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Updated On February 23, 2024
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Keon Coleman

Few people are capable of participating in two sports at the same time. Keon Coleman is defying all odds. When it comes to basketball and football, the American rising star is all in. Keon Coleman is currently signed to both Michigan State Football and Michigan State Basketball and is poised to make an impact on the field when he takes the field.

Early Life

Keon Coleman was born and raised in the Opelousas suburbs of Louisiana, USA. Despite his celebrity, he has yet to reveal any of his early life information, including his birth date.

There is little or no detail about his personal life as a result of his privacy. His parents are very supportive, and he has brothers and sisters, according to the only information available about his family.

He also attended Opelousas Catholic School for his high school graduation, according to reports.

Keon Coleman – Net worth 2024

Keon Coleman must have been well compensated by his former teams as a professional two-sport athlete.

Similarly, his commitments to Michigan State Football and Michigan State Basketball have undoubtedly boosted his net worth. So, how much money does he have?

Unfortunately, Coleman’s earnings and net worth are still being investigated, so no further information can be provided on the subject.

Nonetheless, a college basketball and football player’s average annual salary is $33,487, with some players earning up to $50,500.

Relationship Status

Keon Coleman likes to keep the particulars of his romantic life to himself. He has remained quiet about his relationship status to this point.

Furthermore, no sources indicate that he has ever been or is currently dating someone.

Furthermore, he has managed to keep his personal life information off of his social media accounts.

Coleman’s modesty leads one to believe that he is either single for real or that he does not want to share anything of his personal life in public.

Professional Life

From a young age, the two-sport star was involved in basketball and football. Even while in high school, he followed his passion and participated in both sports at the same time.

With time, his interest in both sports increased, and he chose to work on his game rather than switch sports.

He started playing basketball for his high school team soon after. His stats were incredible before he graduated, as he averaged 33 points per game.

After that, he spent a few seasons playing basketball for the Minnesota Vikings. He was averaging 20 points per game when he left the team.

He started receiving offers from a variety of colleges as soon as he left the Minnesota Vikings. Coleman committed to the Kansas Jayhawks in July 2020.

He was de-committed from the team just two months later. Similarly, He committed and signed a contract with Michigan State Football and Michigan State Basketball on February 3, 2021.

He is currently training for the upcoming season and is looking forward to giving his all to the team.

Keon Coleman

Caption: Keon Coleman captured during his match (Source: Instagram)

Keon Coleman – Body Measurements

Keon Coleman stands a tall height of 6 feet 4 inches and weighs around 185 pounds.

Social media

Keon Coleman is only active on Twitter. His Twitter account @keoncoleman6 has over 6.8k followers.