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Kim Gap Soo is a celebrity husband. Kim Gap Soo is the popular husband of South Korean actress, Kim Hae-sook. Moreover, Kim Hae is known for her works like “The Thieves”, “Sunflower”, “The Handmaiden” and many more.

 Early Life

The details about Kim Gap’s birth date and birthplace are unknown to the media. Likewise, his parents’ and siblings’ details are also unavailable.

On the other hand, his wife, Kim Hae was born on December 30, 1955, in Choryang-dong, Busan, South Korea. Kim Hae was born to Choi Jeong-bok (mother). She holds South Korean nationality and follows Christianity. However, the details about Kim Gap’s childhood are not available to date.


Talking about his academic background, details regarding his educational background are not available too. On the other hand, his wife, Kim Hae has completed her graduation from Kyung Hee University (KHU).


Kim Gap Soo is the husband of South Korean actress Kim Hae-sook. However, the details about his career are not mentioned yet.

Kim Hae-sook’s career

Hae-Sook got her start in show business thanks to the television program “Chief Inspector.” Up until the 1990s, she had a difficult time managing the entertainment industry.

Despite having the possibility to perform in films and television shows, the roles that were given to her were either brief or did not have a significant impact on her career. But Hae-Sook was fortunate because of the circumstances.

Furthermore, she was given the chance to perform in the popular television series “Did we love?” in 1999. She received praise for the part and compliments from the audience for her acting.

The career opportunities then start to flow. She appeared in several television shows and significantly changed the way she acted, which fans found to be appealing.

Kim Gap Soo

Caption: Kim Hae-sook posing for a photo
Source: AdoroCine

Moreover, some of her greatest works comprise “Her Jun,” “Fireworks,” “Autumn in My Heart,” “Winter Sonata,” “Life Is Beautiful,” and “Room No. 9.” She has worked on television shows as well as in feature films.

Hae-Sook has starred in a number of significant films, including “The Legend of Gingko,” “My Sassy Girl,” “Scent of Love,” “Sunflower,” “Thirst,” “Hope,” and “Assassination.” In 2005, she authored a report with the working title “Mother Of Hallyu Stars: Kim Hae-sook’s Story”.

Net Worth

The net worth of Kim Gap Soo is not available to date. However, her wife is a successful south Korean actress through which she earns a good amount of money. Kim Hae-sook has a net worth of $14 million through her profession as an actress.

Relationship Status

Talking about his relationship status, Kim Gap is a married man. He tied the knot with popular south Korean actress, Kim Hae-Sook. Well, it would be difficult to describe every aspect of the couple’s marriage. There is currently no documentation of their relationship.

Nevertheless, Mr. Kim married Kim Hae years ago. They have a son together. However, his details are not available yet. Apart from that, it’s unclear how they met and fell in love with one another.

Kim gap Soo

Caption: Kim Gap Soo with his wife
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Body Measurements and Social Media

The details about the physical appearance of Kim Gap are not available at the moment. But looking at his photos, we can assume that he has golden brown colored hair with brown eyes. However, on the other hand, his wife has a height of 6 feet and a weight of 70 kg.

Kim Gap Soo

Caption: His wife Kim Hae-sook posing for a photo Source: HanCinema

Talking about his social media presence, like his wife Kim Hae, Kim Gap too likes to stay away from the media’s limelight. So, both the husband and wife don’t have accounts on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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