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Updated On September 28, 2023
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Kevin Ninh

Kevin Ninh is an American beauty vlogger who posts beauty and fashion tips for women as well as rants and comedy videos to his YouTube channel FlawlessKevin. Kevin Ninh also posts lifestyle, DIY, advice, stories, and LGBTQ-related content.

Early Life and Childhood

Kevin Ninh was born on May 6, 1996, in Kirkland, Washington. As of 2023, he turns 26 years old and his zodiac sign is Taurus. She has a younger sister named Christina Ninh. Moreover, he has also a twin brother and has featured him in a number of his YouTube videos.

Ninh graduated early with a double major and walked in June. Moreover, as a teenager, he used to practice guitar and piano and write songs about boys for hours upon hours. He has also written several short novels.

Kevin Ninh

Caption: Kevin Ninh’s childhood photo with his mom. Source: Instagram

Professional Life

Before forming his main ‘FlawlessKevin‘ YouTube channel, he had signed up for YouTube under the channel name xHeyItsKevinx in July 2010. The channel would become his secondary vlog channel. In September 2012, he created a singer/songwriter channel. Further, he stated in a ’13 Facts About Me!’ video that Taylor Swift is his beloved and favorite musical artist.

Kevin’s Instagram feed, which he updates daily, is an eye-catching grid of makeup tutorials and outfit experiments. He transforms into anime characters, K-pop stars, masculine men, and elegant women. With each post, Ninh not only toys with his identity but also asserts his right to have one.

Despite his popularity and fame, he has not received any brand endorsement deals as of now. However, it is possible that in the near future, he might start to endorse brands. 

Kevin Ninh

Caption: Kevin Ninh while making a YouTube video with @jaimeeatilano. Source: YouTube

Coming as a Gay

As a freshman in college, he knew he was gay. Ninh shopped in the women’s section for clothes, but he didn’t know how to name or frame his blossoming gender identity. However, his bubbly personality helped him land a job as an orientation leader the summer before his sophomore year. At an employee retreat, he roomed with a trans-co-worker. “I had so many questions for him because I had never met somebody in the trans community,” Ninh says. “He gave me the term nonbinary, which I identify with.”

Being nonbinary means that you don’t feel exclusively male or female. However, you may feel both, in between, or neither. Ninh is comfortable with his biological sex (that’s why he sticks with the pronouns “he” and “him,” and why the first words on his Instagram page are “Yes, I am a boy”). But he’s not comfortable with presenting himself as strictly male. “I never feel, or want to be, one gender or the other,” he says. “I wake up every single day feeling outside of the box.”

By the time he enrolled at the University of Washington Bothell in 2014, thousands of online fans had come to know him as “Flawless Kevin,” a fast-talking, colorfully dressed YouTuber who starred in over 100 videos about adolescent insecurity and LGBTQ issues. Further, making people smile came easy to Ninh, but over the next four years, he learned that social media could also be a way to educate and empower his fans—and to find himself.

By sophomore year, Ninh sought out classes in Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies. “Not only to learn about society,” he states, “but to learn about myself.” Now he uses his platform to share both academic and everyday concepts of gender and identity with people around the world. The New York Times even tracked him down for a story called “His Eye Makeup Is Way Better Than Yours.”

More about his life story

On May 17, which is International Day Against Homophobia, Ninh posted this message to his Instagram followers: “I want to reassure you all that my page will always be a safe space full of acceptance and love. We’re all here for each other.” And in the comments, a young woman said that she had recently told her family she was bisexual. “If they love you, they won’t care who you love,” she wrote. “Thank you Kevin for giving me the strength to come out!”

“For the longest time, I didn’t even know what ‘Flawless Kevin’ meant,” he says. “But after a while, I realized that being flawless doesn’t mean you don’t have flaws. It means that you have flaws, that you embrace them, and that you don’t conform. That’s why at the end of every video I say, ‘To be flawless is to be yourself.’”

While he shies away from being called an ambassador, it’s clear that he’s a role model for many of his fans. Not because he’s speaking for all nonbinary people or representing all Asians in the LGBTQ community, but simply because he’s living his truth.

Personal Life

Kevin is openly Gay. He is not dating anyone at the moment. He has a busy schedule in his career rather than getting into a relationship. However, he is primarily focused on his career at the moment. Soon he might be in a relationship with someone who understands him truly.

Body Measurements

Kevin has a well-shaped body structure. He has an average height and weight that matches his body structure. However, he has not shared any of his body measurements like height, weight, chest-waist-hip, shoe size, dress size, etc. He has got an amazing personality and no doubt he is a very confident person. Moreover, he has black hair and dark brown eyes.

Kevin Ninh

Caption: Kevin Ninh clicking a photo on 2019’s Halloween. Source: Instagram

Kevin Ninh – Social Media

Kevin Ninh is quite popular on social networking sites. His ‘@flawlesskevin’ Instagram account has earned over 467K followers. He is also active on Twitter with more than 7K followers. Similarly, his ‘FlawlessKevin’ YouTube channel has earned more than 307K subscribers. And his ‘Flawless Vlogs’ YouTube channel has earned more than 17.9K subscribers. Moreover, he is also active on Facebook but he is not very active on it. He has gained over 546 followers.

Kevin Ninh – Net Worth 2023

Kevin Ninh earns money from the ads that play before his videos, and he’s partnered with makeup brands and drink companies. As of now, he’s thinking about producing a professional web series about familiar topics like bullying and being gay. However, he has an estimated net worth of around $1 million – $5 million.