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Updated On December 18, 2022

Berlin, Germany
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Berlin, Germany

Karin Hanczewski [born on 22 December 1981] is a popular German actress. In the debut movie “Marla”, Karin Hanczewski played in her first film and television roles.

Early Life and Childhood

Karin was born on 22 December 1981, in  Berlin, Germany. Currently, she is 40 years old and her real name is Karin Hanczewski and her nickname is unknown.

There is no information about Karin’s parents and siblings and their professions. Karin has not revealed her family members to the public. Hanczewski is very happy with her family members and loves to spend quality time with her family.

There is no information about how Karin was with her family and friends on any websites or in the media. Karin has never given even a single detail to the public and doesn’t want others to know about them.

Her nationality is German and Capricorn is her zodiac sign. Maybe in the future, Karin will give details about her childhood in the media or interviews at that moment we will update her here.


Regarding Karin’s educational background, nothing is known. Maybe she completed her schooling and college studies in a local school or college in his hometown. However, the school’s and college’s name has not been made public. We may eventually obtain details about her education. We’ll update you about it on this page at that point.

Career and Professional Life

Karin received permanent employment at the Junge Theatre in Gottingen from 2005 to 2008 after completing four years of training at the European Theatre Institute in Berlin, which began in 2002.

She played the lead role in Marta Malowanczyk’s first film, “Marla”, nominated for a First Steps film award and gave her first cinema and television roles.

Karin has since made appearances in television, feature, and short films. In addition, from 2009 to 2012, Hanczewski appeared in a drama every year. In the MDR television series “Tatort”, she has played Karin Gorniak since 2016 as a member of the investigative trio Winkler, Gorniak, and Schnabel.

Karin Hanczewski during her shoot (Source Instagram)

Caption: Karin Hanczewski during her shoot (Source Instagram)

Brand Endorsements

There is no information about her brand endorsements. It is not mentioned that she has endorsed some brands and their products. She might reveal details about the companies she has recommended in the future.

We looked through Karin’s social media sites but were unable to find any information on brand endorsements. Due to her privacy, she doesn’t want anyone to learn more about her or her personal or professional life.

Awards and Nomination

Karin was nominated for “Best Female Actor” and won the Jury award from “Lotte” in 2017. She is a talented actress from Germany and she has a great future ahead and has lots of chances to win many awards and nominations.

Karin Hanczewski – Net Worth 2022

The estimated value of her net worth is $1 Million. Her work as a talented actress from Germany is her primary source of income.

Karin now enjoys a luxurious lifestyle and various expensive vehicles thanks to sales and excellent jobs. She is one of the most honest and famous actresses and models.

Relationship Status

Karin is not presently married, engaged, or even dating. Her each date history has been verified and fact-checked. Instead of being in a relationship, Karin is now concentrating on her profession. Maybe in the future, she will be in a relationship, at that time we will update her here. Karin is lesbian.


Even Karin’s professional life is kept private, as is any information about her. Plus, Karin has the skills to manage both his personal and business lives, and she has never disclosed any information to the public.

Additionally, Karin has never been the focus of any controversies or speculations, and she is one of the most famous actresses from Germany.

Body Measurements

Karin’s actual height is 5 feet 6 inches and her weight is 56kg. According to her images, her hair color is brown and silky, and her eyes are also attractive and brown.

Karin’s body type and other body measurements like hips, chest, waist, etc are also unknown.  She is very concerned about her health and takes a proper diet, drinks lots of water and she has clear skin.

Karin Hanczewski posing for a photo (Source Glonal Screen)

Caption: Karin Hanczewski posing for a photo (Source Global Screen)

Karin Hanczewski – Social Media

Karin is active on social media. On Instagram, she has 18.7K followers and has followed 564 people there as well as she has posted 194 posts. Her Instagram account is not marked with a blue checkmark.

She is also active on Facebook where she has 5.8K followers and her account is marked with a blue checkmark by Facebook. We didn’t find her official Twitter account.