple needed to go through therapy. The incidents of physical abuse came again in 2004 and 2008 and she again withdrew the charges.

The two Daughters of her and Vanilla seem to get affected by the dwindling relationship between their parents. But soon they also got their lives on track.

Her elder daughter Dustin Rain completed her master’s from Full Sail University and is now doing well in her entertainment business. The younger daughter has also turned 18 and seems to enjoy her life.

Laura Giaritta – Net Worth 2023

Laura owns a Florida sports shop and raises an outstanding sum of money from her. She has a net worth of around $10,000 Million. She started an extreme sports showroom and named it one of her albums of Vanilla called, “2 The Extreme”.

Her ex-husband Vanilla 2019, according to her net fame, is reported to have a net worth of about 10 million dollars. In Versailles, a few kilometers south of Wellington, she lives in her ancient marriage cottage. In 2005, Vanilla paid $716,000 for that home.

Vanilla helped her a lot to establish her business during her early days which now seems a great source of income for her. Besides she even gets the spousal amount worth $10,000 monthly and also got $110,000 after the divorce.

Laura Giaritta – Body Measurements

Laura Giaritta is a beautiful and fashionable lady. She has normal body measurements according to the photo she posted on social media.

She’s dressed in versatility that suits her body and height. She has light brown-eyed, silky dark Blonde hair, and seems to have a black favorite.