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Kayla Strong

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Updated On September 22, 2022
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Kayla Strong is an American social media star. Kayla Strong is primarily a Tiktok content creator who has branched out to other platforms like Instagram and VSCO among others.

Early Life and Childhood

Kayla Strong was born on 28 May 2003 and she is currently 19 years old. She is a citizen of the United States of America. Kayla has yet to share much information regarding her parents, siblings, and other family details. She also has not shared much regarding her educational journey.

However, considering her age, we can assume that she might be attending a high school. She has also shared several Tiktok videos with her friends in their classrooms. This means that she is still in high school but she has yet to disclose the name of the institution she attends. In her Tiktok bio, Kayla has mentioned that she is an ex-drug addict and professional futsal shuffler. Kayla also seems to have a pet dog.

Kayla Strong

Caption: A photo on Kayla’s VSCO account that suggests she might have a pet dog. Source: VSCO

Professional Life

Kayla Strong is a Tiktok content creator. She primarily focuses on comedy and lip-syncs videos on the lip-sync platform, TikTok, previously called Musical.ly. Previously, Kayla was known on the app as @acidprincessx3, but at present, she has changed her username to @acidprincessx333333. Likewise, Kayla had two TikTok accounts deleted by the app. Also, her present account was previously called @kstrong46232.

Similarly, Kayla is also available on Instagram. Her oldest photo on this platform dates back to June 2017. It is a photo with two of her friends captioned “hms”. Then the second photo is of Kayla with a friend named Emma Wojnovich in the Appalachian Mountains for a skiing trip. Likewise, Kayla has shared many photos with her friends on this photo and video-sharing platform.


Kayla also attended the 2019 VidCon. On Tiktok, she has made a duet video with Daryna Popach called “I vote we take our place as the top TikTok f boys”. She uploaded it to her Tiktok account for the first time on 2017-7-16. It was a video featuring the sound “English Version. Flamingo – distortion. vids” and she captioned this post “Let’s bring back the day 1 audio”.

Likewise, this particular video has garnered 59.7K hearts so far. Kayla has shared numerous Tiktok videos since day one. Kayla has also collaborated with many fellow Tiktok-user classmates for her videos.

Some Tiktokers who have been featured on Kayla’s account/videos are @carrisson.hooks, Willneely13, Selena Galloway, and @animeandxanax (Madeline), @mirmason (Miranda), and @joshrichards (Josh Richards) among many others. Moreover, Kayla’s net worth and earnings are still under review.

Relationship Status

Moreover, Kayla is also more active on the app VSCO. On her account on this platform, Kayla has shared more personal photos than on Tiktok and Instagram. She also shared a photo on 18 May 2020 in which two people are kissing each other.

However, it is not mentioned nor is it distinguishable who the people in this photograph are. She also shared a photo of a guy kissing her cheek on 3 March 2020. On this post too, there is no caption hence leaving her followers to remain in confusion about her relationship status.

Kayla Strong

Caption: A guy was seen kissing Kayla on the cheek! Kayla Strong’s VSCO post that confuses her followers about whether or not she is single. Source: VSCO

Body Measurements

Kayla Strong’s height, weight, and other body measurement details are not available at present. Nevertheless, she has several tattoos on her hands. One of them is the “cross” on her finger. She tattooed this because God is good and always looking over us.

The second one is a “pentagram” to cancel the previous one out because religion is not real and she hopes to be stuck in purgatory or hell if she’s lucky. Moreover, another one of her attractive features is the piercing on her nose, belly, and tongue. Kayla has brown eyes and brown hair which she dyes into different shades from time to time.

Kayla Strong

Caption: Kayla Strong’s Prom look. Source: Instagram

Social Media

Talking about her social media visibility, Kayla goes by the username @acidprincessx333333 on Tiktok. This account presently has 268.5k followers and 7.1 million hearts. Likewise, Kayla goes by the username @kaylastrong_ on Instagram. Here, she has 37 posts shares, and 62.7k followers, and growing while preparing this biography.

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