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Kayla Malecc Age, Net Worth & All Biography - Updated Dec 2022

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Updated On November 1, 2022

Kayla Malec is a young Tiktok star. Kayla Malecc is better known for her lip-sync and story-time videos she shares on her TikTok account which she opened not too long ago.

Early Life and Childhood

Kayla was born on December 24, 2004. Likewise, she was born in her birthplace, Illinois, United States. She is of American nationality.

Over the 17 years, old YouTuber doesn’t seem to share any type of information about her parents or her family in particular.

It looks like she is rather comfortable keeping her private life limited to her dear ones only.

Hence, there is no information available on her parents’ name, profession, and whether she has any siblings or not.

However, she shared pictures of her new dog named ‘ Bud’ on her Instagram with her followers in November of 2020.

So, it is safe to assume that the TikTok star recently welcomed a new member of her family.

Kayla Malecc

Caption: Kayla posing for her new dog; Bud. Source: Instagram


She is only 17 years old. Therefore, considering her age she has either graduated her middle school or has just enrolled in high school.

However, there is not much to talk about the school she attends or used to attend as she hasn’t said much about her educational background.

Similarly, there are no stated facts about the school goes on the web as well.

Social Media

Moreover, she uses different social media platforms including Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. On Instagram, she goes by the handle @kaylamalec. She has 252k followers on her Instagram account.

So far she has 105 posts on her feed. She posts pictures of herself on different occasions on her Instagram. She doesn’t seem to be active on Twitter just yet.

Net Worth

It doesn’t seem that she has just yet begun to earn thousands of dollars since she is new to all of this. However, she does somewhat earn a small amount from her videos.

Her current net worth is around $200k. She seems to be living with her family for now.

Therefore, there are no details about her assets and other properties owned by her on the web. Moreover, there are no definite stats about her earnings available online.

Despite, being a famous personality, she hasn’t been endorsed by any brands till now. Hope she might be involved in some of the brand endorsements in the coming future.

Career and Professional Life

Kayla is a TikTok star who runs the Tiktok account @kaylamalecc. Her Tiktok account recently hit 8.1 million followers.

She posted her very first video on her account in July 2020. It’s not been very long since she discovered the lip-sync and dance app.

Since then, she has posted numerous videos on her account. She has received both praise and criticism for her videos.

However, that doesn’t stop her from posting more videos. Taking her age into consideration, she is doing a fantastic job creating digital content on the app.

In her videos, she talks about different topics. Sometimes she does a little story-time session for her viewers, and other times she talks about either random experiences she encounters or does lip-sync on different songs.

The young TikToker has addressed some serious social issues such as ‘Racial Discrimination’ in her TikTok videos as well.

She has altogether 61.9 Million likes on her Tiktok videos so far. The 16years old media personality is just in the first stage of being successful.

The fact that she is even able to attract such a massive audience to her videos is praiseworthy. She has made great use of her platform and is seen as a young talented influencer in making by many of her audience.

However, unlike other TikTok users doesn’t post dance covers or duet videos on her account.

Kayla Malecc

Caption: Kayla posing for a picture. Source: Instagram

She also has a YouTube channel of her own, which goes by the name @kayla malec. It’s been 6 months since she first opened her YouTube channel. For now, she has only posted a single video on her channel.

However, we can expect more videos on her YouTube channel in the future. Her first-ever YouTube is titled, ‘ running away, finding wildlife, getting caught and parkour in 3mins.’

She has k 6.76k subscribers on her YouTube channel. It Isn’t a dull start for a beginner.

Relationship Status

Kayla Malecc is in a loving relationship with her boyfriend Brayden McAlister. He goes by the ¬†[email protected]_real_honeyboat on Instagram. The two of them seem to have a pretty stable relationship.

However, it is not quite sure when they started dating each other. She has mentioned her boyfriend in some of her TikTok videos as well. She has also posted a cute picture of them on her Instagram.

Kayla Malecc

Caption: A goofy selfie of Kayla and her boyfriend. Source: Instagram

Body Measurements

Kayla’s body measurements are not available for the moment and are still under review.

Although by the looks of her pictures on her Instagram she seems to be of decent height and has a maintained figure as well. She currently has black hair. She has beautiful green eyes.