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Julianna Farrait

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Updated On January 12, 2022
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Julianna Farrait also recognized as Julie Farrait who came into the limelight after being the wife of a scandalous drug dealer, Frank Lucas. Julianna Farrait was also involved in drug dealing with her criminal spouse. Also, she has her life motivated the character, Eva in the Oscar-nominated movie “American Gangster”.

Early Life and Childhood

Julianna Farrait’s birth year is 1941 and her birthplace is New Jersey. Also, her other name is Julie Farrait. Likewise, she is 80 years old now. She holds a Puerto Rican nationality. Talking about her family, her dad and mom were the healthiest personalities in Puerto Rico. She obviously did her high schooling in Puerto Rico and she was a Homecoming Queen at the time of her High School’s prom day.

Julianna Farrait

Caption: Julianna Farrait with her former husband when they were young (Source: Just Richest)

Professional Life

Julianna Farrait was a drug dealer, criminal spouse, and a famous personality as well. She has been doing this work since she got to meet her husband. However, she came into the limelight after she became the wife of her late husband, Frank Lucas. In addition, she even formed “Yellow Brick Road” which is a website that gives resources to the Children of Imprisoned Parents. Also, it was a hard life for her as she was into various criminal and illegal things. At the time the 1970s, she spent 5 years in prison after being sentenced to drug-related charges for taking part in the drug company of her husband.

In the year 2010, several years after her husband quit the drug-dealing business, she was also sentenced to similar charges and maintained a 5-year jail term after she tried to sell two kilograms of cocaine to a government informer, Puerto Rico. She was again convicted in February 2012 by the Manhattan federal court judge. During imprisonment, she was sixty-five years old, and her husband, Lucas was eighty-one years old. At the time of the sentencing, she pleaded for mercy and sympathy from the judges so that she could take care of her ill husband.

She then told the court, “I am ashamed that at my age I am standing in front of you. I want to apologize to my husband . . . My husband is 81 years old, and I would like to spend what time he has with him”. However, the judge did not notice her pleas for a merciful sentence so she could take care of her unwell husband. He also wanted her to make the decision that would be good for herself and her family as well. She encouraged her to look from the view of a lawful and happy life.


Moreover, the story of her and Frank Lucas inspired Ridley Scott to make a film about them, which was out in the year 2007. He asked Denzel Washington to act the character of Frank Lucas, with Russell Crowe as Richie Roberts, the advocate who guide the investigation and arrest of Frank. Frank was also given the invitation on set to provide specific information and to judge the plot, agreeing that he was making a good impression by the act of Denzel Washington. Even though the film got the name as ‘1 percent of reality and 99 percent of Hollywood’, it turned the society to look at the story of Frank and she from a different perception.

The actress Rube Dee, who acted as Mahalee Lucas, the mom of Frank Lucas, was the winner of the valuable Screen Actors Guild Award in the classification of the “Best Supporting Actress”. Also, she was present in the nomination list for an Academy Award as the Best Supporting Actress, though the Oscar turned into Tilda Swinton for her act in “Michael Clayton”. The film itself was the winner in the classification of the “Best Thriller” at the Empire Awards in the year 2008. In addition, the interesting fact is that Frank Lucas also was present in the Netflix series “Drug Lords” in which he let out his story in his way in one of the episodes of the series.

Julianna Farrait

Caption: Julianna Farrait with her former husband at an event (Source: TUKO)

Net Worth

At one time there was a rumor that the Lucas family had a wealth of $30 Billion as of 2019. However, shehas a net worth of $1.5 million as of now.  The couple was in love to purchase expensive clothes, cars, exchanging expensive gifts, going to luxurious places, etc. People also used to recognize her and her former husband for living a luxurious lifestyle. When Frank Lucas was still breathing, he was earning about $1 million a day. In total, Frank Lucas’s net worth was around $52 million. There is no doubt that they were having a very luxurious and exotic life back then.

Relationship Status

Julianna was the first wife of Frank Lucas. The couple was once mentioned to as the black Bonnie & Clyde for their close association. She got to meet her husband when Frank was on an outing to Puerto Rico. Since then, they began dating each other. She fell in love with the drug traffickers because she had an interest in danger and valued materialistic things and wealth more than anything in life. Together the couple has 3 kids and they are Ray Lucas, Frank Lucas Jr., and Francie Lucas Sinclair.

The pair also have 4 stepchildren, whose names are Ruby, Candace, Betty, and Tony. After she came out of prison in the year 1975, she was residing separately from her late husband. A few years later, the pair got back together in the year 2006. Sadly, her husband, Frank dies on in May last year. She since then has been residing in New Jersey together with her family.

Julianna Farrait

Caption: Julianna Farrait with her family (Source: GLAMOUR FAME)

Body Measurement and Social Media

Regarding the popular personality’s physical appearances, she has an average height of 5 feet 4 inches or 1.64 m tall. Julianna has a bodyweight of 56 kg or 120lbs. Similarly, her body measurements are 35-27-36 inches. Previously, she was always wearing and spending her money on luxurious and branded clothes like long fur coats and jewelry, etc. Moreover, she and Frank were present in front of the media at one of the bouts of Muhammad Ali. Frank was wearing a $125,000 floor-length chinchilla fur coat. The coat was s gift from her to him right before that moment. She also finished his look with a matching $40,000 hat.

Talking about her presence on the social media platforms, she does not seem to be active there. There is neither her Instagram account and nor her Twitter account. She has been very busy in her own life deal with people and getting in and out of the jail. So, she does not have time to seat and stay active on social media platforms. However, her former husband, Frank Lucas was quite active on some of the social media platforms. Since her illegal works were public to the world as a drug dealer and criminal, she obviously does not want to see hate from thousands of people.